17th Annual Western BCA Regional 9-Ball Championships

October 13-19, 2014

Chinook Winds Casino Resort — Lincoln City, Oregon


Video of the Finals can be viewed by clicking on tv icon in Events List below. Click HERE for complete playlist.

Master Mixed Scotch Doubles return to list

    Place Prize Players Place Prize Players
Entries 47     1st $2140 Steve Lingelbach and Carissa Biggs 9-12th $290 Barb Thompson and David Thompson
Total Payout $9480     2nd $1530 Dave Bersenadze and Kim Jones 9-12th $290 Cindy Rosenthal and Daniel Sternberg
        3rd $1100 Mark Fenn and Linda Carter 9-12th $290 Stan Tourangeau and Sheila Clark
        4th $790 Susan Preston and Kenny Dodd 9-12th $290 Nick Kruger and Jessica Orth
        5/6th $560 Cindy Sliva and Paul Marquez 13-16th $210 Luke Thomas and Eve Stockstill
    5/6th $560 Carlos Cadena and Shari Ross 13-16th $210 Tricia Tipton and Tony Tipton
    7/8th $400 Dan Louie and Jing Liu 13-16th $210 Mike Stevens and Cindy Doty
    7/8th $400 Jeff Jerome and Natalie Seal 13-16th $210 Vince Mills and Eva Hill

Open Mixed Scotch Doubles return to list

    Place Prize Players Place Prize Players
Entries 79     1st $1510 Josh Sculley and Pam Carraway 13-16th $170 Brian Roberson and Dianna Trent
Total Payout $8160     2nd $1100 Debbie Cicchitti and Tom Cicchitti 13-16th $170 Brock Brisby and Raquel Walton
        3rd $810 Peter Ploem and Kristin Cambas 13-16th $170 Travis Gutcher and Talya Makus
        4th $600 Aaron Ronning and Kimberly Katzenberger 13-16th $170 Clifford Maxson and Brittany Ellis
        5/6th $430 Lynnette Perez and Glenn Strode 17-24th $130 Tammy L. Williams and Gary Peyton
    5/6th $430 Robin Adams and Ernie Bristow 17-24th $130 Greg Barquist Jr and Joyce Robinson
    7/8th $320 Scott Walton and Fran Johnson 17-24th $130 Pete Semoe and Trish Semoe
    7/8th $320 George Weiss and Leeja Rein 17-24th $130 Jocelyn Andres and Mark Breitbach
    9-12th $230 Dan Trafican and Kim Engh 17-24th $130 Jeremy Gradwohl and Barbara McKinney
    9-12th $230 Cassie Francois and Evan Olson 17-24th $130 John Kiske and Elaine Eberly
    9-12th $230 Tino Carrido and Sophia Tran 17-24th $130 Annie Wapato and Rodney Ward
    9-12th $230 Katie Tobert and Al Williams Jr 17-24th $130 Tom Myers and Bonnie Russell


Men's GrandMaster Singles return to list
Women's GrandMaster Singles return to list
    Entries 8   Place Prize Player       Entries 8   Place Prize Player    
    Total Payout $1300   1st $650 Dan Louie       Total Payout $1300   1st $650 Carissa Biggs    
          2nd $400 Stan Tourangeau             2nd $400 Kimberly Kirk    
          3rd $250 Steve Lingelbach             3rd $250 Mary Coffman    

Women's Master Singles return to list

    Entries 44     Place Prize Player Place Prize Player Place Prize Player
    Total Payout $3930     1st $970 Deby Welfringer 7/8th $155 Cindy Rosenthal 13-16th $75 Melanie Elder
            2nd $670 Jing Liu 7/8th $155 Eve Stockstill 13-16th $75 Rosie Jensen
            3rd $465 Elizabeth Jensen 9-12th $110 Rebecca Easley 13-16th $75 Kathy Stanley
            4th $325 Natasha Hook 9-12th $110 Cathy Duenas 13-16th $75 Shirley Morgan
            5/6th $225 Barb Thompson 9-12th $110 Connie Carlson      
            5/6th $225 Kathy Pridgen 9-12th $110 Mary Olson      

