2013 8-Ball Championships GrandMaster Singles

Watch the Men's GrandMaster Final Watch the Women's GrandMaster Singles Final
The  Men's Grandmaster Singles was once again the marquis event of the Championships.  8 Grand Masters and 2 Masters would do battle for the title.  Master Marvin Holmes (LTD) finished in 4th place ($450) and Eddie Carrido (WWA) in 3rd ($700). There were some great match-ups along the way but none better than the final between Dan Louie (LTD) and Stan Tourangeau (LTD).  These two are always a pure pleasure to watch. Dan played, literally, a perfect match.  His only miss-step was one dry break in game 5.  That was it.  Stan was pretty perfect himself early on, even taking the lead at 3-2 but a couple of his own dry breaks in games 8 and 10 and one, just one, missed shot in game 6, spelled his doom.  Did I say Dan was perfect?  Here's how the match went.  Games 1-4, breaks and runs (2-2).  Game 5, Dan dry broke, Stan ran out (3-2).  Game 6, Stan broke, pocketing the 8-Ball.  He chose to spot the 8 and keep shooting but missed the 6-Ball on his first shot.  Dan ran out (3-3).  Game 7, Dan broke and ran (4-3).  Game 8, Stan dry broke, Dan ran out (5-3).  Games 9 and 10 were repeats of games 7 and 8 (7-3).  And that was it.  Stan walked away with $900 for 2nd place.  Dan pocketed $1250 and collected another crown.  If you didn't see this match yet, click the link above, you won't be sorry. Next up was the Women's Grandmaster Singles.  There were eleven, including two Masters.  Kim Jones (LTD) drew Jana Montour (NonWBCA) in the first round, little knowing they would meet again in the final.  Jana took the direct route to the point, Kim had to navigate a longer road to get there.  Along her way, she got by 4th place finisher Cindy Doty (NPL)  and, in 3rd place,  previous Women's Grandmaster Champion, Linda Carter (PCGP).  The Jones/Montour final began with Jana running the table after Kim's dry break. Jana followed that with her own dry break but Kim's run stalled after a couple of balls and Jana proceeded to run the table for a 2-0 lead.  The ladies split the next two games getting Kim on the board but giving Jana a 3-1 lead.  Kim broke game 5, pocketed 3 balls but had to play a safety.  Jana answered with a good safety of her own. Kim fouled and, with ball in hand, Jana ran out (4-1).  Games 6 and 7 were again split (5-2), putting Jana on the hill.  Kim wasn't ready to give up, running the next two tables to get to 5-4.  Jana broke game 10, fouling on the break, Kim made a ball then had to play a safety that would end her come back and leave her in 2nd place ($825) as Jana took over and ran out to claim the title and the 1st place prize of $1125. 


2012 9-Ball Championships GrandMaster Singles

Place Prize Player
1st $1200 Dan Louie
2nd $515 Stan Tourangeau
3rd $220 Don Wirtaman
4th $100 Rich Geiler
Place Prize Player
1st $1000 Cindy Sliva
2nd $420 Kim Jones
3rd $175 Cindy Doty
4th $100 Andrea Saenz-Maes

Nine men entered and played hard to the final between Stan Tourangeau (LTD) and Dan Louie (LTD) which was one of the best matches ever played in Western BCA regional history. Dan won the lag but fouled on the break. Stan ran out (1-0). Stan broke in game 2 and missed at kick at the 1-Ball. Dan made the 1-Ball but had to play a safety on the 2 resulting in Stan fouling. Dan ran out (1-1). Game 3 was a quick one, Dan broke and ran 3 balls before fouling and giving Stan a 3-9 combo and game over (2-1). The next two games were break and runs (3-2). Stan made 2 balls on the break in game 6 but had to play safe on the 1-Ball. Dan kicked and missed. Stan ran out (4-2). Dan broke game 7, pocketing the 4-Ball but had to safety the 1-Ball and it wasn't, safe that is. Stan ran 3 balls and had a goofy shot on the 6-Ball that missed. Dan started with banking the 6-Ball to get shape on the 7 and ran out (4-3). Stan broke and had to roll out but Dan gave it back and he was only able to make a good hit on the 1-Ball. Dan ran out (4-4). Dan made 2 balls on the break in game 9 and ran to the 6 and had to play safe. Stan tried to play safe back but left Dan a shot. Dan ran out (5-4). Stan dry broke game 10. Dan pocketed the 2 -Ball on a jump but got out of line on the 3 and missed. Stan ran out (5-5). The next three games were all Dan Louie: break and run, run out after Stan's dry break and another break and run (8-5). Stan broke game 14 making 2 balls but no shape. Safeties were traded, Dan's was a little better. Stan could only make a good hit. Dan ran out (9-4). The double dip was on.

