19th Annual Western BCA Regional 9-Ball Championships

October 10-16, 2016
Chinook Winds Casino Resort — Lincoln City, Oregon


Master Mixed Scotch Doubles (38 entries) Men's Master Singles (65 entries) Women's Master Singles (37 entries)
Open Mixed Scotch Doubles (100 entries) Men's A Singles (152 entries) Women's A Singles (47 entries)
Men's/Mixed Teams (104 entries) Men's B Singles (144 entries) Women's B Singles (59 entries)
Men's/Mixed B Teams (44 entries) Men's Senior Singles (27 entries) Women's Teams (52 entries)

Master Mixed Scotch Doubles return to list

    Place Prize Players Place Prize Players
  Entries 38     1st $1900 David Bersenadze and Kim Jones 7/8th $410 Mike Scotvold and Kathy Pridgen
  Total Payout $8140     2nd $1430 Richard Henderson and Mary Coffman 7/8th $410 Clark Smith and Melanie Elder
          3rd $1050 Junion Sardoncillo and Adrena Browne 9-12th $250 Bobby Campbell and Kimberly Kirk
          4th $780 Stan Tourangeau and Andrena Browne 9-12th $250 Marvin Holmes and Andrea Saenz-Maes
          5/6th $580 Steve Tune and Carissa Biggs 9-12th $250 Darin Walding and Sarah Nieland
    5/6th $580 Jim Conway and Jeanne Christiansen 9-12th $250 Dan Louie and Sue Carroll

Open Mixed Scotch Doubles return to list

    Place Prize Players Place Prize Players
Entries 100     1st $1700 Eddie Parenti and Nicole Donisi 17-24th $160 Ed Terry and Irene Arsenault
Total Payout $10,510     2nd $1260 Rachel Keller and Jim Roe 17-24th $160 Tyler Jackson and Kellie Olson
        3rd $930 Min Yu and Julie Fraser 17-24th $160 Nate Dunford and Cathy Dunford
        4th $700 David Ringler and Mandi Ritthaler 17-24th $160 Curtis Roth and Vi Brons
        5/6th $520 Geo Weiss and Leeja Rein 17-24th $160 David Stanley and Diane Gourley
    5/6th $520 Rick Kobayashi and Trish White 17-24th $160 Shawn Self and Donna Kingsbury
    7/8th $380 Ralph Langevin and Janet Langevin 17-24th $160 Kris Derby and Tricia Heintz
    7/8th $380 DC Craig and Ginny Bronson 17-24th $160 Mark Evans and Kristen Shellenberger
    9-12th $280 Stan Beard and Tammy Williams 25-32nd $110 Adam Drew and Galeena Amyotte
    9-12th $280 Michael Atkisson and Nikki Crane 25-32nd $110 Travis DeJong and Debbi Owings
    9-12th $280 Patrick Wheeler and Gloria Villa 25-32nd $110 Ray Sibert and Kimberly Katzenberger
    9-12th $280 Mike Dunn and Ninon Smith 25-32nd $110 Eric Scribner and Megan Boren
    13-16th $210 Gary Christiansen and Valerie Anderson 25-32nd $110 Roger Schantz and Beverly Schantz
    13-16th $210 Roy Chevalier and Melissa Reeves 25-32nd $110 Chuck Tate and Jessica Torrey
    13-16th $210 Brian Kvasnicka and Alicia Kvasnicka 25-32nd $110 Larry Maes and Faith Morfin
    13-16th $210 Brett Ekstrom and Barb Ekstrom 25-32nd $110 Tyler Hanson and Linda Smith

Women's Master Singles return to list

    Entries 37     Place Prize Player Place Prize Player Place Prize Player
    Total Payout $3385     1st $1075 Liz Cole 5/6th $180 Melissa Rushton 9-12th $75 Jeanne Christiansen
            2nd $690 Phyllis Fernandez 5/6th $180 Melyssa Chasteen 9-12th $75 Kim Jones
            3rd $445 Kimberly Kirk 7/8th $115 Sheila Clark 9-12th $75 Suzie O'Connor
            4th $285 Cindy Sliva 7/8th $115 Jessica Orth 9-12th $75 Shirley Morgan

