2015 Chinook Winds Open 8-Ball Championships

March 6-8, 2015

Place Prize Player Place Prize Player
1st $10,000 Corey Deuel 17th-24th $200 Scott Frost
2nd $5,000 John Morra 17th-24th $200 John Catron
3rd $3,000 Shane Van Boening 17th-24th $200 Mark Vidal
4th $2,000 Josh Roberts 17th-24th $200 David DelCastillo Jr.
5th/6th $1,500 Taylor Anderson 17th-24th $200 Damian Pongpanik
5th/6th $1,500 Matt Horner 17th-24th $200 Sean Lewis
7th/8th $1,000 Danny Olson 17th-24th $200 Peter Gates
7th/8th $1,000 Randy Baker 17th-24th $200 Darin Walding
9th-12th $600 Jayson Shaw 25th-32nd $125 Dwayne Brown
9th-12th $600 Rafael Martinez 25th-32nd $125 Eddie Mataya
9th-12th $600 Dan Louie 25th-32nd $125 Mike Deitchman
9th-12th $600 Stan Tourangeau 25th-32nd $125 Steve Lingelbach
13th-16th $300 Rodney Morris 25th-32nd $125 Ivan Doty
13th-16th $300 Mike Stevens 25th-32nd $125 Justin Lilje
13th-16th $300 Mike Massey 25th-32nd $125 Cedric Sloan
13th-16th $300 Eddie Carrido 25th-32nd $125 Bobby Campbell
Place Prize Player
1st $4000 Vivian Villarreal
2nd $2,000 Cindy Slilva
3rd $1,400 Kim Jones
4th $900 Carissa Biggs
5th/6th $500 Stacy Allsup
5th/6th $500 Linda Carter
7th/8th $250 Mary Coffman
7th/8th $250 Kathie MacDonald

Deuel and Villareal Take Top Honors at 2015 CWO 8-Ball Championships

The Chinook Winds Open 8-Ball Championships, led by Tournament Directors Mike Jensen and Andrew Monstis, took to the tables.  This was a 3 part event, beginning with a Warm-Up Tournament Thursday night, followed by a Calcutta Friday evening and then on to the main event.

The Warm-Up Tournaments featured 84 men and 12 women.  These were double elimination, race to 3 events.  In the women's division, Vivian Villarreal cruised through to the point to await an opponent in the final.  Shari Ross beat Deby Welfringer (3rd) to get into the final with Vivian and finished in 2nd place, while Vivian prevailed and gave us a glimpse of the champion that she is.

The men's field of 84 exceeded all expectations and finished in the wee hours.  The pros dominated the field with only Chad Bisconer, Paul Marquez and Steve Lingelbach penetrating the top 12. 1st place was Rafael Martinez, 2nd/Jayson Shaw, 3rd/Josh Roberts, 4th/Stan Tourangeau, 5th-6th/Ace Brown and Corey Deuel, 7th-8th/Marc Vidal and Steve Lingelbach, and 9th-12th/Chad Bisconer, Dan Louie, Paul Marquez and Roger Bordley.

The Calcutta was a well attended and spirited affair.  Andrew Monstis, Paul Marquez and Carissa Biggs took turns as Auctioneer.  The men netted $25,280 and the women $6425, with the first place man earning $8908 for the winning bidder(s) and $2342 for the women's champ bidder(s).

Immediately following the Calcutta, the Women and Men's CWOs got underway, with 2 rounds played Friday night, continuing through Saturday and finishing up on Sunday.  The final 16 players in the men's division were, as expected, mostly pros but with a few of our regional GrandMasters and Masters hanging with the big boys. John Morra took out Shane Van Boening in the point match (7-4).  Meanwhile on the back side, there were some hard fought matches to see who would get through to the final.  The 3rd place match came down to Shane and Corey Deuel.  Shane was plagued with uncharacteristic misses and untimely fouls and quickly fell behind.  In spite of 3 dry breaks by Corey, Shane found himself doing more watching than shooting and ended in 3rd place ($3000) and Corey moved on to the final.

The final started out with 3 breaks and runs and Corey getting into the early lead (2-1).  In game 4, John broke and then fouled on his first shot.  Corey ran off the remaining 5 stripes and extended his lead (3-1).  In game 5, Corey's dry break resulted in John's run out. (3-2).  Each man had a shot at game 6 but, John's miss on the 15-Ball left Corey with a wide open table.  Couple that run out with a break and run in game 7 and Corey had a commanding 5-2 lead in the match.  A messy game 8 went to Corey and he closed out the match with another break and run in game 9. (7-2).

