Rating Change Requests

Any Western BCA player may request that his/her rating be reviewed. The process begins with you, the League Operator, who will submit the request form for your player if, and only if, you agree that the player may be improperly rated. If you are not a League Operator, you should not be on this page. Submitting the form yourself will result in denial. Please follow the procedure as stated on the Rankings page.

Criteria for Submitting a Ratings Change Request: Your League Operator may request your rating be re-evaluated if you have:

  • Played in at least one tournament in each of two consecutive years at your current rating and placed in the lower 50% of the field.
  • Feel that your circumstances have changed such that you can no longer compete in your current division.
  • Please note that submission does not guarantee approval. If you meet the criteria to submit a request and your league operator does so, it only guarantees that your request will be considered.

If you agree that your player meets the criteria for a rating change, proceed to the Ratings Change Request Form and complete and submit the request form to the Competition Committee for review.

League Operator: It is imperative that you fairly and honestly rate your players. If you submit this form you are agreeing and supporting your player in his belief that he is not in the proper division and should be moved down. The Competition Committee may ask for additional information to fairly evaluate this player. You may now go to the Ratings Change Request Form and begin the process. You and your player will be informed of the Competition Committee's decision as soon as possible.