Men's Master Singles return to list

            Place Prize Player Place Prize Player Place Prize Player
    Entries 65     1st $1465 Dan Louie 9-12th $225 Mike Ottoboni 17-24th $75 Jack Kiske
    Total Payout $6425     2nd $1000 Marvin Holmes 9-12th $225 Steve Lingelbach 17-24th $75 Jesse Christensen
            3rd $690 Chris Byers 9-12th $225 Ben Renteria 17-24th $75 Steve Tune
            4th $480 Matt Horner 9-12th $225 Stan Tourangeau 17-24th $75 Peter Smith
            5/6th $330 Michael Deitchman 13-16th $110 Dave Bersenadze 17-24th $75 Kenneth Brown
            5/6th $330 Leo Violette 13-16th $110 Dave Schneider 17-24th $75 Chad Bisconer
            7/8th $225 Randy Baker 13-16th $110 Shawn Gibson 17-24th $75 Eric Sawyer
            7/8th $225 Dexter Ambang 13-16th $110 Charlie Burnett 17-24th $75 Mike Stevens

Men's A Singles return to list

            Place Prize Player Place Prize Player Place Prize Player
    Entries 152     1st $1355 Steven Weakly 17-24th $125 Stanley Combs 33-48th $65 Richard Sanford Sr
    Total Payout $9505     2nd $995 David Ringler 17-24th $125 Charles Skeen 33-48th $65 Carlos Rodriguez
            3rd $750 Chris Sykes 17-24th $125 Roy Chevalier 33-48th $65 Linnie Birdsong
            4th $565 Jason Melm 17-24th $125 John Koval 33-48th $65 Min Yu
            5/6th $425 Sam Moul 17-24th $125 Mike Berglund 33-48th $65 Alex Lugo
            5/6th $425 BJ Copeland 17-24th $125 Joe Pleasant 33-48th $65 Albert Denego
            7/8th $315 Chad Dumaine 17-24th $125 Randy White 33-48th $65 David Craig
            7/8th $315 Gerald O'Connor 17-24th $125 Eric Soumokil 33-48th $65 John Hedges
            9-12th $230 Morgan Fleming 24-32nd $90 Mike Jensen 33-48th $65 Bob Danielson
            9-12th $230 Wayne Hansen 25-32nd $90 Bill Ermatinger 33-48th $65 Ramon Farias
            9-12th $230 Francisco Silva 25-32nd $90 Jose Valezquez 33-48th $65 Mark Evans
            9-12th $230 Larry Maes 25-32nd $90 Lonnie Varner 33-48th $65 Joshua Sculley
            13-16th $170 Jason Bennett 25-32nd $90 Brian Goodrow 33-48th $65 Eddie Parenti
            13-16th $170 Daniel Sardoncillo 25-32nd $90 Shaun Kougioulis 33-48th $65 Tyler Hanson
            13-16th $170 Tuy Singharaj 25-32nd $90 Cole Gibbons 33-48th $65 Travis Graves
            13-16th $170 Greg Strandberg 25-32nd $90 Scott Perry 33-48th $65 Wayne Greenhalgh

Men's B Singles return to list

            Place Prize Player Place Prize Player Place Prize Player
    Entries 144     1st $840 David Pasciyo 17-24th $80 Brandt Ellingburg 33-48th $45 Bernard Bartling
    Total Payout $6055     2nd $625 Dylan Meyer 17-24th $80 Jason Freeman 33-48th $45 Greg Barquist
            3rd $470 Ralph Langevin 17-24th $80 Shayne Duncklee 33-48th $45 Harvey Stanley
            4th $350 Rocky Berquist 17-24th $80 Tom Mautino 33-48th $45 Nate Dunford
            5/6th $260 Jason Molloy 17-24th $80 Eldon Slape 33-48th $45 Zach Meeker
            5/6th $260 Jose Villa Garza 17-24th $80 Chris Nieland 33-48th $45 Augie Gonzales
            7/8th $195 Jeffrey Snyder 17-24th $80 Stephan Feldman 33-48th $45 Bruce Woolet
            7/8th $195 Dave Curtis 17-24th $80 Tyler Shields 33-48th $45 Hector Nunez
            9-12th $145 Brett Ekstrom 24-32nd $60 Ramil Oregas 33-48th $45 Phillip Ortiz
            9-12th $145 Sasan Alghabi 25-32nd $60 Jay Berneburg 33-48th $45 Jeff Leach
            9-12th $145 Collin Jensen 25-32nd $60 Frankie Lam 33-48th $45 Ray Sibert
            9-12th $145 Dave Cremers 25-32nd $60 Rick Kobayashi 33-48th $45 Jack Tucci
            13-16th $110 David Mackey 25-32nd $60 Tyler Jackson 33-48th $45 Dave Chavez
            13-16th $110 Doug Lowe 25-32nd $60 Floyd Lot 33-48th $45 Dwayne Hrushka
            13-16th $110 Scott Cummings 25-32nd $60 Brian Roberge 33-48th $45 Eric Zanotti
            13-16th $110 Izzy Lemus 25-32nd $60 Josh Moraga 33-48th $45 Kory Whitcomb

