22nd Annual Western BCA 9-Ball Championships Player Information

October 13-20, 2019
Chinook Winds Casino Resort, Lincoln City, Oregon


All Players:

  • must have paid their current league season (June 1, 2019-May 31, 2020) annual fees ($15 to BCA Pool League/$15 to Western BCA) and must have played at least 8 calendar weeks in a single division in a regularly scheduled league session between June 1, 2018 and September 10, 2019.
  • must be players in good standing with WBCA and the tournament venue.
  • must provide a valid Social Security Number or International ID number to Payouts before receiving any prize money.


These ESTIMATED Start Times are based on last event’s division brackets and may change depending on any division’s entry totals. Online brackets will again be used and will be available as soon as the entries are in and verified. The brackets will be accessible on line as well as on TV monitors located in the hallway outside the tournament rooms. All times and matches are subject to change without notice and it is the players responsibility to know their own match time. The dates listed below are BEST GUESSES this far in advance of the beginning of the event. Any significant change in entries (up or down) in any division could cause start day/time to be adjusted.

PLATINUM SCOTCH DOUBLES11506$185Sunday, October 13
GOLD SCOTCH DOUBLES10005$145Sunday, October 13
SILVER SCOTCH DOUBLES9004$125Sunday, October 13
BRONZE SCOTCH DOUBLES8004$105Sunday, October 13
PLATINUM TEAMS175011$255Friday, October 18
GOLD TEAMS155011$225Friday, October 18
SILVER TEAMS13509$195Friday, October 18
BRONZE TEAMS11509$165Friday, October 18
ELITE 10-BALL SINGLES626+9$125Tuesday, October 15
DIVISIONAL 9-BALL SINGLES625-Varies$75Tuesday, October 15

*Races/Start Days may change depending on number of entries and may not be known until just before each event begins

REFUNDS: Use NFR Forms up to October 6. Written requests sent to tr@westernbca.org can be made October 7-12. No refunds will be allowed after October 12, 2019.


  • PLATINUM SCOTCH DOUBLES: Players need not be from the same league.
  • GOLD/SILVER/BRONZE SCOTCH DOUBLES: Players need not be from the same league IF both players are “established” (have minimum 200 games robustness). Players in Gold/Silver/Scotch Divisions can play in a higher division if they so desire.
  • ALL TEAM DIVISIONS: 3 person teams. Any gender combination. The Captain and any players under 200 robustness must be from the same league. Players from another league must have 200 robustness minimum.


  • Players can only enter one singles event.
  • There will be two classes of singles events, Elite (10-Ball) and Divisional (9-Ball). All singles will be genderless meaning women and men will be in the same tournaments.
  • The Elite Singles Division:
    • Players with a Fargo # of 626 and above must play in the Elite Singles.
    • Any other players, regardless of their Fargo #, can enter this division.
  • The Divisional Singles Divisions: All players with a Fargo # of 625 and below will pay the same entry fee and, after the entries are all in and verified, will be divided by Fargo Rating into 6 ± tournaments based on a sliding skill set range of approximately 60 Fargo points.


  • Green Fees are coupled with the entry fee for each division/event and are calculated based on statistics gathered at previous tournaments. Green Fees include all Tournament play, 2nd Chance Tournaments, Mini-tournaments, any ‘Fun Day’ special events and practice.
  • Juniors: If you are under the age of 21 you must declare yourself a junior on the entry form(s) and provide your birthdate. Failure to do so will result in disqualification and removal from the tournament venue. You must wear a provided wristband when in the tournament room and be accompanied by a non-playing adult at all times while in the tournament rooms.
  • 2nd Chance Tournaments: There will be 2nd Chance Tournaments for all divisions as time and table availability allow. Single Elimination. Races and Entry Fees will be announced on site. All entrants must have been entered and not cashed in the origianal division.
  • Rules governing play are detailed in the latest edition of “Official Rules of CueSportsInternational”. We will be abiding by these rules. Any significant rule changes will be noted in the Player Program. All participating players are responsible for knowing the rules. The complete Rule Book can be found at www.playcsipool.com/bcapl-rules.html.
  • Saturday, October 12, is Fun Day. Doors open at 10am. There will be Special Events (handicapped 10-Ball Singles, Ladies Only Queen of the Hill, Saratoga and two Seniors Only Tournaments), Mini-tournaments and practice tables. Tables will be open for all players entered in the Championships. Western BCA players not entered in the Championships can play in Minis and other events that day but they must pay a $10 green fee. Non-WBCA players may be allowed to participate in some Fun Day activities with payment of a green fee. The dress code will be relaxed this day only but attention to your appearance will be appreciated.
  • Dress Code: The full text of the Dress Code that will be in force can be viewed at westernbca.org and will be in the Player Program. The Dress Code will be in force October 13-20.
  • Medical Exemptions Should a player require an exception to the Dress Code for medical reasons, the player must attach a letter on official letterhead from the player’s physician with his/her entry form and keep a copy of this letter in his/her possession at all times, available for review by a referee or other tournament official if requested. If this is a PERMANENT condition, a physician’s note stating this may be submitted once and will be kept on file. If you are hearing impaired and wear hearing aids, you do not need an exemption. However, any other devices (headphones, bluetooth devices, etc. in the ear are not allowed.