19th Annual Western BCA 9-Ball Championships

October 10-16, 2016

Chinook Winds Casino Resort — Lincoln City, Oregon

Another October to Remember

Article by Robbin Iredale

Just when we thought we’d seen it all, Mother Nature threw us a curve ball in the form of a dissipating yet still powerful Pacific Typhoon that crawled up the coast of Oregon causing severe winds, including several tornadoes, nearby and heavy rains.  Fortunately, the worst case scenarios didn’t materialize in Lincoln City so the 842 players entered in Western BCA’s 19th Annual 9-Ball Championships, October 10-16, 2016, were able to enjoy the hospitality offered by our host venue, Chinook Winds Casino Resort and focus on the 80 7-foot Diamond tables provided by BadBoys Billiards Productions awaiting them within.  Since beach time was limited due to weather and an angry sea, matches could be viewed anywhere thanks to Lenny Marshall and OnTheRailTV. 

Fun Night was Sunday, October 9, with Mini-Tournaments, practice tables and lots of catching up with old friends we only see twice a year.  The Handicapped 10-Ball Singles got started at 7:15pm.  This time there were 64 players (11 women/53 men) entered in this single elimination tournament and, by 11pm, the only two left standing were Chris Byers and Cole Gibbons.  Cole finished in 1st place/$500 and Chris in 2nd/$320.  Others cashing were 3rd/4th place/$160 – Jim Conway and Dan Louie, 5th-8th place/$80 – Jason Melm, David Ringler, Dwayne Larsen and Bobby Campbell, and 9th-16th/$40 – Scott Brasher, Dave Chavez, David Schneider, Cody Clark, Randy White, Junior Sardoncillo, Daniel Sardoncillo and Linn Petty.  As Fun Night wound down, Scotch Doubles at 10am the next morning became the focus.

Master Mixed Scotch Doubles fielded 38 pairs vying for the $1900 first place prize.  Former Champions David Bersenadze/Kim Jones and a new pairing of Richard Henderson/Mary Coffman traveled undefeated to the hot seat match where David/Kim remained undefeated, sending Richard/Mary to the back side 5-2.  After a tight 5-4 match between Junior Sardoncillo/Linda Carter and Stan Tourangeau/Andrena Brown, Junior/Linda would have a chance to crush Richard/Mary’s hopes for a rematch against David/Kim in the final.  Junior/Linda couldn’t quite pull it off though, losing 3-5 and splitting 4th place/$1050.  The final was well fought by Richard/Mary, taking David/Kim to a hill-hill decider but coming up just a little short and finishing in 2nd place/$1430, while David/Kim captured another scotch title/$1900.  

Open Mixed Scotch Doubles featured 100 pairs all with their eyes on the $1700 awaiting the winner.  Eddie Parenti/Nicole Donisi and Min Yu/Julie Fraser met in the hot seat match and claimed a spot in the final 4-2.  Jim Roe/Rachel Keller took the long way around, losing their first match and working their way through the back side, squeaking by David Ringler/Mandi Ritthaler 4-3 (4th place/$700) and Min/Julie by the same score (3rd place/$930) and moving into the final.  Eddie/Nicole were ready and waiting and handled Jim/Rachel (2nd place/$1260) 4-2 as they happily accepted the title and $1700.    

As Scotch was winding down Tuesday evening, the two largest brackets – Men’s A Singles and Men’s B Singles - were getting started.  Slightly smaller, the Men’s B Singles had 144 playing for the title.  Dylan Meyer and Ralph Langevin met in the hot seat match to see who would remain undefeated and advance to the final.  Dylan held off Ralph 6-0 and waited for an opponent.  David Pasciyo lost his 2nd match, slogged through the back side all the way to the hot seat loser, Ralph, and manhandled him 6-0 to get to Dylan in the final.  David took the first set 6-5 and followed it up with another win by the same 6-5 score.  Dylan collected 2nd place/$625 and David is the new Men’s B Champ/$840.

