2011 9-Ball Men's and Women's GrandMaster Challenges

October, 2011

Chinook Winds Casino Resort — Lincoln City, Oregon

Player Total Games Won Prize
Glenn Atwell 37 $1500
Dan Louie 33 $1025
Stan Tournageau 30 $675
Eddie Mataya 27 $400
Rich Geiler 25 $233
Steve Lingelbach 25 $233
Don Wirtaman 25 $233
Todd Marsh 22 $225
Player Total Games Won Prize
Liz Cole 36 $1100
Linda Carter 33 $725
Cindy Sliva 31 $475
Cindy Doty 30 $325
Josie LeRoy 25 $225
Mary Hopkin 24 $225
Andrea Saenz-Maes 23 $225
Kimberly Kirk 22 $225

Glenn Atwell and Liz Cole Take Top Honors at 2011 9-Ball GMC

The 2011 9-Ball Grand Masters Challenges, sponsored by Tiger Billiard Products, were created to give the top 8 men and women Grand Masters and Masters in Western BCA a truly competitive experience with a Round-Robin format tournament. At this Regional event, the men played 10-Ball and the women played 9-Ball. The players played sets of 8 games, with the scores tallied at the end. After 3 days of stellar shooting and grueling safety battles, Liz Cole rose above the ladies’ field and Glenn Atwell topped the men’s division to capture the titles of Grand Masters Challenge Champions and take home the beautiful blown glass trophies as well as the top prize money.

It was Liz Cole who came out on top after the first day. Her opponents noticed her exceptional play early on, with her amazing combos and awesome run-outs, and they knew she would definitely be the one to catch at the end. 2011 8-Ball GMC Champion, Linda Carter came within 3 points of catching Liz, but was unable to close the gap. In a show of outstanding sportsmanship, Linda presented Liz with her beautiful glass Championship trophy.

Likewise on the Men’s side, Glenn Atwell started out strong and never let up as he charged to victory. His steady stroke, calm demeanor and deadly accuracy gave him a strong lead. Dan Louie, who won the Mens GMC at the 2011 8-Ball Championships made a valiant attempt to surpass Glenn in points, but fell short by 4 points. In an equally impressive example of sportsmanship, Dan Louie presented Glenn with his Championship trophy.

Western BCA and all of the Grand Masters wish to thank Tiger for their sponsorship and generous donation of a cue stick for a raffle. Scott Virgin of Cherry City League won the raffle drawing. Congratulations Scott! And Congratulations to our Grand Masters Champions, Liz Cole and Glenn Atwell!!