2016 Chinook Winds Open 10-Ball Championships

October 7-9, 2016

Chinook Winds Casino Resort — Lincoln City, Oregon


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  Place Prize Player   Place Prize Player   Place Prize Player
  1st $535 Skyler Woodward   1st $10,000 Skyler Woodward   1st $4000 Chezka Centeno
  2nd $375 Rodney Morris   2nd $5600 Antonio Lining   2nd $2000 Allison Fisher
  3rd $300 Antonio Lining   3rd $3200 Amar Kang   3rd $1000 Heather Cortez
  4th $250 Chris Byers   4th $1800 Chris McDaniel   4th $550 Kelly Isaac
  5th/6th $175 Randy Baker   5th/6th $1020 Rodney Morris   5th/6th $250 Liz Cole
  5th/6th $175 Steve Lingelbach   5th/6th $1020 Max Eberle   5th/6th $250 Cindy Sliva
  7th/8th $125 Chezka Centeno   7th/8th $580 Ramil Gallego   7th/8th $150 Kim Jones
  7th/8th $125 Stan Tourangeau   7th/8th $580 Jason Williams   7th/8th $150 Kimberly Kirk
  9th-12th $100 Amar Kang   9th-12th $320 Chris Byers          
  9th-12th $100 Christ Aiardo   9th-12th $320 Todd Marsh          
  9th-12th $100 Matt Horner   9th-12th $320 Manuel Perez          
  9th-12th $100 Heather Cortez   9th-12th $320 Chris Aiardo          
  13th-16th $50 Aaron Goodwin   13th-16th $180 Ruben Silva          
  13th-16th $50 Jackson McDonald   13th-16th $180 Dan Louie          
  13th-16th $50 Scott Barnard   13th-16th $180 Mike Grimm          
  13th-16th $50 Chris McDaniel   13th-16th $180 Ben Sutherland          
            17th-24th $150 Carl Tibbetts          
            17th-24th $150 Matt Horner          
            17th-24th $150 Jeffery Leonards          
            17th-24th $150 Clark Smith          
            17th-24th $150 Joe Pleasant          
            17th-24th $150 Jose Chavez          
            17th-24th $150 Pete Gates          
            17th-24th $150 Chuck Nelson          

Woodward Adds CWO 10-Ball Crown to His Resume
Article/Photos by Robbin Iredale

Skyler Woodward, last March’s Chinook Winds Open 8-Ball Champion, added the Chinook Winds Open 10-Ball title to his already (he is, after all, just 23 years old) impressive list of accomplishments. This installment of the CWO 10-Ball Championships, held on October 7-9 in Lincoln City, Oregon, was sponsored by venue host Chinook Winds Casino Resort, Western BCA and Anhauser Busch, was played on 7’ Diamond Tables provided by BadBoys Billiards Productions and live streamed by Lenny Marshall/On the Rail TV. This event featured 100 players in the Men’s Division and 29 in the Women’s Division, including defending champions Rodney Morris and Rebecca Wagner. A scheduling conflict resulted in slightly lower than hoped for numbers in the Men’s Division but there were still some major players on hand to dazzle us with their knowledge of the game and execution on the tables.

A WarmUp Tournament was held on Thursday, October 6, to get everyone in the mood. 73 players, including 5 women, were on the bracket for this 10-Ball, race to 4, double elimination precursor to the main events yet to come. Skyler Woodward and Rodney Morris advanced undefeated to the hot seat match where Sky sent Rodney to the back side with a lopsided 4-0 win and would wait to see who would come through to meet him in the final. As quite often happens, the loser of the hot seat match would prevail on the back and get into the final and a chance at redemption. Rodney held off Antonio Lining 4-2 and got another go at Skyler. Rodney took the first match 4-2 and forced a second match and perhaps a double dip. Sky, however, was having none of that and took the second match by the same 4-2 score and the first place prize of $535.

A Calcutta was held on Friday evening with 29 women and 100 men up for bid. Immediately following the Calcutta, play got underway.

The main events got underway with all the players seeking the $10,000 (Men’s Division) and $4000 (Women’s Division) first place prizes. Men’s Division Defending Champ, Rodney Morris, soon to be inducted into the Billiards Hall of Fame, stumbled early on (his third match) and had to claw his way through the back side to have any hope of getting into the final and a possible repeat win. He came close, finishing in 5/6th after losing a very tight match to eventual finalist Antonio Lining 6-7. All eyes then were on Skyler Woodward and his march to own consecutive Chinook Winds Open titles. His path to the final was the direct one as he won 5 straight matches, never losing more than 3 games, to get to the hot seat match against Amar Kang. Amar fought hard but could only take 4 games as Sky moved on to the final. Amar’s hopes of a second shot at Skyler in the final were crushed by Antonio Lining in the 3rd place match 4-7.

As the final began, Skyler literally raced off to a 6-2 lead over Antonio and just needed one more game to clinch the title. Antonio came to life and reeled off 4 straight games, including a carom 5-6-10-Ball combo in game 9, Sky’s foul on the 10-ball in game 10, a break and run in game 11 and a run out following another Woodward foul on the 1-Ball in game 12 to even the match at 6-6. Skyler could only watch as Antonio broke the decider and began his run to what looked to be a win to force a second set. Antonio, shooting the 9-Ball, missed a difficult but very makeable shot and Skyler was on his feet to put an end to Antonio’s hopes for a double dip, making the 9 and 10 to clinch the title. Again. We can only hope he comes back in March, 2017 to go for a third.

