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Place Prize Player Place Prize Player Place Prize Player
1st $10,000 Roberto Gomez 1st $4000 Brittany Bryant 1st $8000 Shane Van Boening
2nd $6400 Joey Gray 2nd $2340 Bernie Store 2nd $4000 Jeffrey DeLuna
3rd $4040 Billy Thorpe 3rd $1360 Cindy Sliva 3rd $2000 Dennis Orcollo
4th $2560 Rodney Morris 4th $800 Emily Duddy 4th $2000 Josh Roberts
5th/6th $1620 Josh Roberts 5th/6th $460 Liz Colw        
5th/6th $1620 Shane Van Boening 5th/6th $460 Lauren Ward        
7th/8th $1020 Amar Kang 7th/8th $240 Lisa Just Men's CWO 2nd Chance (28)
7th/8th $1020 Skyler Woodward 7th/8th $240 Amanda Pulley Place Prize Player
9th-12th $660 Randy Camantigue         1st $1400 Lake Mackey
9th-12th $660 Stan Tourangeau         2nd $800 Danny Smity
9th-12th $660 Randy Baker         3rd $550 Matt Horner
9th-12th $660 Dennis Orcollo         4th $400 Greg Romero Sr.
13th-16th $420 Warren Kiamco         5th/6th $275 Michael Deitchmann
13th-16th $420 Mike Stevens         5th/6th $275 Jerry Queja
13th-16th $420 Steve Lingelbach         7th/8th $175 Jay Young
13th-16th $420 Johann Chua         7th/8th $175 Manny Perez
17th-24th $260 Pete Gates         9th-12th $100 Mike Wagner
17th-24th $260 David Lash         9th-12th $100 Vinny Mellott
17th-24th $260 Alex Olinger         9th-12th $100 Lynn Smith
17th-24th $260 Marc Vidal         9th-12th $100 Joe Pleasant
17th-24th $260 Somerfield Habener                
17th-24th $260 Michel Yednak                
17th-24th $260 Ramil Gallego         Women's CWO 2nd Chance (6)
17th-24th $260 Chip Compton         Place Prize Player
25th-32nd $200 Marvin Holmes         1st $450 Kathie MacDonald
25th-32nd $200 Ray Galli         2nd $200 Myra Cables
25th-32nd $200 Joel Peck                
25th-32nd $200 Russell Cearley                
25th-32nd $200 Jeffrey DeLuna                
25th-32nd $200 Richard Geiler                
25th-32nd $200 Ace Brown                
25th-32nd $200 Ollie Acosta                

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Article by Robbin Iredale

Held October 9-11, 2017 at Chinook Winds Casino Resort in Lincoln City, Oregon, this installment of the Men’s Chinook Winds Open 8-Ball Championships, the 4th Annual, featured some of the biggest names in professional men’s Billiards.  There were a couple of past champions — Skyler Woodward and Rodney Morris.  You might also recognize some of the other contenders — Shane Van Boening, Dennis Orcollo, Billy Thorpe, Warren Kiamco, Amar Kang and Josh Roberts — to name but a few.  There were also some notable newcomers — Roberto Gomez, Joey Gray, Johann Chua, Jeffrey DeLuna and Manny Perez.  Some Western BCA players made their presence known as well, including — Randy Camantigue, Stan Tourangeau, Randy Baker and crowd favorite, Richie Geiler.  In all, there were 108 entered in the Men’s Division and and 28 in the Women’s. 

As always, the party started with a Calcutta auction on Wednesday evening (March 10).  It was a spirited affair overseen by CWO TD Bill Henderson and WBCA President Darcy Williams.  The Men’s Division Calcutta total was $24550 with $9600 the first place payout and the Women’s was $2010 with $820 the first place payout.

Then came the Late Night 10-Ball Invitational, a new event aimed at the professionals.  The format was $1000 entry, 16 bracket limit, race to 13, single elimination, winner breaks with a first place prize of $8000.  The “Late Night” referred to when the matches were played, starting Wednesday after the Calcutta, the final four playing Thursday after CWO play was finished for the day and the final on Friday night, again after CWO play was finished for the day.  The bracket filled with all the upper echelon pros ponying up a grand each for the big payout at the end.  By the end of play Wednesday, Jeffrey DeLuna vs Dennis Orcollo and Josh Roberts vs Shane Van Boening were all that survived.  Everyone was looking forward to a Orcollo/SVB final but up jumped DeLuna who beat Dennis Orcollo to move into the final against Shane Van Boening.  The final score was 13-11/SVB and was basically a clinic, with nine break and runs (including the winning rack), one 1-10 combo in game 2 and all the rest runouts following three dry breaks and the very occasional mistake on the part of one player or the other.  Jeffrey collected $4000 for 2nd place and Dennis and Josh received $2000 each for getting to the semis.  Fun format + great shooting + a large and appreciative crowd = a successful event. Look for it to be on the menu next time.

