Western BCA 9-Ball Championships Tournament Policies


Every player must pay the annual sanctioning fees ($15 to BCA Pool League [BCAPL/CSI] and $15 to Western BCA [WBCA]) by joining a properly sanctioned Western BCA league and be in good standing with their league, BCAPL/CSI, Western BCA and the Tournament Venue.

"NEW" players: If you did not play in the league year just ended (2016-2017), you must play at least 8 calendar weeks in a regularly scheduled league session in one division in one league in the current league year beginning June 1, 2017 and before the event's entry deadline (approx. five weeks prior to the event).

RETURNING league players who played and qualified in the previous league year (2016-2017) must:

  • Play at least 8 calendar weeks in a regularly scheduled league session in one division in one league in the previous league year (2016-2017) or in the current league year (2017-2018) prior to the entry deadline and must play a minimum of three games in a match in order for that week to qualify as a calendar week.
  • Pay the annual dues described above for the current league year (2017-2018)
  • Update their personal information with a sanctioned Western BCA League Operator at the time dues are paid.

Juniors (under 21) must wear a wrist band and check in with security. Juniors may not loiter in the bar/gambling areas.

Seniors must be 60 years old by the date their first match in any senior event begins.


Disrespectful, disruptive and unsportsmanlike conduct directed toward any player, tournament official (Tournament Directors, Referees, Bad Boys Staff) and/or host personnel (Chinook Winds employees) will not be tolerated and appropriate action will be taken immediately. Should such behavior occur during the course of a match, play may be suspended until a resolution commensurate with the situation is reached. If this is not possible, penalties will be assessed and play will continue. Offenders may or may not be warned and, in extreme situations, they may be removed from the tournament and disqualified from all events with no refund of entry and forfeiture of any winnings. Any rulings by tournament officials will be made with fairness and impartiality towards all involved and will be reviewed at the conclusion of the tournament. It is everyone’s desire that the outcome of any match be decided by the play on the table, not the questionable attitude or behavior of the players involved. Sportsmanship violations may result in probation or suspension of a player’s eligibility into future Western BCA Tournaments for an indeterminate period of time depending on the severity of the violation.


Player Equipment:

Cues must comply with the following specifications:

  • Cues less than 40” in length are illegal.
  • Cues more than 25 oz. in weight are illegal.
  • Cues tips greater than 14mm in width are illegal.
  • Phenolic tips are permitted on break and jump cues at these championships.

Other personal equipment:

  • Gloves.
  • Personal Bridge or Detachable bridge head.
  • Players have the option to use a magic rack and need not inform the opponent. If you choose to use one, simply ask your    opponent to use it when racking.
  • Any other equipment not specifically referred to here will be subject to review by Tournament Officials prior to the beginning of tournament play.

Tournament Equipment:

  • 7’ Diamond tables with lights over each table.
  • Standard bridges will be available under every other table.
  • Chalk may or may not be provided. Only blue chalk may be used.
  • Tables will be open and no coins or tokens will be used.


  • Flash photography is NOT allowed in the tournament room at any time.
  • Smoking is NOT allowed in the tournament rooms. This includes electronic, simulated or smokeless cigarettes.
  • Cell phones and pagers must be silenced or set to vibrate mode. Bluetooth or ear pieces cannot be in place.
  • Headphones/earphones are NOT allowed during match play.
  • Dress code must be followed at all times when in the table areas in the tournament room when referees are on duty and is in force for the duration of the Event, including Fun Night. Game penalties will be assessed when a Dress Code Violation is noticed and, if uncorrected in a subsequent match, more severe penalties may be applied.
  • WBCA players not entered in any events must contact/inform podium (Western BCA or Mini-Tournaments) personnel and pay a daily green fee of $10 if they wish to practice or play in Mini-Tournaments or Special Events.
  • Minor children are allowed in the tournament room(s) as long as venue security and Western BCA TOs are notified EACH DAY they plan on being in the tournament room(s).  Colored wristbands, provided by Western BCA TO must be worn at all times when minor child/children are in the tournament room(s).
  • Violation of any of these Tournament Restrictions, by players or spectators, will result in a warning and violation will be logged. Violators will be informed that a 2nd violation will result in expulsion for the remainder of that day and a 3rd violation will result in expulsion for the remainder of the event.  Any matches in progress will be forfeited.


