2016 Chinook Winds Open 8-Ball Championships

March 11-13, 2016

Chinook Winds Casino Resort — Lincoln City, Oregon



Men's CWO 8-Ball



Women's CWO 8-Ball

    Place Prize Player Place Prize Player     Place Prize Player
    1st $10,000 Skyler Woodward 17th-24th $200 Somerfield Habener     1st $4000 Nicole Keeney
    2nd $5000 Taylor Anderson 17th-24th $200 Steve Tune     2nd $2400 Mary Coffman
    3rd $3000 Dennis Orcollo 17th-24th $200 Oscar Dominguez     3rd $1400 Kim Jones
    4th $2000 Mike Dechaine 17th-24th $200 Ivan Doty     4th $870 Liz Lovely
    5th/6th $1500 Shaun Wilkie 17th-24th $200 Nelson Montierth     5th/6th $525 CarlaJean Beers
    5th/6th $1500 Billy Thorpe 17th-24th $200 Steve Lingelbach     5th/6th $525 Cindy Sliva
    7th/8th $1000 Rene Rendon 17th-24th $200 Jason Klatt     7th/8th $270 Susie O'Connor
    7th/8th $1000 Corey Deuel 17th-24th $200 Damian Pongpanik     7th/8th $270 Carissa Biggs
    9th-12th $600 John Schmidt 25th-32nd $125 Ben Merten     9th-12th $110 Kirsten Fery
    9th-12th $600 Chris Byers 25th-32nd $125 Larry Binschus     9th-12th $110 Linda Carter
    9th-12th $600 Hunter Lombardo 25th-32nd $125 Warren Kiamco     9th-12th $110 Kelly Isaac
    9th-12th $600 Steve Knoll 25th-32nd $125 Billy Sharp     9th-12th $110 Heather Cortez
    13th-16th $300 Rich Geiler 25th-32nd $125 Jackson McDonald          
    13th-16th $300 Rodney Morris 25th-32nd $125 Chad Sholders          
    13th-16th $300 Ernesto Dominguez 25th-32nd $125 Pete Gates          
    13th-16th $300 Eddie Carrido 25th-32nd $125 Eddie Mataya          

Woodward & Keeney Dominate at 3rd CWO 8-Ball Championships

Article by Andrew Monstis

The 3rd Annual Chinook Winds 8-Ball Open Championships hit the top of the charts. It was a star studded event with players vying for Mosconi Cup Points.   The Oregon coast is a great backdrop for the event.   The weather outside was wet and windy at the beach but all carried on. Chinook Winds added $17,000 in prize money to the 8-Ball Open events, $12,000 to Men’s division with $10,000 guaranteed for 1st place with a full field and $5,000 to the Women’s division with $4000 guaranteed for 1st place with at least 32 entries.  The Men’s division raced to 7 and the Women's to 5. A full field of 128 men and 37 women entered with talent in abundance.  Players came from all over. Alberta, Arizona, British Columbia, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Kentucky, Manitoba, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Philippines, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Virgin Islands, and Washington. 

There was the $1000 added Men’s Bud Lite WarmUp 8-ball tournament took place Thursday evening before main event.   League players and those entered in Main event were welcome to play.  96 men entered the $25 entry, race to 3, Double elimination event.  The short race can be a real equalizer with top players and was a lure to our local league players who hoped for the opportunity to play the best in the world.   There was over $3200 in prize money up for grabs and, in the end, it was Dennis Orcollo taking 1st and $1000 followed by Oscar Dominquez in 2nd place ($640), Jeffery Ignacio 3rd ($400), Ernesto Dominquez 4th ($260), Hunter Lombardo and Warren Kiamco 5th/6th ($160 each). The Women’s WarmUp tournament saw Bernie Store from Arizona run through the field of 18 women to take top spot ($370) followed by Janet Dunks from Montana 2nd ($180), Mary Coffman 3rd ($100) and Juanita Brown from Utah 4th ($50).