Thursday the main event got underway with many great match-ups for the spectators to watch.  By the end of the night, many of the serious contenders were on the back side of the bracket (Roberto Gomez, SVB, Jeffrey DeLuna, Ramil Gallego, Johann Chua, Taylor Anderson, Dennis Orcollo, Warren Kiamco and Alex Olinger) and only one could fight his way to the final.  Tough bracket.   The marquis matches included Rodney Morris vs Dennis Orcollo (7-6 Rodney), Rich Geiler vs Jeffrey DeLuna (7-4 Rich) and SVB vs Marc Vidal (7-6 SVB just after Marc took out Johann Chua 7-4).

Friday was a new day and everyone, especially the back side dwellers, hoped it would be a good one for them but, unfortunately, many of the top guns would be up against each other before the end of the day with many eliminated.  Before the end of the day, Skyler Woodward, Amar Kang, Rodney Morris and Billy Thorpe would also find themselves on the back side, nearing extinction.  By the end of play, only 9 would be left in.

Saturday began with Roberto Gomez sending Amar Kang home as he began his single-minded quest for the final.  He went on to eliminate Josh Roberts, Rodney Morris, and crushed Billy Thorpe’s hopes for a rematch with Joey Gray after losing the hot seat to Gray 7-6.  Shane Van Boening looked to be on his way to a shot at another big pay day until he ran into Rodney Morris, who had another plan, winning 7-5.  Dennis Orcollo seemed to be on a collision course for SVB but he was derailed by former Champ Skyler Woodward 7-6.  As we already know, Roberto Gomez would not be stopped on his way to the final with Joey Gray, taking out his final two obstacles (Morris and Thorpe).  The Gray/Gomez final was on, but before we get to that, it should be said that the hot seat match was one of the best of the event, with Joey and Billy trading break and runs and run outs all the way to the decider.  Joey broke dry and Billy marched through the rack until leaving himself a delicate shot on the 4-Ball to get on the 8.  He missed the 8 and walked away from an open table and gave the game and the match to Joey.  So close yet so far.

In the first set of the final (yes, a possible double dip materialized), Roberto was warmed up and ready to go.  Joey was a little cold and never really got into the match, winning only two games.  Roberto, with four break and runs plus three runouts following a Gray dry break, a missed shot and a foul on the break took the first set 7-2.  Joey doubled his win tally in the second set but there was no stopping Roberto.  His near flawless play continued as he closed out the match and claimed the title with his 8th break and run of the two set match. Roberto collected $10,000 for his performance over the three days of the CWO and Joey Gray went home with a respectable $6400 for his efforts.  Complete results and payouts follow.

All the while the men were in action, there was also a small Women’s Division (28 entrants) playing for a first place prize of $4000.  Former champion Nicole Keeney was on hand with a few other notable out of towners (Brittany Bryant, Emily Duddy, Kelly Isaac and Bernie Store among them) as well as some of Western BCA’s finest (Liz Cole, Kim Jones and Cindy Sliva).  Brittany Bryant and Bernie Store made it through the front side undefeated to the point match, with Bernie winning 5-4 to get to the final.  Cindy Sliva, after taking out both Keeney and Duddy, met up with Bryant in the back side point match.  There Cindy met up with a determined Brittany and was shut out and finished in 3rd place.  Brittany went on to the final and another shot at Bernie.  Brittany had to beat Bernie twice and she got off to a great start, shutting Bernie out 5-0 and the double dip was on.  Often the first set is just warm up for the winner of the hot seat and this proved to be the case here.  Bernie played much better the 2nd time around.  The ladies traded games until the got to the hill-hill decider.  Bernie had won the lag, so she had the break.  It was a good break until the cue ball found a pocket.  The table was wide open and Brittany never looked back as she ran out to claim the title.  Complete results and payouts follow.