  • Rules governing play are detailed in the latest edition of the “Official Rules of the CueSports International. ”  The complete rule book is available online at playbca.com and any exceptions are listed in the appropriate section of these Tournament Policies published on the WBCA website and in the Player Program.
  • Players are responsible for knowing the rules prior to participating in the tournament.
  • All players must have legal picture identification on their person during competition and must provide identification on request of the opposing team captain, tournament director and/or referees.
  • All players cashing must provide a Social Security # or International ID to Payouts before receiving any prize winnings.
  • Players added to a roster or scotch team that are not playing in any other event at the tournament must be checked for eligibility by the Tournament Registrar or League Administrator BEFORE they are allowed to play.


  • Check in for Singles events is NOT required. If, however, you check the brackets and your name is not listed, contact the Tournament Registrar or Podium staff immediately.
  • Check in at the Podium before play begins for Scotch Doubles ONLY if there is a substitution to the original entry.
  • Team Check In is required. Team captain or his/her representative must check in their team at the team registration desk, located to the right of the rear hallway doors, before the start of their team event. Changes to team rosters that differ from the team roster as indicated on the Entry Form must be reported at team registration and approved by the Tournament Registrar or League Administrator prior to the start of the team event. Eligibility verification on all substitute players will be performed.


SCOTCH DOUBLES AND SINGLES: Each player or scotch doubles team can have one 5-minute bathroom time out per match. If the progress of a match is delayed due to excessive or excessively long breaks, games may be assessed to keep the match on schedule. The player or scotch doubles team not requesting the break can use the time as they wish but must be back on time or they will suffer the same penalties as the person or team on break. Overuse or misuse of time outs may result in shorter races in future events.

TEAM EVENTS: There are no time outs for team events. If a player is not at the table when it is his/her turn to play, immediately call a referee.


  • No player may play in more than one Singles division.
  • Singles players will flip a coin prior to starting a match and the winner will have the choice of whether or not to break.
  • Masters, if both agree, may lag for break.
  • Opponent racks.
  • Competitors in all singles divisions will alternate breaks.


  • A player may compete on only one Scotch Doubles team.
  • Open Scotch Doubles teams consist of one male and one female player, both of whom are eligible players. Both members of an Open Scotch Doubles team must have qualified under the same League Operator.
  • Master Scotch Doubles teams consist of one male and one female player -- neither, either or both of whom are ranked as Master Players. There may be only one Grand Master on any Master Scotch Doubles team. Master Scotch Doubles teams can form from any Western BCA league and need not have qualified under the same League Operator.
  • Teams will flip a coin and the winning team will have the option to break. Masters, if both agree, may lag.
  • Opponent racks.
  • Teams alternate breaking; either team member may break.
  • Teams may choose their shooting rotation for each game and will alternate shots within each game. Failure to stay in rotation once the game has started will result in a FOUL and the original rotation must be restored immediately. If the foul is not noticed until the second player on the team has shot, a foul may not be charged and the new sequence must continue until the conclusion of the game.
  • When a team is not ‘at the table’, they may quietly discuss anything they please.
  • Coaching is not allowed, however, open communication is permitted between scotch doubles teammates during their turn at the table. However, the non-shooting player must remain in or at his/her chair and may not approach the table. Communication cannot result in slower than normal play. There should be no more than 45 seconds between each shot. Their turn at the table begins when the balls come to rest after the opponent shoots and does not pocket a ball, foul or execute a legal safety.
  • Regardless of which team is at the table, the members of either team may:
    • Call a foul.
    • Request stoppage of play to summon a referee.
    • Inquire whose turn it is.
    • Ask what group they have.
  • When the table is turned over to the incoming team, one of the partners must immediately approach the table.
  • All other rules pertaining to the game apply.
  • All FOULS are cue ball-in-hand FOULS.