Dan started where he left off by taking the first 3 games of the final part II (3-0). Stan got game 4, taking advantage of a rare error by Dan (3-1). Dan answered with a break and run in game 5 (4-1). The next 3 games can be summed up in 3 words: Dan ran out (7-1). Stan kicked it up a gear and ran out in game 9 after playing a couple of safeties until Dan fouled (7-2). Stan broke and ran the next game (7-3) and was crawling back into the match. Dan broke in game 11 but had to play a safe on the 2-Ball. Stan was only able to make a good hit and Dan ran out and was on the hill (8-3). Do or die time for Stan. The next 2 games weren't particularly pretty but Stan got them both (8-5). Game 14 started with Stan breaking and rolling out. Dan played a safety. Stan kicked and missed but left Dan tough. Dan then kicked the 3-Ball into the corner pocket. 3 balls later, Dan missed a bank on the 5-Ball. Stan fouled on the 5-Ball and Dan, left with a messy table, found a way to run out. Match over (9-5). Stan took home $515. Dan, who was just too much for Stan today, accepted the 1st place trophy and a check for $1200. GREAT MATCH!

The Women's GrandMaster Singles division fielded 9 women, 7 GMs (Cindy Sliva, Kim Jones, Cindy Doty, Andrea Saenz-Maes, Phyllis Fernandez, Mary Hopkin and Kimberly Kirk) and two Masters (Karla Bagley-Tias and Josie LeRoy). Play progressed through the bracket until there were three. Cindy Doty (NPL) played Cindy Sliva (NPL) in the point match. Cindy S. went to the final and Cindy D. went to the back side to face Kim Jones (LTD) for the other spot in the final. Kim prevailed and Cindy D. ended her singles in 3rd place ($175).

Kim broke dry in game 1 of the final. Cindy Sliva had to play a couple of safeties before Kim fouled and she was able to set up a 2-9 combo to take the game (1-0). Cindy dry broke in game 2 and Kim got to work but fouled on the 3-ball, giving the table and game to Cindy (2-0). Kim took control of game 3, including a pair of killer safeties, and closed out the game (2-1). Another dry break gave the table to Kim, who ran out and evened the match (2-2). But that was it for Kim Jones, as Cindy marched through the next 4 games to get on the hill with a big lead in the match (6-2). Game 8 started well for Kim, who pocketed 2 balls on the break and ran 3 more before she missed the 5-ball. Cindy took over and the game and match looked to be all. Whoever said it ain't over til it's over must have been watching this match because it wasn't quite over. There was still a 9-Ball to pocket and not a tough one at that. Fine time for nerves to kick in but kick in they did and Cindy missed the shot. Kim brief glimmer of hope didn't last long because she missed her shot too. Cindy made sure she finished this time and secured the Championship trophy and $1000. Kim graciously accepted 2nd place and a $420 prize.


2012 8-Ball Championships GrandMaster Singles

Place Prize Player
1st $1500 Stan Tourangeau
2nd $975 Don Wirtaman
3rd $625 Rich Geiler
4th $400 Dan Louie
5th $250 Marvin Holmes
Place Prize Player
1st $1200 Cindy Sliva
2nd $850 Kimberly Kirk
3rd $575 Liz Cole
4th $375 Carissa Biggs

The Men's GrandMasters, like the women's, was a triple elimination affair. Six Grand Masters (Rich Geiler, Dan Louie, Eddie Mataya, Damian Pongpanik, Stan Tourangeau and Don Wirtaman) and four top Masters (Darrold Crain, Marvin Holmes, Steve Linglebach and Paul Marquez) went up against each other to see who would lay claim to the title.