The Calcutta was next and went off well.  Auctioning through both fields took some time but it was well worth it. There was a net $26,370 in the men’s and $4,460 in the women's.  Paul Marquez was calling on bidders to buy horses. His enthusiasm propelled the bids. Runners Denise Pulido and Darcy Williams ran holes in the carpet bring in money.  It was a fun and exciting event. Top Horses were Dennis Orcollo, Jeffery Ignacio, Skyler Woodward. Top Calcutta prize was $10,230.

The first of the two finals featured Mary Coffman from Washington & Nicole Keeney from Littleton, Colorado. The finals match featured a lot of great play from both women, with both playing like the champions they are. Mary made it a two set final, working hard to capture the first set.  Nicole, however, set the pace in the second set to prevail and take home the title.

Taylor Anderson, after winning the hot seat match against Dennis Orcollo, waited for the loser of the side bracket to emerge.  Would it be a rematch with Orcollo in the final, or would someone else power through Filipino Champion Dennis Orcollo to face Taylor in the final. Sky Woodward demonstrated his ability to dominate throughout the tournament.  He coasted through his first four matches, never losing more than three games per match against some tough opponents. Sky then met up with Dennis Orcollo for the first time, came up a short and was sent to the back side.  The quest for a spot in the final was hotly contested by those on the one lose side with some very tough competitors all wanting a shot at the title.  Sky had his work cut out for him and he more than proved himself by beating Shaun Wilkie 7-5, Mike Dechaine 7-5 and Dennis Orcollo 7-2 and moving into the final with the $10,000 1st place prize on the line.

By this time the room was packed with spectators who did not leave disappointed.  Hundreds of spectators watched the finals and many of the marque matchups as they played out during the tournament.  Online over 40,000 viewers tuned in to watch the finals as well as the many hours of live streamed coverage. Skyler took the first set from Taylor in a hill-hill match that featured nearly flawless play by both men.  In the second set, Sky took control as Taylor struggled a little and the match ended with a 7-4 victory for Skyler, who played like a true champion throughout the tournament.   

Producing the Chinook Winds Open events take 100’s of hours.  Co-coordinators/directors Andrew Monstis and Mike Jensen ran the event from start to finish. Bill Henderson and the WBCA team:  Eileen Madden, Darcy Williams, Robbin Iredale (PR staff coordinator), Cathy Dunford (financial manager) and Pam Caraway (Podium manager) & all involved staff worked together to make this event successful. 

“It was about pool”.  The acclaim came in from all fronts.  It was very gratifying to hear the applause coming from both participants and spectators.  Players new to the event said they had never seen such a distinguished event and are coming back to play at the next one in October. The event is growing nationally and world wide in stature with professionalism and popularity. The Chinook Winds Open 8-Ball in March had Mosconi Cup Points available to the pro’s as they vie for a spot on Team USA.

A huge gallery of spectators watched many excellent matches as the Tournament unfolded. People were able to watch and learn what great pool playing is about. The crowds were in awe of top players like Nicole Keeney, Liz Lovely, Kelly Isaac, Dennis Orcollo, Michael Dechaine, Jeffery Ignacio, Skyler Woodward, Corey Deuel, Oscar and Ernesto Dominquez, Steve Knoll, Marc Vidal, Rodney Morris, Scott Frost, Hunter Lombardo, Rene Rendon, Shawn Wilkie, Jason Klatt, and Chris McDaniels. They were equally astonished by top local players Cindy Sliva, Kim Jones, Eddie Carrido, and Damian Pongpanik, to name but a few.

Special thanks go to Mike Howerton, “AZbilliards”, Lenny Marshall “On The Rail TV”, Ozzie Reynolds of “Cuesports International” Ric and Bonnie Jones of BadBoys Billiards Productions, Zero-X Billiards, Omori Cues, NW Women’s Pool Player Association and Bud Light. Thanks to Jeffery Leonards for support at Derby City.