Men's Master Singles return to list

            Place Prize Player Place Prize Player Place Prize Player
    Entries 69     1st $1450 Nick Kruger 9-12th $160 Leo Violette 17-24th $75 Marvin Seals
    Total Payout $6420     2nd $1000 Paul Marquez 9-12th $160 Tim Desmarais 17-24th $75 Jeff Coates
            3rd $690 Bob Olson 9-12th $160 Steve Lingelbach 17-24th $75 Dave Schneider
            4th $480 Randy Baker 9-12th $160 Roger Goodman 17-24th $75 Chad Bisconer
            5/6th $330 Ken Bower 13-16th $110 Mike Stevens 17-24th $75 Creigh Dumo
            5/6th $330 Jim Conway 13-16th $110 Jason Marcoulier 17-24th $75 Junior Sardoncillo
            7/8th $230 Michael Deitchman 13-16th $110 Kevin Fong 17-24th $75 Roy Garza
            7/8th $230 Scott Brasher 13-16th $110 Clark Smith 17-24th $75 Scott Chandler

Men's A Singles return to list

            Place Prize Player Place Prize Player Place Prize Player
    Entries 123     1st $1100 Castulo Garcia 17-24th $105 Bret Baker 33-48th $60 Travis DeJong
    Total Payout $7930     2nd $825 Joseph Farmer 17-24th $105 Mike Jensen 33-48th $60 Doug McMullin
            3rd $605 Paul Timmons 17-24th $105 Travis Gutcher 33-48th $60 Scott Perry
            4th $450 Vince Mills 17-24th $105 Paul O'Sullivan 33-48th $60 Evan Olson
            5/6th $340 Michael Gordon 17-24th $105 Larry Francisco 33-48th $60 Mike Eklund
            5/6th $340 Phil Bremer 17-24th $105 Mike Bell 33-48th $60 Eric Soumokil
            7/8th $255 Gary Maxwell 17-24th $105 Steve Cultee 33-48th $60 Tyrel Datwyler
            7/8th $255 John Boldman 17-24th $105 Dave Jones 33-48th $60 Brent Kirschenmann
            9-12th $190 Carl Tibbetts 24-32nd $80 Doug Schulze 33-48th $60 Jose Velazquez
            9-12th $190 Brookman Holmes 25-32nd $80 Pete Semoe 33-48th $60 Patrick Wheeler
            9-12th $190 Cody Clark 25-32nd $80 Jora Sandhu 33-48th $60 Ray Galli
            9-12th $190 Ken Wilson 25-32nd $80 Dan Dollente 33-48th $60 Mike Norris
            13-16th $140 Wayne Willet 25-32nd $80 Daniel Sarsoncillo 33-48th $60 Jeff Farnsworth
            13-16th $140 Shea Lanter 25-32nd $80 Mike Owings 33-48th $60 Lee Puyette
            13-16th $140 Cliff Strom 25-32nd $80 Tony Tipton 33-48th $60 Nick Oldham
            13-16th $140 Tom Myers 25-32nd $80 Mike Deveau 33-48th $60 Don McMillin

Men's B Singles return to list

            Place Prize Player Place Prize Player Place Prize Player
    Entries 138     1st $775 Chuck Nelson 17-24th $80 Nolan Pagdilao 33-48th $45 Curt Clippard
    Total Payout $5785     2nd $575 Wayne Hansen 17-24th $80 Jerry Beaver 33-48th $45 John Gunn
            3rd $430 Jose Chavez 17-24th $80 Jim Long 33-48th $45 Chuck Tate
            4th $325 Anthony Abisado 17-24th $80 Larry Smith 33-48th $45 Nathan Maines
            5/6th $245 Charles Ernst 17-24th $80 Greg Barquist 33-48th $45 Augustine Gonzales
            5/6th $245 Clifford Maxson 17-24th $80 Cory Sweet 33-48th $45 Rodeo Stanley
            7/8th $185 Dan Canova 17-24th $80 Steve Waitt 33-48th $45 Gary Halverson
            7/8th $185 Josh Sculley 17-24th $80 Chuck Ward 33-48th $45 Jesse Shepard
            9-12th $140 Travis Graves 24-32nd $60 Edward Chastain 33-48th $45 Scott Smith
            9-12th $140 Evan McClendon 25-32nd $60 Charles Dotson 33-48th $45 Steve Johnson
            9-12th $140 Gregg Koba 25-32nd $60 Jose Jaimes 33-48th $45 Brian Goodrow
            9-12th $140 Al Miller 25-32nd $60 Brian Barnett 33-48th $45 Mike Johnson
            13-16th $105 Omar Gravelle 25-32nd $60 Adam Kolowinski 33-48th $45 Nathan Dunford
            13-16th $105 Francisco Silva 25-32nd $60 Andy Meadows 33-48th $45 Dave Chastain
            13-16th $105 Tim Mandeles 25-32nd $60 Robert Strohm 33-48th $45 Martin Greig
            13-16th $105 Bill Norton 25-32nd $60 Larry Burnside 33-48th $45 Rocke Bell

