2012 9-Ball Men's and Women's GrandMaster Challenges

October 2012

Chinook Winds Casino Resort — Lincoln City, Oregon



Nine men entered and played hard to the final between Stan Tourangeau (LTD) and Dan Louie (LTD) which was one of the best matches ever played in Western BCA regional history. Dan won the lag but fouled on the break. Stan ran out (1-0). Stan broke in game 2 and missed at kick at the 1-Ball. Dan made the 1-Ball but had to play a safety on the 2 resulting in Stan fouling. Dan ran out (1-1). Game 3 was a quick one, Dan broke and ran 3 balls before fouling and giving Stan a 3-9 combo and game over (2-1). The next two games were break and runs (3-2). Stan made 2 balls on the break in game 6 but had to play safe on the 1-Ball. Dan kicked and missed. Stan ran out (4-2). Dan broke game 7, pocketing the 4-Ball but had to safety the 1-Ball and it wasn't, safe that is. Stan ran 3 balls and had a goofy shot on the 6-Ball that missed. Dan started with banking the 6-Ball to get shape on the 7 and ran out (4-3). Stan broke and had to roll out but Dan gave it back and he was only able to make a good hit on the 1-Ball. Dan ran out (4-4). Dan made 2 balls on the break in game 9 and ran to the 6 and had to play safe. Stan tried to play safe back but left Dan a shot. Dan ran out (5-4). Stan dry broke game 10. Dan pocketed the 2 -Ball on a jump but got out of line on the 3 and missed. Stan ran out (5-5). The next three games were all Dan Louie: break and run, run out after Stan's dry break and another break and run (8-5). Stan broke game 14 making 2 balls but no shape. Safeties were traded, Dan's was a little better. Stan could only make a good hit. Dan ran out (9-4). The double dip was on.

Dan started where he left off by taking the first 3 games of the final part II (3-0). Stan got game 4, taking advantage of a rare error by Dan (3-1). Dan answered with a break and run in game 5 (4-1). The next 3 games can be summed up in 3 words: Dan ran out (7-1). Stan kicked it up a gear and ran out in game 9 after playing a couple of safeties until Dan fouled (7-2). Stan broke and ran the next game (7-3) and was crawling back into the match. Dan broke in game 11 but had to play a safe on the 2-Ball. Stan was only able to make a good hit and Dan ran out and was on the hill (8-3). Do or die time for Stan. The next 2 games weren't particularly pretty but Stan got them both (8-5). Game 14 started with Stan breaking and rolling out. Dan played a safety. Stan kicked and missed but left Dan tough. Dan then kicked the 3-Ball into the corner pocket. 3 balls later, Dan missed a bank on the 5-Ball. Stan fouled on the 5-Ball and Dan, left with a messy table, found a way to run out. Match over (9-5). Stan took home $515. Dan, who was just too much for Stan today, accepted the 1st place trophy and a check for $1200. GREAT MATCH!

The Women's GrandMaster Singles division fielded 9 women, 7 GMs (Cindy Sliva, Kim Jones, Cindy Doty, Andrea Saenz-Maes, Phyllis Fernandez, Mary Hopkin and Kimberly Kirk) and two Masters (Karla Bagley-Tias and Josie LeRoy). Play progressed through the bracket until there were three. Cindy Doty (NPL) played Cindy Sliva (NPL) in the point match. Cindy S. went to the final and Cindy D. went to the back side to face Kim Jones (LTD) for the other spot in the final. Kim prevailed and Cindy D. ended her singles in 3rd place ($175).

Kim broke dry in game 1 of the final. Cindy Sliva had to play a couple of safeties before Kim fouled and she was able to set up a 2-9 combo to take the game (1-0). Cindy dry broke in game 2 and Kim got to work but fouled on the 3-ball, giving the table and game to Cindy (2-0). Kim took control of game 3, including a pair of killer safeties, and closed out the game (2-1). Another dry break gave the table to Kim, who ran out and evened the match (2-2). But that was it for Kim Jones, as Cindy marched through the next 4 games to get on the hill with a big lead in the match (6-2). Game 8 started well for Kim, who pocketed 2 balls on the break and ran 3 more before she missed the 5-ball. Cindy took over and the game and match looked to be all. Whoever said it ain't over til it's over must have been watching this match because it wasn't quite over. There was still a 9-Ball to pocket and not a tough one at that. Fine time for nerves to kick in but kick in they did and Cindy missed the shot. Kim brief glimmer of hope didn't last long because she missed her shot too. Cindy made sure she finished this time and secured the Championship trophy and $1000. Kim graciously accepted 2nd place and a $420 prize.