2014 Chinook Winds Open 8-Ball Championships

March 10-11, 2014

Chinook Winds Casino Resort — Lincoln City, Oregon


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1st $3000 Stan Tourangeau 7th/8th $200 Bobby Campbell
2nd $1700 Tommy Rossi 7th/8th $200 Nick Kruger
3rd $1000 Mike Stevens 9th-12th $100 Michael Deitchman
4th $600 Steve Lingelbach 9th-12th $100 Mike Gwinn
5th/6th $300 Matt Horner 9th-12th $100 Dave Schneider
5th/6th $300 Clayton Foran 9th-12th $100 Luke Thomas
1st $875 Mary Coffman
2nd $500 Cindy Sliva
3rd $350 Linda Carter
4th $250 Andrea Saenz-Maes

1st Annual CWO 8-Ball Championships Draws 48 Men & 13 Women

The 1st Annual Chinook Winds Open 8-Ball Championships were born after much discussion and experimentation as to how to best showcase our premier players, the GrandMasters.  What began as the GrandMaster Challenges and evolved into a GrandMaster Singles Division has now, with support from Chinook Winds, become an event open to not only our own GrandMasters but to any players from anywhere with the hope that it would eventually attract professional pool players.  Was this a good first step for this format?  If the number of spectators enjoying  these matches were any indication, we are hopeful.  Only time will tell.

The Men's CWO Open kicked off with 48 men (7 GrandMasters, 41 Masters or below), many familiar faces, many not.  After two days of ferocious play, Stan Tourangeau (LTD) went unbeaten to the final.  After losing his second match, Mike Stevens (NPL) worked his way all the way through the back side, one match away from the final.  Tommy Rossi (CC) had other plans.  He played Stan in the point match, lost that one and wanted a rematch with Stan. Mike's CWO ended with a 3rd place finish and $1000.  The first six games of the final went Tommy, Stan (Break/Run), Tommy, Stan, Tommy (Break/Run) and Stan (Break/Run with a jump to pocket the 8-Ball) and the score was 3-3.  Game 7 started out with Tommy breaking, running 5 balls and fouling on the 9-Ball.  Stan took over and ran out.  (4-3)  Stan broke in game 8, making 4 balls and, in spite of some problems along the way, completed the run out and was on the hill.  (5-3)  In game 9, Tommy broke, making a ball and ran off 4 balls before fouling on the 4-Ball when he went for a break out.  Stan wasted no time completing his run and the match was over.  Tommy fought the good fight and left in 2nd place ($1700).  Stan, Men's CWO Champion, pocketed $3000.

The Women's CWO had 13 entries, 7 GrandMasters and 6 Masters or below.  Two GrandMasters met in the final.  Mary Coffman (NPL) got there first.  Former 2011 GrandMaster Challenge Champ, Linda Carter (PCGP) lost her first match and came all the way through the back side, hoping for another final and another title.  Another former Champion, Cindy Sliva (NPL), fresh off a great showing at the Reno Bar Box the previous week, had the same plan and ended Linda's quest in 3rd Place ($350).  There would be a new Champion, however, as Mary refused to let Cindy get going and took the final by a score of 5-2 and collected the 1st place prize of $875.