Men's Senior Singles return to list

    Entries 33     Place Prize Player Place Prize Player Place Prize Player
    Total Payout $1610     1st $450 Buzz Poleson 5/6th $95 Mike Shipley 9-12th $45 Joe Parkinson
            2nd $310 Bob Green 5/6th $95 Mike Harris 9-12th $45 Bill Lewis
            3rd $210 Sonny Boggs 7/8th $65 Owen Miller 9-12th $45 Ernie Bristow
            4th $140 David Thompsom 7/8th $65 Rodney Ward 9-12th $45 Melvin White

Women's A Singles return to list

    Entries 51     Place Prize Player Place Prize Player Place Prize Player
    Total Payout $2610     1st $650 Staci Moses 7/8th $100 Patty Gary 13-16th $50 Kim Engh
            2nd $450 Traci Magnussen 7/8th $100 Joyce Robinson 13-16th $50 Jessica Aarhaus
            3rd $310 Debbie Cicchitti 9-12th $70 Vi Brons 13-16th $50 Kim Miller
            4th $220 Adrianne Beach 9-12th $70 Suzanne Mackey 13-16th $50 Sarah Myers-Mitchell
            5/6th $150 Bonnie Russell 9-12th $70 Jordan Oakes      
            5/6th $150 Elaine Eberly 9-12th $70 Talya Makus      

Women's B Singles return to list

    Entries 46     Place Prize Player Place Prize Player Place Prize Player
    Total Payout $1905     1st $400 Barbara Garza 7/8th $85 Kimberly Katzenberger 13-16th $45 Amanda Smith
            2nd $290 Tracey Cunningham 7/8th $85 Donna Palmer 13-16th $45 Cassie Bryant
            3rd $220 Ashley Shafer 9-12th $60 Margaret Goodman 13-16th $45 Diana Gourley
            4th $165 Jill Wilson 9-12th $60 Cindy Link 13-16th $45 Ronda Clark
            5/6th $120 Kim Michaelson 9-12th $60 Beverly Schantz      
            5/6th $120 Kari Stevens 9-12th $60 Suzie Walker      

Women's Teams return to list

    Entries 50     Place Prize Team Name Players
    Total Payout $7905     1st $1830 Leave It to Beaver Kimberly Engh, Trish Semoe, Cindy Sliva
            2nd $1290 Chalk and Awe Cassie Francois, Staci Moses, Mary Olson
            3rd $915 The Bigg's Crew Carissa Biggs, Kristin Cambas, Dara Koch
            4th $660 Ferrule Cats Theresa Twedt, Kasia Wilcox, Dionne Alston
            5/6th $465 Pourhouse Poor Chix Lora Sharp, Susan Preston, Lynette Schmale
            5/6th $465 Super Freaks Kimber Sexton, Donna Kingsbury, Tricia Tipton
            7/8th $330 JMY Talya Makus, Jessica Young, Kim Jones
            7/8th $330 Dirtay Shots Kirsten Fery, Melyssa Chasteen, Kira North
            9-12th $240 NPL Chix Cindy Doty, Brandy Phillips-Heslen, Robin Adams
            9-12th $240 Lethal Combination Suwanna Matarazzo, LeAnn Russell, Jessica Aarhaus
            9-12th $240 Cheese the 9-Ball Bea Goodenough, Eunice Sleight, Eva Hill
            9-12th $240 Banana Smackers Alicia Kvasnicka, Sharon Bledsoe, Sheila Clark
            13-16th $165 Prone To Shennanigans Kimberly Kirk, Debbie Cicchitti, Andy Ruth
            13-16th $165 Pool Tourettes Shari Ross, Fran Johnson, Alicia Foster
            13-16th $165 Nuclear Nine Ball Dyamelle Castilleja, Joyce Robinson, Mary Coffman
            13-16th $165 The Gatekeepers Andrea Saenz-Maes, Elaine Eberly, Faith Morfin

