Why are the formats changing for our Championships?
Western BCA has a goal in place to make our tournaments competitive. To that end we want to use the best rating method to determine our divisions and to keep the skill levels in those divisions as close as we can. In the past, we have had tournaments where new players have been misrated and they played at a higher level than the others in their division. No rating method is perfect but we have confidence that the Fargo Rating system is the best available at this time. It is a system that is being used worldwide and more and more tournaments are based on the Fargo Ratings system.

Why is Western BCA going to genderless tournaments?
The Fargo rating system is the same for men and women. Most of the leagues play with mixed teams so why not carry that to the Regional Championships. By having genderless divisions, we can save time, make the divisions more competitive and hopefully make our races longer.

Why am I paying to same fee when my race is lower?
Higher skilled players tend to take less time to play a game so the fee is not about the number of games played in a match but about the amount of time for a match to be played. 

Why can’t we have a genderless scotch doubles?
This might happen in the future. There has been talk about adding genderless scotch doubles but right now we have made a lot of changes and we need to see how everything works out before we add another format change. A lot of players enjoy the current man and woman scotch teams.

Will payouts change because of the new formats?
Yes, not only will they change but we are hoping they will be better than in the past. We will be adding more money to our Regional Championships. There will be more divisions in scotch and singles but all singles divisions should be fairly equal in numbers and that makes it easier to distribute the added money better.

How do I enter online when I have no computer or smart phone?
You will have to get help. Surely a friend or teammate will have access to a computer or smart phone and if not maybe you can ask your League Operator or Division Manager to help you. Likewise, if you always pay in cash and don’t use a credit card or debit card you are going to have to get help there also. There are prepaid credit cards that are available. We wish there was a way to help you but the large majority of players have both a computer and a credit or debit card and we have to cater to that majority.  If none of these options will work for you, Paper Entries will be available for you to use just as in the past.

I am a senior and I don’t have as much stamina as I once had. I really enjoyed playing in the senior division because I didn’t have to play match after match.
The way the format for singles is being set up there will not be any division that plays straight through the day with no breaks. Divisions that play in the early morning will have a break before they resume in the afternoon. No players will have to play late and then have to play early the next morning. That should make it easier for all player but especially seniors. Furthermore, the new divisions will not have the wide range of Fargo Ratings that the senior division had. 

How can I make my voice be heard when decisions are made regarding future tournaments?
Western BCA has recently started using FaceBook to put polls out to the players regarding future plans for our tournaments. We are also starting to put the polls on our website. Your best chance to be heard is to voice your thoughts on these polls. Another way is to become a Player Rep for your league so you can attend Membership meeting that are held 4 or 5 times a year. Anyone can attend these meetings but Player Reps can vote on proposals at the meetings. Talk to your League Operator about how you can become a Player Rep.