Stan made it very clear from the beginning that he was there to win cruising through the no-loss portion of the bracket undefeated. Then he had to wait and see who would emerge to meet him in the final. Darrold, Steve, Paul and Eddie were able to only win one match each before leaving the competition. Damian won three matches and nearly made the cut but ended up one out of the money. Marvin, the one master to cash ($250), played well and made a great showing. Dan Louie, former GM champion, had to settle for 4th place and $400. After losing two matches early on, he won three in a row before being ousted by Don. Crowd favorite Rich Geiler came to play. After a first round loss he settled in and won 5 matches in a row. But that was as far as he would go, earning a 3rd place finish and $625.

The finals were set. Don Wirtaman zigzagged his way through the brackets, winning two matches, losing two matches and winning two matches to get to a shot at Stan who sat undefeated on the point. With two losses, Don would have to make the most of this opportunity. But this was not his day and he would get no farther than 2nd place and the $975 check. Stan Tourangeau, with five straight wins over the three days of the competition, accepted the Champions trophy and a check for $1500 and a new Men's GrandMaster Champ was crowned.

The GrandMaster Women would also play a triple elimination format for a total purse of $3000. In the new Women's GrandMaster Division there were 7 GrandMasters (Carissa Biggs, Linda Carter, Liz Cole, Cindy Doty, Kimberly Kirk, Andrea Saenz-Maes and Cindy Sliva) and 1 Master (Karla Bagley-Tias) playing for a 1st place prize of $1000.

Play got underway on Wednesday morning with 4 matches and the race was on. Kimberly and Liz got off to the best start, winning their 1st two matches. Karla and Carissa made it tough on themselves by losing their first two matches. Karla won a tough match against Cindy D. before leaving the competition with a loss to Carissa. Carissa fared somewhat better, winning three matches before bowing out. Linda and Cindy D. were only able to win one match apiece before being put out. Andrea fared slightly better, winning two matches before being eliminated.

It had by now become evident that the two front runners were Cindy S. and Kimberly with Liz and Carissa trying to keep up with them. Liz and Carissa, both with records of 3 wins and 3 losses, finished in 3rd ($575) and 4th ($375) respectively. Kimberly, the early favorite, had but one major obstacle between her and the top prize and her name was Cindy Sliva. Cindy S., on her way to the Triple Crown (1st place finishes in all events - singles, scotch and teams) was on a mission and would not be denied. Kimberly was her only loss early on (2nd match) and they would meet three more times before it was over, with Cindy S. winning all three of these matches. Kimberly graciously accepted her 2nd place check for $850. Cindy S. claimed the 1st place trophy and the $1000 check and will reign as Champion until the next time the GrandMaster Women go head to head.


2011 9-Ball Championship Grand Masters Challenges

Men's GrandMaster Challenge Women's GrandMaster Challenge
Place Player Total Games Won Prize
1st Glenn Atwell 37 $1500
2nd Dan Louie 33 $1025
3rd Stan Tournageau 30 $675
4th Eddie Mataya 27 $400
5th-7th Rich Geiler 25 $233
5th-7th Steve Lingelbach 25 $233
5th-7th Don Wirtaman 25 $233
8th Todd Marsh 22 $225
Place Player Total Games Won Prize
1sr Liz Cole 36 $1100
2nd Linda Carter 33 $725
3rd Cindy Sliva 31 $475
4th Cindy Doty 30 $325
5th Josie LeRoy 25 $225
6th Mary Hopkin 24 $225
7th Andrea Saenz-Maes 23 $225
8th Kimberly Kirk 22 $225

The GrandMasters went head to head on the front four tables during the 2011 9-Ball Championships. After the overwhelming success of the previous GrandMasters Challenges, this one did not disappoint. The play on the tables was at all times masterful with a smattering of brilliance thrown in now and then.

