About Us


Mission Statement

The Western BCA Pool Players Association (Western BCA) was formed in 1995 as a not-for-profit player’s association and has since evolved into a nonprofit Oregon based corporation for member leagues. Among its goals and purposes are:

  • to promote the sport of billiards in the Pacific Northwest;
  • to provide Western BCA pool players with the opportunity to play in well-run, well-officiated, competitive regional pool tournaments;
  • to showcase billiards to the general public and the pool playing community; and
  • to provide its pool players with access to Western BCA tournament rules, policies, pool etiquette and to update, as needed, all policies and procedures as the association evolves.


Western BCA’s Membership is governed by Bylaws. The business of the Association is monitored and managed by a seven member Board of Directors and a panel of elected officers. The Association holds its annual meeting on the first Sunday in May to elect Association officers (president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer) and Board Members to two-year terms and to receive annual reports, recommend dues and fees for the upcoming year, and transact any other business as may come before it. Western BCA holds regular membership Meetings about every 3 months. Western BCA additionally has a volunteer staff comprised of a league administrator, tournament registrar, volunteer coordinator, and website administrator. Committees, chaired by volunteers, are formed and charged to further assist the Board.

Voting Members

Western BCA’s membership is comprised of sanctioned League Operators, registered Player Representatives, and up to five elected ‘Members-at-Large’.


Currently, Western BCA has 25 sanctioned leagues with over 4000 players. Any pool league in Western BCA’s geographical area (Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada and Montana), established or newly forming, can apply for sanctioning by submitting a completed Sanctioning Agreement. For a complete guide to league requirements and the duties and responsibilities of a Western BCA League Operator, see Western BCA’s League Operator’s Manual.


When players in the Pacific Northwest join a Western BCA league, they pay an annual membership fee of $35 for the league year, which runs from January 1 through December 31. $20 is sent to the national BCAPL office and $15 is sent to Western BCA. This is an annual fee and entitles the player to play in an unlimited number of leagues and/or league sessions during the full league year. Each player must pay the full sanction fee to belong to a Western BCA league and must play a minimum of eight calendar weeks of league in any one division and/or session to meet the eligibility requirements for Western BCA tournaments. All Western BCA sanction and entry fees are applied towards the operation of and prize money for the regional tournaments.

Contact Information

President – Darin Walding – president@westernbca.org

Vice President – Tammy Culbertson – vp@westernbca.org

Treasurer – Sue Leger- treasurer@westernbca.org

Secretary – Julie Fraser – secretary@westernbca.org

Board Chair – Steven Weakly

Board Members

  • Nikki Bisconer
  • Lawrence Frampton
  • Julie Fraser
  • Bill Henderson
  • Jackson McDonald
  • Kristi Palmer
  • Steven Weakly