John looked to turn things around in the second set, shooting through a problem cluster before, missing the 13 ball and leaving Corey the table and the game.  Corey broke and ran in game 2 and capitalized on a miss to run out in game 3. (3-0).  John took advantage of Corey's dry break in game 4 and ran out and broke and ran in game 5 to equal his game total in the first set. (3-2).  In game 6, Corey again broke dry but an untimely miss by John gave him the table and the run out (4-2).  John broke and ran in game 7 and Corey returned the favor in game 8 (5-3).  Corey blew up in game 9 and allowed John to run out and almost even the match (5-4).  The next 3 games were breaks and runs but time ran out for John Morra (2nd place/$5000) as Corey Deuel clinched the title and accepted the plaque and a check for $10,000.

The Women's CWO field totaled 38. Western BCAs Cindy Sliva reminded us she is the real deal, working her way through the front side to the point match against Vivian Villarreal.  She didn't stop there, securing a place in the final with a 5-1 win over Vivian.  Western BCA regional GMs, Kim Jones and Carissa Biggs played for a chance to knock out Vivian in the 3rd place match, with Carissa ending up in 4th place ($900) and Kim getting her shot at Vivian.  Vivian had other plans, though, and held Kim to only one game and 3rd place ($1400) as she moved on to the final.  The first set was all Vivian as she took it 5-1.  In the second set, Cindy (2nd place/$2000) got an early 3-2 lead but Vivian (1st/4000) took the next 3 games (5-3) to close out the match.

The CWO was a smashing success and is expected to grow and attract even more of our games top players in the future.  Congratulations to the Champions and to Andrew, Mike and everyone who helped make this event what it is and will become.  Many thanks to Chinook Winds for their generous sponsorship.  Can't wait to see who comes in October!  

Men's Chinook Winds Open (119 entries) Women's Chinook Winds Open (20 entries)
Lloyd Aalvik Pat Gamble Tony Newman Robin Adams Elizabeth Jensen Joyce Robinson
Chris Aldrich Peter Gates Nick Oldham Stacy Allsup Kim Jones Shari Ross
Paul Alexander Willie Gin Danny Olson Adrianne Beach Kimberly Kirk Andrea Saenz-Maes
Rennie Amadeo Roger Goodman Robert Olson Carissa Biggs Jia Li Ashley Shafer
Rob Anderson Todd Gooch Vinnie Ottwell Linda Carter Jing Liu Cindy Sliva
Taylor Anderson Jeremy Gradwohl Kevin Parr Sheila Clark Donna Lovejoy Suzanne Smith
Davyn Arscott Somerfield Habener Joel Peck Mary Coffman Kathie MacDonald Julie Valdez
Randy Baker Tim Haines Scott Perry Liz Cole Jessica Orth Vivian Villarreal
Clay Belvoir Ed Hobbs Robert Pike Cindy Doty Tamera Parlette Jodie Villegas
Chad Bisconer Marvin Holmes Joe Pleasant Cathy Gamble Susan Preston Rebecca Wagner
Hershal Blaylock Matt Horner Damian Pongpanik Julie Goodman Kris Robbins  
Roger Bordley Wes Hough Steve Register      
James Boyce Jeremiah Janson Joshua Roberts      
Dwayne Brown Chris Jenkins Jim Roe      
Matt Bryan Michael Jensen Greg Romero      
Randy Camantigue Jesse Johnson Bill Rosenberry      
Bobby Campbell Ric Jones Kevin Ross      
Dominic Cardoso Warren Kiamco Tom Rossi      
Edmund Carrido Jason Klatt Pastor (JR) Sardoncillo      
John Catron Nick Kruger Paul Schweigart      
Russell Cearley Jeff Leonards Andrew Score      
Joe Chun Sean Lewis Jayson Shaw      
Marc Claramunt Tim Lezard Francisco Silva      
Cody Clark Justin Lilje Ed Slade      
Ken Clifford Steve Lingelbach Tommy Sliva      
Jeff Coates Dan Louie Cedric Sloan      
Dan Coffman Rob MacDonald Mike Stevens      
Steve Copher Jason Marcoulier Adam Stromberg      
Gene Copher Paul Marquez Chris Sykes      
Darrold Crain Todd Marsh Tommy Thompson      
Gary Crane Rafael Martinez Carl Tibbetts      
Jeramy Daniels Mike Massey Stan Tourangeau      
Michael Deitchman Eddie Mataya Jose Trevino      
Travis DeJong Justin McCrory Steve Tune      
David Del Castillo Jackson McDonald Shane Van Boening      
Bernie Devlin Matthew McInnis Gerald Vanscharrel      
Alex Dobler Ben Merton Steve Waitt      
Kenny Dodd Wayne Milke Darin Walding      
Ivan Doty Miguel Morfin Roy Watkins      
Harold Douglas John Morra David Wheaton      
Ramon Farias Rodney Morris Randy White      
Scott Frost Joseph Moyak Bob Zack      
Bill Fuller Chuck Nelson Corey Deuel