The GrandMasters Challenges were created to give the GrandMasters and top Masters in Western BCA a truly competitive experience with a round-robin format tournament. This GMC, the first at a 9-Ball Regional event, was sponsored by Tiger Products who also donated one of their fine cues which was raffled and won by Scott Virgin (CC). Many thanks to Tiger Products for their generous support of Western BCA. The players played sets of 8 games, with the wins tallied at the end. After 3 days of stellar shooting and grueling safety battles, Liz Cole rose to the tope of the ladies’ field and Glenn Atwell topped the men’s division to capture the titles of GrandMasters Challenge Champions and take home beautiful blown glass trophies as well as the top prize money.

The women played 9-Ball and Liz Cole got off to a great start and found herself on top after the first day. Her opponents noticed her exceptional play early on, with amazing combos and awesome run-outs, and they knew she would definitely be the one to catch at the end. 2011 8-Ball GMC Champion Linda Carter came within 3 points of catching Liz, but was unable to close the gap. Linda, as the previous winner, graciously presented Liz with her Championship trophy.

Likewise, on the Men’s side, Glenn Atwell started out strong and never let up as he charged to victory. His steady stroke, calm demeanor and deadly accuracy gave him a strong lead. Dan Louie, the defending champion from the 2011 8-Ball GMC, made a valiant attempt to surpass Glenn in points, but fell short by 4 points. Dan Louie, as winner of the previous Mens GMC and ever the gentleman, presented Glenn with his 1st place trophy.


2011 8-Ball Championships GrandMaster Challenge

Men's GrandMaster Challenge Women's GrandMaster Challenge
Place Player Total Games Won Prize
1st Place Dan Louie 47 $1875.00
2nd Place Eddie Mataya 43 $1200.00
3rd Place Glenn Atwell 41 $800.00
4th/5th Place Stan Tournageau 39 $512.50
4th/5th Place Rich Geiler 39 $512.50
6th Place Jim Conway 33 $450.00
7th/8th Place Don Wirtaman 32 $387.50
7th/8th Place Mike Zimmerman 32 $387.50
9th/10th Place Matt Horner 27 $312.50
9th/10th Place Steve Lingelbach 27 $312.50
Place Player Total Games Won Prize
1st Place Linda Carter 27 $900
2nd Place Cindy Sliva 26 $650
3rd/4th Place Liz Cole 22 $475
3rd/4th Place Cindy Doty 22 $475
5th/6th Place Kim Hole 19 $375
5th/6th Place Kris Robbins 19 $375
7th Place Kimberly Kirk 18 $300
8th Place Andrea Saenz-Maes 15 $250

On March 8-10, 2011 at the Chinook Winds Casino Resort, Western BCA held their 2nd Annual Men’s GrandMasters Challenge featuring ten of the top male players in the Northwest and Canada. The format was 8-Ball, round robin, with each player playing each of their competitors in 8 games matches. The round robin format is different than what most of these players are accustomed to competing in. Each one of them stressed how important each game is as the champion is determined by the total number of wins after all matches have been completed. Not getting down on yourself when things would go bad and maintaining total focus throughout every game were keys to winning noted by almost every player in the competition.

This year’s field included defending champion, Glenn Atwell, along with fellow national and Western BCA grandmasters, Dan Louie, Mike Zimmerman, and Stan Tourangeau. Also in the field were national masters and Western BCA grandmasters Rich Geiler and Don Wirtaman. Filling out the field were top Western BCA master players Eddie Mataya, Matt Horner, Jim Conway and Steve Lingelbach (who stepped in to take Todd Marsh’s place at the last minute after he was forced to drop out).

After Day 1 of the competition it was apparent that this would be a tightly contested tournament as nobody was able to distance themselves from the rest of the field. The top six players were separated by only 2 points, with Dan Louie holding a slim one point advantage over Rich Geiler.

After Day 2, Dan Louie continued his stellar play and held on to a 2 game lead over Eddie Mataya who was the only other player able to match Louie’s 17 games won on Day 2. The final day saw competition staying tight, but Dan Louie kept his head down and forged ahead to a 3 day total of 47 wins and the title of 2011 Men’s Grand Masters Challenge Champion. Eddie Mataya finished second with a very respectable 43 wins in the competition. Inaugural Men’s GrandMasters Challenge Champion, Glenn Atwell was the only other player able to break the 40 win mark, finishing in third place with 41 wins.

