2nd Annual Mill Casino May Madness 8-Ball Tournament

May 19-21, 2017

Mill Casino Hotel — Coos Bay, Oregon

Western BCA Holds 2nd Annual May Madness Tournament

Article by Robbin Iredale

The weather was wonderful for the 2nd Annual Mill Casino Hotel & RV Park 8-Ball Tournament held on May 19-21, 2017 in Coos Bay, Oregon.  This event featured 114 players in 4 divisions:  Combined Men’s Master/A Singles (31 entries), Men’s B Singles (41 entries), Women’s Combined Singles (17 entries) and Combined Scotch Doubles (29 entries).  A total of $4000 was added - $2500 from the Mill Casino and $1500 from Western BCA.  This event was open to any player wishing to enter and division placement was based on FargoRate numbers.  In the combined divisions, players were assigned their race per the Fargo Fair Match system, so all players had a ‘fair’ chance. 

Just to spice things up, Rick Tillett, League Operator of Tioga BCA League placed what he called a ‘bounty’ on Western BCA’s highest rated player, Stan Tourangeau.  $25 would go to the player who sent Stan to the one loss side and $75 would go to whoever sent him home.  If Stan performed as he usually does, he would collect the $100 himself.  Apparently, this was incentive enough for at least couple of players, as Mike Deitchman handed Stan his first loss and Paul Schweigart sent him packing and each collected their ‘bounty’. 

Play proceeded and, by Sunday evening, 4 Champions were crowned:  Scotch Doubles – Linn Petty & Diane Krause, Men’s Master/Men’s A Singles – Linn Petty, Men’s B Singles – Matt Andrews and Women’s Singles – Harmony Kephart. Congratulations to all and an extra pat on the back to Linn Petty for capturing two titles.

Many Thanks go to the Mill Casino, Western BCA (Darcy Williams) and Tioga BCA Pool League (Rick Tillett) for promoting and sponsoring this event and everyone who helped make it a success.  Special thanks to Steve Register for sharing his photos with Western BCA.