There were 2nd chance tournaments for both the men and women, with 28 men and 6 women not ready to call it quits.  Lake MacKay beat out Danny Smith for first and $1400 in the Men’s and Kathie MacDonald prevailed over Myra Cables for first and $450.

That brought the festivities to a close.  None of the spectators went away in any way disappointed.  The pros put on quite a display of prowess on the table and were very approachable.  We cannot thank enough our great sponsors — Chinook Winds Casino Resort, Western BCA and Bud Light.  The Western BCA staff — TDs Mike Jensen and Bill Henderson, Tournament Registrar Darcy Williams, Referees Darryl Farley and Dwayne Payne, Graphic Design/Advertising/Photographer Robbin Iredale, Podium Manager Pam Carraway and Payout Supervisor Cathy Dunford — all worked long hours to make these events a success.  Lenny Marshall of OnTheRailTV streamed and recorded many great matches that will soon be available for viewing (a link will be provided on  Many thanks to Bad Boys Billiards Production who provided the 7-foot Diamond tables and bracketing.  Chinook Winds again provided a great and welcoming venue for all the players and spectators.  Mother Nature was the only negative, causing interruption of internet service, but that’s March on the Coast, nothing to be done about that. 

If you came to play, we thank you and hope you come back next time.
If you came to watch, we’ll try to put on an even better show next time.

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MEN'S CWO (108) WOMEN'S CWO (28)
Lloyd Aalvik   Richard Geiler   Steve Register   Olga Azarova
Oliver Acosta   Roberto Gomez   Dusty (Howard) Rhodes   Cristy  Barsky
Taylor Anderson   Tom Goulter   Josh Roberts   CarlaJean Beers
Matt Andrews   Jeremy Gradwohl   Greg Romero   Carissa  Biggs
Bill Anglin   Joey Gray   Shawn Roy   Jessie Blayden
Randy Baker   Somerfield Habener   Sean-Paul  Salazar   Juanita Brown
Jeff Beck   Raymond Hanscom   Jared Santoyo   Brittany Bryant
Larry Binschus   Colton Herera   Daniel Sardoncillo   Myra Cables
Chad Bisconer   Ed Hobbs   Paul Schweigart   Liz Cole
Michael Blayden   Marvin Holmes   Eric Shenton   Cindy Doty
Ken Bower   Matt Horner   Clark Smith   Emily Duddy
Dwayne Brown   Wes Hough   Daniel Smith   Elaine  Eberly
Randy Camantigue   Chris Jenkins   Lynn Smith   Cathy Gamble
Dave Canova   Amar Kang   Mike Stevens   Michelle Hughes
Russell Cearley   Warren Kiamco   Greg Strandberg   Kelly Isaac
Scott Chandler   Nicholas Kruger   Billy Thorpe   Kim Jones
Jose Chavez   David Lash   Carl  Tibbetts   Lisa Just
Johann Chua   Tenadore  Lee   Stan Tourangeau   Nicole Keeney
Ken Clifford   Steve Lingelbach   Shane Van Boening   Kathie MacDonald
Chip Compton   Rob MacDonald   Richard VanBurger   Amanda Pulley
Steve Copher   Lake  Mackay   Gerry VanScharrel   Melissa Rushton
Dave Craig   Jason Marcoulier   Marc Vidal Claramunt   Cynthia Sliva
Gary Crane   Chris McDaniel   Michael Voisard   Sara Sorg
Jeffrey De Luna   Vinny Mellott   Mike Wagner   Bernie Store
Michael Deitchman   Ben Merton   Shane Wagner   Donna Taylor
David Dimmitt   David Moore   Darin Walding   Trish Vermuele
Kenny Dodd   Rodney Morris   Thomas Walsh   Lauren Marie Ward
Russ Doyle   Alex Olinger   Matt Wells   Debi Welfringer
David Duncan   Dennis Orcollo   August Wiepking      
Robert Ferrel   Dominick Orejudos   Randy Wirachowsky      
Justin Foreman   Joel Peck   Skyler Woodward      
Dan Friestman   Manuel  Perez   Martin Wragg      
Ramil Gallego   Joe Pleasant   Dave Wright      
Ray Galli   Stanley Pratnicki   Gabe Wright      
Pat Gamble   Steve Pulido   Michael Yednak      
Pete Gates   Jerry Queja (Que)   Jason Young