TEAM EVENTS (3 person teams)

  • The official roster for each team will be recorded at team registration prior to the beginning of team play and will be available for review prior to any match by the opposing team captain. Team rosters cannot be changed once the team event starts.
  • All players on any 9-Ball team must have qualified in the same league. There are no core team requirements for 9-Ball teams.
  • Team captains will flip a coin prior to making the lineup. The winner of the coin toss has the choice of being home or visiting team.
  • Home team places their lineup on the score sheet first. All players’ first and last names must be used the first time their names appear on the score sheet.
  • Who racks and breaks is noted on the score sheet.
  • Opponent racks.
  • If a team gets in the money, all players on the final roster will receive equal payout checks.


  • Substituting a player on the lineup must be announced prior to the start of each round and the opposing team captain must be notified of any change in the lineup. Once the round has begun, no lineup changes may be made.
  • All players must stay in their same numbered position throughout the match.
  • A player cannot play an opposing team player more than three times in a match. Should this occur, it will be a forfeit of that particular game by the team having caused the fourth such match up to occur.
  • The home team must make their substitutions first in each round.
  • A team captain can challenge the line-up of the opposing team or member only before the round starts or immediately after the round ends.


  • In the event a team captain (and only the team captain) wishes to protest the eligibility of a player or team, the captain will be required to deposit $100 with tournament officials at the podium.
  • If the captain is correct in the protest, the captain will be refunded the deposit and the tournament officials will take proper measures in dealing with the situation.
  • If the protesting captain is incorrect in the protest, the captain will surrender the deposit and it will go into the general fund of Western BCA.
  • Decisions made by tournament officials are final.

2nd CHANCE TOURNAMENTS (all are Single Elimination)

It is possible, due to time and table availability, that 2nd Chance tournaments in all divisions may not be possible.  Time constraints may further dictate that a 2nd Chance Tournament may have to be started before all potentially eligible players/teams have been eliminated from the regular tournament.

Scotch Doubles

  • Any Scotch Doubles teams eliminated from the Tournament and not placing in the money is eligible to participate in a 2nd Chance Scotch Doubles Tournament for their Division.
  • Only original Scotch Doubles teams may play in any 2nd Chance Scotch Doubles tournaments.  No Substitutions.
  • At least 8 teams are required for a division to play.


  • Any player eliminated from the Tournament and NOT placing in the money is eligible to participate in a 2nd Chance Singles Tournament for their division.
  • The Second Chance singles divisions will be the same as the Regular divisions: Men’s Master, Men’s A, Men’s B, Men’s Senior, Women’s Master, Women’ s A and Women’s B.
  • At least 8 players are required for a division to play.
  • Each Second Chance player must play in the same division as he/she played in the Regular Tournament. If 7 or fewer players are signed up in the following divisions, Master Women may play in Men’s A, and Women’s A and Women’s B may play in the Men’s B.


  • Any Team eliminated from the Tournament and not placing in the money is eligible to participate in a 2nd Chance Team Tournament for their division.
  • The Second Chance team divisions will be the same as the Regular divisions: Men's/Mixed, Men's/Mixed B, and Women's Teams.
  • At least 8 teams per division are required for the event to take place. If there are 7 or less teams, that event won ’t occur.  Exception: Women's Teams with a Master or Grand Master may play in the Men's/Mixed Team division if there are 7 or less Women’s Teams wanting to play and Women's Teams without a Master or Grand Master may play in the Men's/Mixed B Team division.
  • At least two (2) members of a team that played together but did not cash in the regular tournament plus one additional player from the same league who also played and did not cash in the regular tournament may play in the 2nd Chance tournament with the same requirements of only one Master player on Men's/Mixed Teams and Women's Teams and only Men's B or a maximum of 2 Open Women players on the Men's B/Mixed Team.