The Men’s A Singles, 152 strong and all going after the title and $1355.  Steven Weakly and David Ringler each had no losses going into the hot seat match but Steven proved to be to strong and sent David to the backside 7-2.  David was determined to get into the final and held off Chris Sykes (3rd place/$750) 7-3 to get another shot at Steven.  Steven started out winning the first 3 games (3-0) before David could get on the board (3-1).  Steven answered back with another impressive win in game 5 and looked to be unbeatable, committing only two unforced errors in the first 5 games (4-1).  David took game 6 (4-2) but that would be all for him and he could only watch as Steven closed out the match 6-2 adding a break and run to his impressive play.  David earned 2nd place/$995 for his efforts and Steven accepted the title and $1355.

The open women, smaller in numbers, played just a hard as the men.  The Women’s A Singles had 47 women playing for the title and $660.  Sarah Myers-Mitchell sent LeAnn Russell to the backside in the hot seat match with ease, 5-0.  LeAnn held off Bunny Williams 5-2 to get a rematch against Sarah in the final.  LeAnn edged past Sarah in the first seat 5-4 but couldn’t keep up the pressure in the second set, as Sarah pushed past LeAnn (2nd place/$450) 5-2 to avoid the double dip and claim ownership of the title and $660.

The Women’s B Singles was slightly larger, with 59 players.  Melinda Hoffman played to the point unbeaten, sending Mona Werle to the back side in the hot seat match and would eventually meet up with Tia Williamson-Black in the final.  Tia, on her way to the final, beat Mona (3rd/$275) 5-3.  The final was pretty lopsided.  Tia (2nd/$400) fell victim to Melinda (1st place/$545) 5-1.

The Men’s Senior Singles is always fun to watch because these older men play well and are strategically very savvy, knowing when to go for it and when to play it safe and wait.  Older women, take note:  smaller bracket, good money, less wear and tear on the body.  27 gentlemen entered and started play on Wednesday morning.  Ernie Omori and Alan Buck made their way to the hot seat match unbeaten to face each other for the point.  Ernie prevailed 7-2.  Alan went to the back side to wait for Linn Petty, who lost his first match and persevered to get all the way back side semi.  That match went hill-hill but Linn got the decider and Alan finished in 3rd place/$240 and Linn moved on to the final.  The final was just what you’d expect, good shot making and smart safety play. They split the first 8 games (4-4) then split the next 4 (6-6).  The decider went to Linn with a timely break and run.  Apparently the first set gave Ernie time to warm up because the second set was all Ernie as he tallied up the first 4 before Linn got on the board (4-1).  But that was it for Linn (2nd place/$345).  Ernie reeled off the next three games (7-1) and the title of Men’s Senior Singles Champ was his along with a check for $525.

