Dress Code

Please note that the dress code is subject to change by tournament officials at any time prior to or during Western BCA events. Matching team shirts are preferred but NOT required, sandals are allowed and women can wear dress shirts/sweaters without collars.

If you need to wear an excluded item, a Medical Dress Code Exemption can be applied for. A doctor's note is required.

The Dress Code was established to add to the prestige and respect associated with what have become the country’s largest and most prominent regional pool tournaments. Our events are now live-streamed and viewed locally, nationally and internationally. Your cooperation in wearing neat, clean and tasteful apparel at all times during the competition is appreciated.

Our main goal with the Dress Code is to make it simple. Unfortunately, that’s pretty hard to do because so much of it is open to interpretation. Presentable is, indeed, in the eye of the beholder. No one wants to be penalized for improper clothing and only you, the player, can keep that from happening. Bottom line, just look your best.

SHIRTS (men and women): Polo or button down style shirts with sleeves and fold over collars may be worn. Women can wear collarless tops/blouses/sweaters as long as they are tasteful and not excessively loose or low cut as to be revealing when bending over the pool table.

PANTS (men and women): Dress pants, casual slacks, and neat, clean, untorn (even if you bought them that way) jeans may be worn. Business casual or denim shorts may also be worn. Women can wear Capri style pants. Pants must ride high enough that underwear or butt cracks are not visible when squatting down or bending over.

SLEEVED DRESSES OR SKIRTS dresses or skirts of conservative length may be worn. Conservative means that when you are down on your shot, someone standing behind you can’t see your backside.

Please Note: A zero tolerance policy is in effect for tears, holes and threadbare spots in all clothing, including ‘designer’ clothing incorporating such features as part of the design.

FOOTWEAR: Any well maintained shoes or boots are allowed as are sandals are but NO FLIP FLOPs.

HATS: Billed or brimmed hats or caps that are clean, neat and worn with the bill forward may be worn while shooting.


Sweaters, jackets, coats or other non-athletic outerwear over shirts that meet the dress code. There is no requirement to have the shirt’s collar in any particular position in relation to the outerwear. The outerwear may be worn while at the table. If outerwear is worn, you must comply with a request from your opponent or a referee to show that you are wearing a proper shirt.

Button down shirts may be worn unbuttoned if they are worn with a neat and tasteful garment beneath. If button down shirts are worn without anything beneath, not more than one button below the neck button may be unfastened nor may the shirt be excessively loose or revealing.


Any clothing with holes, tears or threadbare spots will not be permitted, regardless of gender.

Athletic wear of any kind, including but not limited to sweats, swimwear, jogging suits, athletic uniforms or jerseys, any kind of pants with contrasting stripes normally associated with athletic wear.

Shorts and pants must be conservative with respect to the rise in relation to the length of the garment, and may not be excessively baggy, loose fitting or worn with the waistline below the top of the hips. NO LEGGINGS.

Overalls or coveralls. Sleeveless shirts worn over undergarments are prohibited.

Sweaters, jackets, coats or other outerwear when worn over a shirt that doesn’t meet the dress code, regardless of whether or not the outerwear has a fold-over collar.

Bandanas, scarves above the neck, headbands, do-rags, stocking caps or ski caps.

Any clothing or headwear judged by tournament officials or referees to be:
  • in poor taste, offensive, dirty, excessively torn, or worn in a manner other than intended.
  • disrespectful or mocking of the sport in any way (e.g. sleep wear, clothing worn as a joke, etc.).
  • unnecessarily revealing (e.g. bare midriff, low cut neckline, butt cheek-cleavage, etc.).