Men's Senior Singles return to list

    Entries 27     Place Prize Player Place Prize Player Place Prize Player
    Total Payout $1630     1st $525 Ernie Omori 4th $160 Dave Thompson 7/8th $70 Pat Taff
            2nd $345 Linn Petty 5/6th $110 Owen Miller 7/8th $70 Daryl Greenhalgh
            3rd $240 Alan Buck 5/6th $110 Craig Copher      

Women's A Singles return to list

    Entries 47     Place Prize Player Place Prize Player Place Prize Player
    Total Payout $2610     1st $660 Sarah Myers-Mitchell 7/8th $100 Ninon Smith 13-16th $50 Stella Speedis
            2nd $450 LeAnn Russell 7/8th $100 Nichelle Crane 13-16th $50 Alicia Kvasnicka
            3rd $315 Bunny Williams 9-12th $70 Melissa Doherty 13-16th $50 Helen Wragg
            4th $215 Nashina Lesser 9-12th $70 Mandi Ritthaler 13-16th $50 Lisa Aufderheide
            5/6th $145 Faith Morfin 9-12th $70 Jenny Sheldon      
            5/6th $145 Robin Adams 9-12th $70 Nicole Donisi      

Women's B Singles return to list

    Entries 59     Place Prize Player Place Prize Player Place Prize Player
    Total Payout $2375     1st $545 Melinda Hoffman 7/8th $100 Juli DeWalt 13-16th $50 Barbara Ekstrom
            2nd $400 Tia Williamson-Black 7/8th $100 Tina Peralta 13-16th $50 Beverly Schantz
            3rd $275 Mona Werle 9-12th $70 Kelley McMinn 13-16th $50 Tina Wiegardt
            4th $195 Julie Fraser 9-12th $70 Rachel Keller 13-16th $50 Pam Haggard
            5/6th $140 Annie Eagleclaw 9-12th $70 Kari Stevens      
            5/6th $140 Valerie Anderson 9-12th $70 Micah Hager      

Women's Teams return to list

    Entries 52     Place Prize Team Name Players
    Total Payout $8460     1st $1905 Hustlin' Kim Jones, Talya Makus, Andy Ruth
            2nd $1365 Kick Rocks Kirsten Fery, Liz Cole, Mel Hoffman
            3rd $975 Okay, Here's the Deal Andrea Saenz-Maes, Lisa Aufderheide, Melissa Doherty, Faith Morfin
            4th $705 Revenge of the Cotton Club Sharon Bledsoe, Phyllis Fernandez, Alicia Kvasnicka
            5/6th $510 Lucky Ladies 1-Bazzinga! Kimberly Katzenberger, Becki Silva-Smith, Andrena Browne, Taresa Dixon
            5/6th $510 Parker's Pack Galeena Amyotte, Michelle Hughes, Kira North
            7/8th $375 NPL Chix Kristin Cambas, Robin Adams, Cindy Doty
            7/8th $375 On Fleek Adrianne Beach, Cassie Francois, Fran Johnson
            9-12th $270 NicDarCar Carissa Biggs, Dara Koch , ?
            9-12th $270 Power Stroke Girls Sara Atwood, Megan Sasso, Laura Smith
            9-12th $270 Oh No! You Didn't Jessica Aarhaus, Staci Moses, ?
            9-12th $270 Billy's Bull Pen Coleen Brower, Barb Ekstrom, Joyce Robinson
            13-16th $165 The Three V's Teri Klyzek, Rebecca Slyter, Helen Wragg
            13-16th $165 Leave It to Beaver Mandi Thompson, Mandi Ritthaler, Cindy Sliva LL
            13-16th $165 Let's Roll LeAnn Russell, Rimma Gounares, Suwanna Matarazzo
            13-16th $165 Baby Dinosaurs Kelley McMinn, Jillian Patras, Eileen Stephens