Glenn had the honor of presenting Dan with the beautiful art glass trophy to bring another successful Men's GMC to a close. Everyone is now eagerly awaiting next year’s 3rd Annual Men’s Gran Masters Challenge. If you can’t make it to Lincoln City to see these great players, makes plans to watch all the action live streamed on the Western BCA website!

A late invitee asked to fill a last minute vacant spot snapped off the inaugural Women’s Grandmaster Challenge at the Western BCA Regional 8-Ball Championships in Lincoln City, OR. WBCA master Linda Carter, aka Wonder Woman, won 27 out of a possible 42 games in the three-day, round-robin event at Chinook Winds, to earn the $900 paycheck.

WBCA started the grandmaster event for the men last year. Clark Smith, owner of Malarkey’s Pool & Brew in Tacoma, generously sponsored the event with a $1,500 contribution. Eight of the Northwest’s top women shooters were invited to participate in the event including, Grand Masters Liz Cole, Cindy Doty, Kim Hole, Kris Robbins, Kimberly Kirk, Andrea Saenz-Maes and Carissa Biggs along with top Masters Carter and Cindy Sliva. When Biggs had to turn down the invitation due to scheduling conflicts, Carter, of Medford, OR was invited to fill the spot.

The tournament’s round-robin format pitted each player against the others in six-game matches. Each player received a point for each game won. When the first round of play ended, Doty was leading the field after besting opponent Saenz-Maes by a score of 4-2. The rest of the field was tied, with each player earning 3 games from their opponents. “The field is full of talent,” said Saenz-Maes. “If you are not 100 percent, you will lose games.

After the second round, Sliva and Cole were tied and leading the pack with eight games each. Carter and Doty were keeping the competition tight, with seven games each. At the end of the 3rd round, Carter and Sliva were leading the pack, with 12 games each. But that would take a turn in the fourth round, when Carter beat Sliva 6-0. “I played horribly and she played well,” said Sliva. “That did not make a good combination for me. No matter how hard I tried, I could’t finish a rack.” But Sliva wasn’t down for long. She said she gave herself a good talking to and collected herself before her next match, and took out her frustration on Liz Cole in the fifth round, beating her with a score of 5-1. “Cindy Sliva had just come off a 0-6 loss and tore into me,” said Cole. “I didn’t have a chance.

After the fifth round was complete, Carter had 23 games - a full six game lead over the rest of the field. Sliva and Cole were in second, tied with 17 games and Doty trailed them with 16 games. Hole and Robbins were tied with 13 games, Kirk had 12 games and Saenz-Maes had 9. Carter gave up a little ground in the sixth round when she lost 2-4 to Hole. “That was probably my best match,” said Hole, who made a very difficult carom on the 8-ball to cinch the match. “I was so excited about making that shot!”

Cindy Doty made up ground during that sixth round, beating Cole 5-1. Doty, who won the Masters Scotch Doubles event with partner Mike Stevens, said the Grand Masters Challenge was a little grueling after the long days of playing scotch. “I feel I could have played a lot better,” she said. “I was a little tired from the scotch finals and also a little tight. I think this is where the lack of practice showed the most.”

Going in to the final round Carter still held the lead with 25 games. Sliva and Doty were tied with 21 games each and Cole had 18 games. Carter said despite her lead, she couldn’t let down her guard. “The first two days I was fearless – not nervous or scared or anything,” Carter said. “But the last day I had two tough matches – the Kim’s (Kirk and Hole). And in this round robin format every game is important.” Carter said her final match was difficult because she was also watching Sliva and Doty, who were right behind her in points, play each other. “I couldn’t concentrate on my match,” she said. Carter, who played Kirk in the final round, said Kirk made some mistakes and uncharacteristically missed a few balls, giving her two games and leaving her with a total of 27. Sliva beat Doty 5-1 in that final round, to come within a game of the leader.

All the women said they were honored to play in the event and were thankful to Smith for sponsoring it. “The tournament was a terrific success and I was proud and honored to have been invited,” said Kirk. “In addition, I think that the live streaming is a terrific opportunity for the growth of the sport.” Robbins said the field was tough and she enjoyed the competition, but missed playing in the traditional double-elimination format. “One big thing I missed…the heart-pounding hill-to-hill matches and a finals match,” Robbins said. “But I’m very thankful to everyone who volunteers their time to put the regional tournaments together! I very much look forward to these events.” Doty said the Western BCA Regional Championships have come a long way and give players from across the Northwest a great competitive arena to test their skills. “I think it compares to Vegas, which is quite a compliment,” she said.


