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WBCA League Operator New Player Rating

We would like to get to know new players joining the Western BCA. These questions will help us assess your abilities.
If you have other relevant pool experiences to share, please do! Return this questionnaire to your League Operator.
Thank You!

Player Name: ________________________________

League Operator: _____________________________

Division Manager (if applicable): __________________________

How long have you been playing Pool? ________________________

How many days a week do you play Pool? _____________________

How long have you lived in the area you are signing up to play Pool in? ____________________

What's your favorite game? ___________________________

What games do you play (circle any/all): 8-Ball - 9-Ball - 10-Ball - One Pocket - Straight Pool - 3 Cushion Billiards - Snooker

Have you ever played league pool? _____________________

If yes, what was your final rating in each league? _______________________________________________________________________________

Where did you play league Pool? _____________________________________________

Have you ever played in local weekly tournaments and cashed? ______________________

Have you ever played Pro, National or Regional tournaments? ___________________________________

Do you read books on Pool? ______________

Have you ever taught anyone to play pool? ____________________

Have you gambled at pool games? _________________________

Most consecutive racks you have run out? ____________

Any Pool experiences and goals you can share: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________






WBCA reserves the right to deny any player from participation at any WBCA sanctioned event. Providing misleading
information to WBCA can result in loss of prize money and expulsion from WBCA.

These answers are accurate & honest.


Date: ___________________