Friday would be the last of the singles with the finals of the Men’s and Women’s GrandMaster/Master finals.  The Women’s GrandMaster/Master Singles consisted of 12 GrandMaster and 25 Master women.  Phyllis Fernandez and Kimberly Kirk went undefeated to the point match and Phyllis remained undefeated as she sent Kimberly to the back side 7-4.  Kimberly (3rd place/$445) was unable to hold off Liz Cole in the back side point match, losing 3-7 and Liz went on to the final.  The match began with Liz hanging the 9-Ball in game one, giving Phyllis the easy win which she followed up with a 9-Ball break and she had the early lead 2-0.   Liz got on the board, winning game 3, before Phyllis again reeled off two games to maintain her lead at 4-1.  Liz then took over control of the match, winning the next 6 games, including a nice jump combo on the 9-ball, a table run following Phyllis’ dry break and a break and run, to force a second set.  Neither women dominated in the second set as they went back and forth, alternating wins, until the match was hill-hill.  Phyllis had the advantage as she won the flip and had the break in the decider.  Unfortunately for her, she broke dry.  It took awhile for someone to gather some momentum, but finally Phyllis (2nd place/ $690) looked to be in control, running off 4 balls before missing the 5-Ball.  Liz took this opportunity and executed her 4 ball out to complete the double dip, claim the title and the 1st place check for $1075. 
Next up, the Men’s GrandMaster/Master Singles, with a field of 65 (10 GMS/55 Masters).  Meeting in the hot seat match were Marvin Holmes and Dan Louie, battling to see who would remain unbeaten and who would go to the back side.  Marvin prevailed, winning the match decisively 7-1. 
Dan was able to hold off Chris Byers in a hard fought 7-5 win for the back side point and another go at Marvin in the final.  And it was a good one.  Both men played extremely well.  In the first game, Marvin broke and ran before missing a very makeable 7-ball, giving Dan the easy win.  Dan returned the favor in game 2, missing the 9-Ball.  Score:  1-1.  Marvin controlled game 3, playing a good safety on the 3-ball to get back to the table for the runout (2-1).  Dan broke and ran the next rack to even the match at 2-2.  The match then became a seesaw affair, with the men alternating wins until the score was 6-6.  Marvin, having won the lag, broke the decider rack, made the 5-ball and then went all out, trying to bank the 1-ball into the 6-ball but failing.  Dan got to the table, made the 1-ball but inexplicably missed his next shot.  Marvin jumped up to the wide open table and began his run, executing each shot perfectly.  The match was all but over when, while shooting an easy 9-Ball and undoubtedly due to an adrenaline surge, he over hit the cue ball and drew it into the opposite corner pocket.  It is no exaggeration to say that the entire room was stunned to silent disbelief, no one more than Marvin himself.  This being a true double elimination format, if Marvin could shake off that one shot, he still had a chance.  As did Dan Louie, who, in his heart, knew it was over yet he too had another chance.  Who knew the men would provide the drama?

After a short composure break, the second set got underway with Dan breaking and the two trading safeties on the 1-ball before Dan ran out.  In game 2, Marvin broke and missed a tough but makeable 1-ball to bring Dan to the table and he, again, ran out and had the early 2-0 lead.  Marvin got on the board by winning game 3 with a table run following Dan’s dry break (2-1).  Marvin evened the match, winning game 4 (2-2).  Dan broke and ran game 5, for a 3-2 lead.  Marvin took game 6 by just plain good, smart play and keeping Dan on the defensive to again even the match (3-3).  Marvin again capitalized on Dan’s dry break, running out game 7 (4-3).  Dan returned the favor after Marvin fouled on the break in game 8 and the match was again even at 4-4.  Errors again proved fatal in the next two games (Dan’s poor safety followed by Marvin’s run out and Marvin fouling on his break and Dan running out) and the match stayed even at 5-5.  The men traded the next two games (6-6) and, again, the match would come down to the final game.  Dan broke game 13, looked to be going strong when he missed the 5-ball.  Marvin got up and up jumped the devil as he missed an easy 7-ball.  Dan had a tough bank on the 6-ball but made it to set up the easy 9-ball.  Game, set, match.  Marvin (2nd place/$1000) played brilliantly from start to finish but a couple of shots will no double haunt him for awhile.  Dan (1st place/$1465) also played brilliantly and, being the great champion that he is, will again own the title until the next event.

By 4:30p on Friday, the room was full as the teams came in to get their division started.  First up was the Men’s/Mixed B Teams with 44 teams playing for the $1380 1st place prize.  The Flatliners (John Duncan, Frankie Lam, David Pasciyo) edged out The Guys (Nate Dunford, Ralph Langevin, Don Reeves) in the point match 11-8 to get into the final.  On the back side, The Guys (3rd place/$645) were again edged out 8-11 score, this time by The Bus Boys (Ken Boyle, John Carnes, Tom Mautino).  In the final, The Bus Boys (2nd place/$930), proved to be no match for The Flatliners (1st place/$1380).  The final score was 11-4.