In the Women’s Division, all eyes were on returning 2015 Champion Rebecca Wagner and a possible repeat of last year’s final with Allison Fisher. Was that destined to be? Short answer: no. Rebecca was only able to win two out of four matches played and there would be no repeat champion. How’d the other half of that equation fare? Allison Fisher won her first three matches easily before coming up against 17-year-old Philippina Chezka Centeno, in her first US competition following some impressive wins in the Orient, and Allison’s march to the final was abruptly halted as Chezka stunned her 5-0. Allison, the great Champion and Hall of Famer, just picked herself up and marched through the back side, winning three matches, again easily, to get her spot in the final. Meanwhile, Chezka sped through the front side, losing only 3 games in 5 matches to face Allison in the final. Allison won the lag, which would loom large later in the match and they were off. The ladies didn’t waste any time bringing out their big guns with Allison taking the first two games with impressive run outs. Chez answered back with hard fought wins in the next two games (2-2). Chez capitalized on a miss by Allison following a good safety to take game 5 (3-2. Allison answered back, winning the next two games and took the lead 4-3 and was on the hill. Chez broke and ran game 8 to level the match at 4 apiece. Allison had the break in the decider (remember the lag) and was hoping to force a second set. But that was not to be as she watched the cue ball get kicked into the side pocket and Chezka come to the table and waste no time running out and claiming the title. Was this the passing of the torch from arguably the greatest female player ever to a rising superstar? Maybe. Allison Fisher is by no means done but there can be no doubt that Chezka Centeno has a dazzling future in Women’s Billiards.

Even though this Open was smaller, there were more than enough great players to make it well worth following as they delivered many great matches and two more than worthy champions were crowned. Many thanks to our sponsors: Chinook Winds Casino Resort, Western BCA and Anhauser Busch. Tournament Directors Mike Jensen and Bill Henderson did a great job organizing and running this event with the help of Tournament Registrar Darcy Williams, the Calcutta crew, Referees Darryl Farley and Dwayne Payne, Pam Carraway on the Podium, Cathy Dunford and Staff in Payouts and Robbin Iredale, Photographer/graphic designer/advertising/website administrator.

There are some changes in the works for the next Chinook Winds Open in March, 2017, most notably that the two events (up to now, 8-Ball in March and 10-Ball in October) will be held consecutively in one 6-day event each March prior to Western BCA’s 8-Ball Championships. The work on that one has already started. Thanks to all who came to watch and support this event. If you weren’t able to attend, all the live streamed videos will soon be available on YouTube via a link on the Western BCA Website (westernbca.org). See you all in March!!


MEN'S CWO (100) WOMEN'S CWO (29)
Lloyd Aalvik OR   Casey Guell WA   Manuel Perez KS Robin Adams WA
Christ Aiardo AZ   Sommerfield Habener OR   Joe Pleasant Sherry Ahola CA
Brian Andrews CO   Greg Hayes OR   Mike Randall WA Cristy Barsky OR
JT Bannon BC   Mitchell Henderson OR   Steve Register OR Andrena Browne OR
Scott Barnard OR   Oliver Harmon WA   Howard Rhodes WA Linda Carter OR
Bryan Bell CO   Matt Horner OR   Frank Rocha WA Chezka Centeno
Jay Berneburg WA   Wes Hough OR   Gavin Roderick OR Melyssa Chasteen OR
Chad Bisconer WA   Chris Jenkins WA   Jared O Santoyo WA Jeanne Christiansen WA
Alain Boutin BC   Amar Kang CA   Daniel Sardoncillo WA Mary Coffman NV
Ken Bower WA   Richard Kiltz   Paul Schweigart OR Liz Cole OR
William Briscoe ID   Mitch Knuckles OR   Andrew Score ID Heather Cortez AZ
Chris Byers   Jeff Leonards   Ruben Silva CO June Davis CO
Scott Chandler WA   Steve Lingelbach OR   Adam Sisneros CO Nicole Donisi OR
John Chaplin OR   Antonio Lining   Ed Slade WA Cindy Doty WA
Jose Chavez OR   Nick Lopez WA   Tommy Sliva WA Elaine Eberly WA
Cody Clark WA   Dan Louie WA   Clark Smith WA Allison Fisher NC
Andrew Coman   Robbie Lyng CA   Mike Stevens OR Natasha Hook OR
Gary Crane   Jason Marcoulier OR   Greg Strandberg OR Michelle Hughes WA
Tyrel Datwyler OR   Todd Marsh WA   JD Stubenberg OR Kelly Isaac OH
James Davis CO   Edward Mataya WA   Ben Sutherland AZ Kim Jones WA
Michael Deitchman OR   Clifford Maxson OR   Carl Tibbetts WA Rachel Keller OR
Tim Desmarais WA   Chris McDaniel CO   Stan Tourangeau BC Kimberly Kirk UT
David Dimmitt WA   Jackson McDonald WA   Richard VanBurger OR Kimberly Michaelson ID
Mike Dunn BC   Matthew McInnis OR   Gerry VanScharrel WA Janna Nelson CA
Max Eberle NV   James Mitchell WA   Steven Weakly WA Susie O'Conner WA
Gary Elston AZ   Rodney Morris CA   Jason Williams CA Cindy Sliva WA
Joseph Farmer OR   Chuck Nelson WA   Skyler Woodward KY Ninot Smith
Dan Friestman WA   Robert Niemeyer WA   Kelso Woodwick WA Kathy Stanley WA
Ramil Gallego   Gerald O'Conner WA   Martin Wragg OR Rebecca Wagner NV
Pat Gamble WA   Bob Ohashi   David Wright WA      
Pete Gates OR   Nick Oldham WA   Gabe Wright WA      
Cole Gibbons   Carl Oswald WA   Andrew Wroblewski BC      
Jeremy Gradwohl WA   Eddie Parenti OR   Min Yu WA      
Mike Grimm OR