Men's/Mixed Teams return to list

    Entries 104     Place Prize Team Name Players
    Total Payout $19,410     1st $3300 9 Lives Jordin Erwin, Cole Gibbons, Steve Lingelbach
            2nd $2370 Splitting the Ciera Dexter Ambang, Chad Dumaine, Gary Sankey
            3rd $1740 Three Ducks in a Row Mason Maki, Daniel Sardoncillo, Stan Tourangeau
            4th $1290 Boats 'n' Hoes Randy Baker, Jerald Davenport, Adam Drew, Shawn Self
            5/6th $960 Real Deal Chad Hartje, Scott Nelson, Ron O'Grady
            5/6th $960 WatchList Paul Schweigart, Tony Strzelczyk, Chris Sykes
            7/8th $705 BrookMonsters Alex Blair, Tyrel Datwyler, Brookman Holmes
            7/8th $705 Malarkeys Alex Batinovich, Eddie Mataya, David Ringler
            9-12th $510 What? Jason Grijalva, Isaac Norman, Evan Smelser
            9-12th $510 Good Shot Dummies Paul Marquez, Clifford Maxson, Eric Soumokil
            9-12th $510 Chalk is Cheap Mike Jarvis, Paul Johnson, Brian Knapp
            9-12th $510 Soundview B&G I Ken Wilson, John Boldman, Ed Slade
            13-16th $375 River RoadHouse Jason Bennett, Phil Bremer, Andy Dalbey
            13-16th $375 Paul Allers Cues Paul Allers, Robert Green, Andrew Purdy
            13-16th $375 2 Mikes & a Bob Mike Dubendorf, Mike Norris, Bob Zack
            13-16th $375 Cue's Your Daddy John (JT) Bannon, Mike Dunn, Wayne Greenhalgh
            17-24th $285 Imminent Threat Crow But, Sam Moul, Dave Schneider
            17-24th $285 EyoCues Dan Louie, Larry Maes, Ernie Omori
            17-24th $285 Battle Ground Tornado Fred Matzke, Robert Niemeyer, Tommy Thompson
            17-24th $285 Big Shots Tony Bloom, Jeramy Daniels, Joel Rice
            17-24th $285 NW Cruisers Vernon Joe, Richard Konkler, Doug Schulze
            17-24th $285 A Little Loaded Mike Jensen, Mike Stevens, Aaron Tipton
            17-24th $285 BAM Alan Buck, Marvin Holmes, Bill Irons
            17-24th $285 The Ranch Tommy Fulton, Nick Lopez, Lee Puyette
            25-32nd $195 BD Cues Scott Brasher, Bob Danielson, Greg Garcia
            25-32nd $195 Luckey's LCC Russell Cearley, Sheldon Lebow, Josh Thomashefsky
            25-32nd $195 Head Hunters Mike Eyre, Steve Pulido, Darin Walding
            25-32nd $195 The 3 Amigos Michael Bell, Cary Brauer, Ed Terry
            25-32nd $195 Men of the People Steve Grimes, Steve Tune, Randy White
            25-32nd $195 TSG Gary Crane, Sage Patrocinio, Thomas Patrocinio
            25-32nd $195 What R U Drinkin Danny Burdick, Jason Molloy, Todd "Chief" Smith
            25-32nd $195 Hippity Bippity Bop Linnie Birdsong, Dennis Furukawa, Mayolo Munoz

Men's B Teams return to list

    Entries 44     Place Prize Team Name Players
    Total Payout $5595     1st $1380 FlatLiners David Pasciyo, John Duncan, Frankie Lam
            2nd $930 The Bus Boys Tom Mautino, Ken Boyle, John Carnes
            3rd $645 The Guys Nate Dunford, Ralph Langevin, Don Reeves
            4th $450 APIS MELLIFERA Chris Abbott, Danny Miotke, Ray Sibert
            5/6th $315 Elma Lanes Floyd Lot, Costa Ortega, Clark Waitt
            5/6th $315 Fluffy Needs Rum Dan Cain, Derek Jackson, Izzy Lemus
            7/8th $210 The Experience Zachary Enriquez, Chris Nieland, Robbie Solomon
            7/8th $210 Ballz Deep Dylan Meyer, Bernard Bartling, Richard Kiltz
            9-12th $150 Don't Bank on It Dennis Keeler, Chance Luzier, Josh Moraga, Ramil Oregas
            9-12th $150 To the 9 Lucas Arismendez, Steve Roberts, Don Ryan
            9-12th $150 Holy Cheesus Cody Cook, Mike Seid, Mike Voytko
            9-12th $150 Blue Moon Ernesto Cruz, Hector Nunez, Adam Veliz
            13-16th $135 Village People Brad Haydu, Dwayne Hrushka, Cory Nelson
            13-16th $135 Fat Kids Rob Block, Scott Grosch, Kyle Wilson
            13-16th $135 Mack Daddy and the Ballers Timothy 'TJ' Howard, Dave Mackey, Harvey Stanley
            13-16th $135 We Get Lucky Steve Hestmark, Nicole Donisi, Graham Sanchez