Next up were the Women’s Teams with a field of 52 teams.  Okay, Here’s the Deal (Lisa Aufderheide, Melissa Doherty, Faith Morfin, Andrea Saenz-Maes) and Hustlin’ (Kim Jones, Talya Makus, Andy Ruth) met in the point match with Hustlin’ winning 9-6.  Okay, Here’s the Deal (3rd place/$975) would have to get by Kick Rocks (Liz Cole, Kirsten Fery, Melinda Hoffman) to get to the final and another shot at Hustlin’.  Kick Rocks prevailed 9-3 and they went on to the final.  The match was all Kick Rocks, holding Hustlin’ to just 3 wins as they forced a second set.  Could Kick Rocks maintain the momentum?  Hustlin’ had something to say about that as they got off to a quick start and were ahead 5-1 before Kick Rocks (2nd place/$1365) got going, but by then it was too late as Hustlin’ (1st place/$1905) went on to win 9-6.

The largest team bracket was the Men’s/Mixed Teams, with 104 fighting it out for the title.  Splitting the Ciera (Dexter Ambang, Chad Dumaine, Gary Sankey) would meet Three Ducks in a Row (Mason Maki, Daniel Sardoncillo, Stan Tourangeau) to play for the front side spot in the final with Splitting the Ciera advancing by a score of 11-7. Three Ducks in a Row was just barely unable to get by 9 Lives (Jordin Erwin, Cole Gibbons, Steve Lingelbach), losing by a score of 10-11.  This final went much like the women’s final in that the back side finalist took the first set, looking for a double dip.  The women couldn’t pull it off, could the men?  The short answer is yes, they could.  Here’s how it played out.
1st set went to 9 Lives by a score of 11-7, led by Cole Gibbons with 6 wins.  The 2nd set was not as easily won and went hill-hill, with Cole Gibbons beating Dexter Ambang to clinch the title.  Splitting the Ciera finished in 2nd place/$2370 and the newly crowned Champions, 9 Lives, took home $3300.

That wrapped up the 9-Ball Championships but there was still some pool being played.  Besides as many mini-tournaments as could be played, there were 2nd Chance Tournaments galore.  Here are the winners:

Master/Mixed Scotch Doubles (15 entrants):  1st place ($160) – Kenny Dodd/Susan Preston
Open/Mixed Scotch Doubles (35 entrants):  1st place ($160) – Wayne Greenhalgh/Bunny Williams
Men’s GrandMaster/Master Singles (14 entrants):  1st place ($100) – Jim Conway
Women’s GrandMaster/Master Singles (5 entrants):  1st place ($50) – Jennifer Acker
Men’s Open Singles (63 entrants):  1st place ($160) – Lee Puyette
Women’s A Singles (13 entrants):  1st place ($80) – Ginger Wright
Women’s B Singles (22 entrants):  1st place ($100) – Levona Lowe
Men’s Senior Singles (8 entrants):  1st place ($60) – Paul Allers
Men’s/Mixed B Teams (7 entrants):  1st place ($130) – Bunch of Nobodies (Sam Alghabi, Collin Jensen, Jeffrey Snyder)
Women’s Teams (20 entrants):  1st place ($200) – To the 9s (Juliana Goodman, Sarah Nieland, Sarah Myers-Mitchell)
Men’s/Mixed Teams (37 entrants):  1st place ($290) – Soundview Five (Tip Aufderheide, Jim Conway, Richard Greene)

Another one is now in the books and we are looking forward to the 8-Ball Championships in March of 2017.  Hopefully, we will see some changes in how our divisions are structured and how are players are rated with the growing interest in FargoRate.  If not next March, then soon.  It’s coming. 

Many thanks to Darryl Farley and his crew of national certified referees.  This event could not have happened without our volunteers:  Steve Marker and his Tournament Officials who dealt with any situation that arose, Cathy Dunford and the staff in Payouts who speedily got the checks processed and Pam Carraway and the Podium crew who always had a smile and an answer to any question posed by the players.  If you are interested in joining our corps of volunteers, contact anyone listed on the Contact page on our website (westernbca.org).  We hope to see you all in March for an even bigger and better 8-Ball Championships.