Need Help Rating Players

Attention League Operators:

The Competition Committee (CC) needs your help getting new players rated properly. There are now a couple of tools you, the League Operator, with input from these new players, can use to make this process easier and faster. All new players should fill out the New Player Rating Questionaire. The League Operator will use this information to complete the New Player Rating Form and submit it directly to the CC. THIS FORM MUST BE COMPLETED AND SUBMITTED BY THE LEAGUE OPERATOR. ANY FORMS SENT IN BY A PLAYER WILL NOT BE EVALUATED. Supporting information (league stats) can be sent to the Chairman of the CC if necessary: Mike Jensen, Chair Competition Committee, 113 Buckskin Place, Longview, WA. 98632.

Rating players:

  • It is the League Operator’s responsibility to rate players and put them in their correct division for WBCA events.
  • Players should be rated by experience, past finishes in tournaments, known ability, and how they do qualifying against other players in your league.
  • The Competition Committee is available to assist league operators with any questions or decisions they have in placing players in the division they belong.
  • League Operators are required to send the names and stats of all new players each session to the Competition Committee for review and confirmation of correct divisional placement. League Operators not sending in the names and stats of new players may cause those players to be placed in a higher division.
  • First time players to a WBCA event are not allowed to play in a lower division, they are required to play in the division that their ability takes them.
  • Team players that finish high in their divisions are put on the Restricted Players List, and only two of those players are allowed to play together on a team in that division for a period of two years. We feel this helps even the team division playing field. These players, if they choose to play together, can do so in the next higher team division.
  • The Restricted Player list is combined for both 8-ball and 9-ball, meaning if you are on the list for placing high in 8-ball or 9-ball, you can only play with one other player on the restricted list for a period of two years or the amount of time you or they are on the Restricted Player List. When the two year time period is over they will be removed from the Restricted Player List and are free to form teams with whomever they wish within the team format guidelines.
  • It is the league operator's responsibility to communicate this rule to all of their players. The Restricted Player List is on the Western BCA Web Site on the players’ page.

League Operator ‘B’ Rating Guidelines

League Operators: This is just a reminder that all new WBCA players will start in Men'sA or Women' A at Regional's unless the League Operator has filled out the New Player Rating Form and sent it and the Player's League Stats to the Competition Committee for review and approval prior to playing at Regionals. Here are some guidelines for placement of new players in a lower division if you don't feel they should be in the Men'sA or Women'sA division:

  • Pool History: Never placed in a big tournament, may play in weekly tournaments, but seldom places or wins; winning against master level players is at most 10-15% but probably less; has little to no gambling experience.
  • Knowledge: Has about 20% cue ball control, gets out 20-30% of easy outs and might never play safe, doesn’t know many shots or fundamentals.
  • Focus: Plays/practices about 1-3 hours a week, plays for fun wins against same level players 40-50% of time, Desires to win most of the time, and has minimal playing stamina and makes 50% mistakes.
  • League stats: Might break and run out an 8-ball rack 1 in 20 times, and 1 inning games (after opponents balls are gone) or with ball in hand 3 in 10 times, if played in APA league and has a ranking 5 or lower.

New players placed without competition committee approval and who do not meet the criteria are subject to advancement to a higher division or forfeiture at any time during event play.