2010 8-Ball Championships GrandMaster Challenge

Place Player Total Games Won Prize
1st Place Glenn Atwell 47 $2000
2nd/3rd Place Todd Marsh 36 $1075
2nd/3rd Place Don Wirtaman 36 $1075
4th Place Rich Geiler 35 $600
5th Place Matt Horner 33 $500
6th/7th Place Dan Louie 32 $375
6th/7th Place Eddie Mataya 32 $375
8th Place Bob Zack 29 $300
1st Annual WBCA GrandMaster Challenge Huge Success! top: Dan Louie, Bob Zack, Rich Geiler, Glenn Atwell, TD-Mike Jensen
By Bret Baker bottom: Todd Marsh, Don Wirtaman, Matt Horner, Eddie Mataya

Western BCA introduced a new event at the 15th Annual Regional 8-Ball Championships. The Grand Master Challenge made its debut on March 9 at the beautiful Chinook Winds Casino Resort. Eight of the Northwest’s top-ranked Grand Master and Master players were invited to take part in this very special event and battle it out on the pool table for $6,300 in prize money. Cue Sports International/BCA Pool League and Western BCA Pool Players Association sponsored this event. All of the prize money was raised independently, with no money being taken from the Regional Tournament’s players.

The players: Glenn Atwell, Rich Geiler, Matt Horner, Dan Louie, Todd Marsh, Eddie Mataya, Don Wirtaman, & Bob Zack.
The format: Round Robin with each player playing every other player in 10 game matches with the score recorded at the end of each match. Total games won would determine the overall winner.

On Tuesday, March 9 at 2:00 in the afternoon, action got underway with young guns Matt Horner and Eddie Mataya doing battle on table #1 and experienced veterans Todd Marsh and Dan Louie showing their skills on table #2. Many onlookers entered a “Pick the Winner” contest. For a $5 contribution they could try to pick the order they thought the competitors would finish. All money raised went into the prize money for the GMC. Some of those predictions took a severe hit when Marsh and Horner each scored 7-3 wins and let everyone know this was anybody’s event to win. Two rounds were completed on Day 1 of the event with Glenn Atwell and Matt Horner sharing the lead with 13 wins each. Rich Geiler was only one game back with 12 wins and Todd Marsh had a total of 10.

Day 2 brought more great pool action which was enjoyed not only by those who could attend the event in Lincoln City, but also by those who were unable to make it. The Northwest Women’s Poolplayers Association (NWPA) provided live streaming on the web, via U-STREAM.COM. Viewers at home were able to watch all the commentated matches and chat with the commentators. NWPA recorded over 4,100 hits in the 5 days of live streaming. When the dust had settled on the second day of the GMC, 5 of the 7 rounds were in the books and once again Glenn Atwell led all competitors with 33 wins, Don Wirtaman and Matt Horner were tied for second with 27 and Rich Geiler was still in the hunt with 26.

The final day continued to showcase more great pool action as the players finished out the final two rounds. Glenn could smell the finish line and was not about to let his lead slip away. He finished like a true champion, with two monstrous 7-3 wins over Rich Geiler and Dan Louie and a total of 47 wins overall, to take the title of Grand Master Challenge Champion and the $2,000 paycheck that came with the title. Todd Marsh rode a couple of 6-4 wins over Eddie Mataya and Don Wirtaman to finish in a tie with Wirtaman for second place with 36 total wins. Rich Geiler made a very respectable return to this event with his 35 wins and a 4th place finish. Matt Horner finished in the 5th spot with 33 total wins. Dan Louie and Eddie Mataya finished tied with 32 wins and Bob Zack, who fought through the stomach flu, hung in to battle and finished with 29 total wins.

The players were all very excited about this event and look forward to competing in it again. Many Master players were also excited and are hoping to earn their chance to be a part of this event in the future.


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