2014 Chinook Winds Open 10-Ball Championships

October 11-13, 2014

Chinook Winds Casino Resort — Lincoln City, Oregon


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1st $6000 Rafael Martinez 9-12th $400 Michael S. Jensen
2nd $3500 Danny Gokhul 9-12th $400 Dan Louie
3rd $1900 Pete Gates 9-12th $400 Simon Pickering
4th $1000 Stan Tourangeau 9-12th $400 Nick Kurger
5/6th $750 Damian Pongpanik 13-16th $200 Jason Williams
5/6th $750 Todd Marsh 13-16th $200 Paul Marquez
7/8th $550 Bob Zack 13-16th $200 Kevin Parr
7/8th $550 Darin Walding 13-16th $200 Michael Deitchman
1st $3000 Kim Jones
2nd $1800 Cindy Sliva
3rd $1000 Deby Welfringer
4th $700 Jing Liu
5/6th $550 Annie Gay
5/6th $550 Kimberlee Hole
7/8th $300 Cindy Doty
7/8th $300 Eleanor Callado

Martinez and Jones Repeat at 2014 CWO 10-Ball Championships!

Article by Andrew Monstis

They say it’s better at the beach and they are right! Chinook Winds Casino Resort is one great facility for a big time tournament. Having this event tucked in at the beach in Lincoln City, Oregon created an atmosphere you can’t find anywhere else. Chinook Winds Casino Resort added $15,000 to the Men's and Women’s events. The 10-Ball Tournament preceded Western BCA's 9-Ball Championships held annually in October. Western BCA (WBCA), in conjunction with Chinook Winds Casino Resort, helped produce this event.

The $10,000 added men’s tournament and $5,000 added women’s drew in players from all over. 76 men entered from places like Iowa, California, Nevada, British Columbia, Idaho, Wyoming, Oregon, and Washington, as well as one entrant from England. Men notables were Chad Vilmont, Stan Tourangeau, Dan Louie, Jason Williams, Simon Pickering, Damian Pongpanik, Danny Golkul and defending Champion, Rafael Martinez. 32 women came from California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon and Washington. There were many distinguished Women players, hard not to name them all. Notable players were Rebecca Wagner, Eleanor Callado, Cindy Doty, Elizabeth Jensen, Annie Gay, Linda Carter, Jodie Velligas, Mary Coffman, Cindy Sliva and defending Champion, Kim Jones.

The women’s event had two of the northwest's top lady players in the finals - Kim Jones and Cindy Sliva – who represented the northwest with some very fine play. The road to the final was tough going for both of them. Jing Liu and Deby Welfringer were especially formidable obstacles to get over for these ladies. The final was a two set thriller. Shot after shot, safety after safety, great to see this level of talent. The first set went hill-hill, with Cindy coming out on top and hoping for a double-dip win. Kim, however, took it to Cindy in next and final set and prevailed with super play and won the $3000 first prize.

The Men’s final match was one of the best clinics on bar table pool that you will ever see. Ramesh (Danny) Golkul and Rafael Martinez played for the $6000 first prize. It was a very well played match. Golkul is a great competitor. A champion in England, he showed why he was considered one of the favorites to win. The battle for the point saw Pete Gates playing Danny Golkul and Pete would go home with 3rd place. Rafael Martinez was flawless in his 4 "B” side matches and only missed one makeable shot during the final two sets. Danny Golkul played great himself but could not stand up to Rafael. The first set, Golkul raced out to a 3-0 lead. It looked like he was taking the tournament before Rafael ran off 5 games to lead the first set 5-3. Any pool player dreams about playing the way Rafael played as he went on the take the title. This was one of the best bar table 10-ball matches you'll ever see. These and other matches can be viewed on YouTube.

A Calcutta was held before the Tournament. It was the first time one was done at a Western BCA event. The 2 hour Calcutta was a festive time of bidders trying to get their horses. There was a group field bid for those not making the minimum bid. There was also a side pot bid on what state or province the winner was coming from that had $820 for the men and $650 for the women. The Calcutta brought in $9475 for the men and $3000 for women. The Calcutta is going to be a regular feature at the Open events.

The Chinook Winds Open was a Race to 7 on 7 foot Diamond Tables provided by Bad Boys Production. "Fast" Lenny Marshall of On The Rail TV.com provided the quality streaming with many videos archived for future viewing. Co-tournament directors Andrew Monstis and Mike Jensen ran a smooth event.