Men's/Mixed Teams return to list

    Entries 107     Place Prize Team Name Players
    Total Payout $20,100     1st $3300 EastSide Boys Castulo Garcia, Dave Schneider Jr, Sammy Moul
            2nd $2430 JND Nick Kruger, David G. Williams, Jack Heggie
            3rd $1800 Like Dominos Paul Schweigart, John Lewis, Chris Sykes
            4th $1350 Trouble Shooters Steve Tamura, Terry Takeuchi, Leo Violette III
            5/6th $990 Coats Eddie Mataya, Rennie Amadeo, Pete Semoe
            5/6th $990 Eyocues Dan Louie, Ernie Omori, Larry Maes
            7/8th $720 The Margins of Error David Randall, Buzz Poleson, Vinny Mellott
            7/8th $720 DJ Cues I Sean Lewis, Dave Jones, Travis Gutcher
            9-12th $540 C-D-L Larry Schave, David Thompson, Chad Bisconer
            9-12th $540 Sad Davyn Arscott, Andy Meadows, Stan Tourangeau
            9-12th $540 Road House's Good Shot Dummies Philip Bremer, Paul Marquez, Eric Soumokil
            9-12th $540 Galli's T Shea Lanter, Ray Galli, Kenny Dodd
            13-16th $390 Mohawk Spider Monkeys Leland Shew, Hank Duren, Wade Simmons
            13-16th $390 A Little Loaded Mike Stevens, Jose Aquino, Mike Jensen
            13-16th $390 Cue Topia Wired Jeff Jerome, Sergio Tristan, Larry (LT) Tulfo
            13-16th $390 SharkShooters John Whiteman, Mark Bussiere, Greg Sowder
            17-24th $300 Soundview B&G I Ken Wilson, Don McMillin, Jim Conway
            17-24th $300 2 1/2 Flips Bruce Gojetia, Mark Goodwin, Edmund Carrido
            17-24th $300 RoadRunners Miguel Morfin, Daniel Sardoncillo, Arnold Rapanan
            17-24th $300 The 3 Amigos Dan Beltran, Jose Jaimes, Roger Goodman
            17-24th $300 Islanders Ryan Skaggs, Randy Click, Bob Green
            17-24th $300 DRED Toshi Moriguchi, Edwin Ambo, Todd Marsh
            17-24th $300 The Eagles 4390 Michael Jensen, Mick Johnson, Eric Gibson
            17-24th $300 Papa Joe's Steven Baumann, Shawn Gibson, Tirso (Joe) Mendoza
            25-32nd $210 Team Dream Team Dominic Cardoso, Brookman Holmes, Alex Blair
            25-32nd $210 DJ Cues II Carl Tibbetts, John Te, Brent Kirschenmann
            25-32nd $210 Diamond Breakers Pete Phillipe, Peter Smith, Phil Squires
            25-32nd $210 Bounty Hunters Ron Butts, Matt Hiatt, Bob Heckel
            25-32nd $210 Old School Tom Cicchitti, Michael Keife, Joe Landi
            25-32nd $210 Rack 'em Smack 'em Edward Chastain, Leonard Blaine, Vince Mills
            25-32nd $210 The Strokes Tyrel Datwyler, Ed Locati, Chuck Mileur
            25-32nd $210 W-R-J William White, Wayne Milke, John Evans

Men's B Teams return to list

    Entries 51     Place Prize Team Name Players
    Total Payout $6435     1st $1500 Barbara's B Team Brian Barnett, Barbara Garza, Jeremy Gradwohl
            2nd $1050 The Green Sea Adam Jelinski, Scott Pahl, Niels Larson
            3rd $750 Got Hustled Nolan Pagdilao, Tino Carrido, Glen Carrido
            4th $525 Corner Hooked Frank Blazon, Greg Barquist Jr, Vic Albertson
            5/6th $375 Litter Patrol Rick Plummer, Gary Irwin, James Heslen
            5/6th $375 Peacock Jerry Beaver, Scott Dannen, Lance Griffin
            7/8th $270 Inglorious Ball Tards Mathew McInnis, Clifford Maxson, Cleveland Harris
            7/8th $270 Fighting Stickmen Rick Dusa, Stephen Kerner, Michael Siller
            9-12th $195 Ranch Manimals Francisco Silva, Rodney Barney, Myron Hannigan
            9-12th $195 BOHICA Thaddeus "TJ" Wiedmeier, Chris Nieland, Eric Norman
            9-12th $195 Strip Club Players Robert Strohm, Nathan Maines, Alex Ip
            9-12th $195 El Compadre Sports Bar Jerry Renion, Luberto Rodriguez, Kyle Ward
            13-16th $135 BRB Gary Rothgeb, Phil Barrera, Larry Burnside
            13-16th $135 All the Way Jim Long, Glen Sakamura, Rocky Bergquist
            13-16th $135 Forty-Two Erich Keane, Jason Scheck, Joshua Boelter
            13-16th $135 Harrison's Mike Dryden, Keith Wolhar, Bret Sherman, Eduardo Galvez