16th Annual Western BCA 9-Ball Championships

October 15-20, 2013

Chinook Winds Casino Resort — Lincoln City, Oregon


By Robbin Iredale, with contributions from Rebecca Easley

Western BCA players enjoyed a full week of sunny Oregon coast weather while competing at the 16th Annual 9-Ball Championships. Every night, a beautiful sea of stars greeted and dazzled the pool players and guests of Chinook Winds Casino Resort® in Lincoln City, OR. Inside, another sea of talented stars were shooting on Diamond® tables, with new Cyclop® Pool Balls (brought in Bad Boys Billiard Productions®) and dazzling the spectators! Special new event, the 1st Annual Chinook Winds 10-Ball Open Tournament drew many high caliber players in the Northwest including Raphael Martinez, Stan Tourangeau, Dan Louie, Kim Jones, Suzanne Smith and Jackie Fitchner. The 10-Ball event also featured the 2013 BCAPL National Grand Master and Master champions facing off in the first round. Raphael Martinez and Kim Jones took home the Championship titles and the many on-lookers that gathered to see them showcase their remarkable pool talent were not disappointed.

A Very Special Cue Raffle
Custom cue makers Dave Jones (DJ Cues®) and Ernie Omori (eyo cues®) combined their considerable skills to create a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind pool cue, made of purple heart wood with walnut and ivory inlays, to donate to Western BCA for a fundraising raffle. They went the extra mile and inscribed it with “Western BCA 2013” in the ivory at the base of the cue. The custom cue comes with two shafts and is valued at $900. Shari Ross, Western BCA volunteer from Players Club LTD, organized the collaboration of the Seattle area cue makers and the raffle to raise money for the players. All proceeds will go directly to future tournaments. Alex Blair of NPL from Portland, OR is the happiest new cue raffle winner in the Region. Western BCA extends a special “Thank you” to DJ Cues® and eyo cues® for their generous contribution and continued support of the players…so does Alex!

The Championships Eve (Monday) was, once again, Fun Night. The tables were up and ready for play at 3pm as players started coming in. By 5pm, the room was filling up and the everyone was ready to get things going with Mini Tournaments and the Handicapped 10-Ball Singles tournament. Mini honcho Ed Slade and his crew (Cary Bennett, Shari Ross, Kim Toops, and John Alcorn) started taking sign-ups at 7p and were busy all evening with a total of 28 minis. Sign-ups for the Handicapped 10-Ball Singles exceeded last tournaments by almost double, with 56 entries. Mike Jensen, special events TD, kept the matches moving and when all was said and done, it was an all Canadian Final. GrandMaster Stan Tourangeau faced off against Master Gord Gervais. It looked like Stan all the way but he made an uncharacteristic mistake and Gord took advantage and never looked back to take the first place prize of $360. Stan, in 2nd place received $220. Others in the money were Cindy Sliva and Paul Marquez - 3rd/4th ($110), Junior Sardoncillo, Jose Chavez, Frank Kincl and Tim Lezard - 5th→8th ($40) and Marvin Seal, Clayton Foran, Randy Baker, Clifford Maxson, Greg Garcia, Joyce Robinson, Carlos Cadena and Jim Masterson - 9th→16th/$20.

As always, the Championships started off with Mixed Scotch Doubles Tuesday morning at 9am. Open Scotch Doubles fielded 98 teams who played all day Tuesday to get down to 6 teams. The remaining matches were played when the players were not involved in singles. Roy Chevalier and Melissa Reeves (NPL) went through undefeated to wait on the point for an opponent. Ernie Omori and Olga Azarova played all the way to the Final Bracket before being sent to the back side by Roy/Melissa in the quarterfinals, where they had to win three matches to get another shot at Roy/Melissa. On their way, they left Ed Slade/Lisa Foster (LTD) in 5th/6th ($420), Jim Knappenberger/Alfreda Amyotte (CPL) in 4th ($580) and Larry Maes/Faith Morfin (LTD) in 3rd ($800) and got their rematch with Roy/Melissa.

Ernie/Olga came out strong, taking round 1 of the final by a score of 4-1. In the double dip, the pairs traded the first 4 games (2-2). In game 5, Ernie/Olga ran down to 3 balls, including a couple of nice combos but missed the 5-Ball. Roy/Melissa closed out that game (3-2) and were on the hill. Game 6 looked to be all Ernie/Olga's as they ran down to the 8-Ball. Ernie just missed the 8-Ball, hanging it deep in the corner pocket and gave the table to Roy/Melissa. They pocketed the final two balls and the title was theirs along with a check for $1560 and sending Ernie/Olga home in 2nd place with $1120.

Master Scotch Doubles started off with 47 couples and, at the end of the day which saw many upsets, there were just three left and they would finish Friday evening. Paul Marquez/Cindy Sliva (NPL) made their way to the point unscathed. Their point match was against Clayton Foran/Jessica Orth (CWY) who could not get to the final and a rematch and finished in 3rd place ($920). Eddie Mataya/Deby Welfringer went to the back side, losing their 2nd match and had to fight their way through the back side to get to the final. They were up to the task, playing and winning 6 matches [(including past MMSD Champs Mike Stevens/Cindy Doty (NPL) and Steve Linglebach/Carissa Biggs (NPL)] to get to Clayton/Jessica and on to the final.

Paul/Cindy won the break and wasted no time taking game 1, breaking and running out. (1-0) They followed that up by taking the next 3 games including another break and run and a kick combo to make the 9-Ball early in game 4. (4-1) They looked to be unstoppable but Eddie/Deby had another plan and took the next 3 games. (4-3) In game 8, Deby broke, made a ball but left Eddie with a jump shot. He scratched and gave Paul/Cindy the table. They played a couple of good safeties, finally forcing a foul and, with ball in hand, proceeded to run out and capture the title and the $2000 1st place check. Eddie/Deby went home with $1380.

The Men's B Singles got underway at 9am Wednesday morning with a field of 152, all with their eye on the 1st place prize. The eventual finalists, Travis Bowman (NPL) and Mike Eklund (COB) both make it through their preliminary brackets to get to the final bracket undefeated. Travis would make his way to the point, sending Tyrel Datwyler (NPL) down with hopes of winning one game on the back side and having another crack at him. Mike had a more difficult route to the final. He was sent to the back side by Tyrel where he would have to play and win 5 matches before reaching the final, including a repeat against Tyrel. Mike won this time, leaving Tyrel in 3rd place ($470). The first round of the final match went hill-hill with Mike getting the final game and forcing the double dip. In the second round, the two played even (3-3) before Travis settled down and won the next three games to take the crown and $825. Mike received $625 for 2nd place.

The Men's A Singles got underway later in the day on Wednesday with 130 men taking to the tables. Again, both finalists made it to the final board undefeated. They would meet for the first time in a quarter final match where Dominic Cardoso (NPL) beat Tim Lezard (WWA) and moved on to the point match against John Starcevic (LTD). Dom won that match and would wait to see who would emerge from the back side to face him in the final. Meanwhile, Tim played 3 matches, including a rematch against John who would end up in 3rd place ($555) and get his rematch with Dom in the final. Dom couldn't hold him down and Tim took the first match. In the double dip, Tim again got the better of Dom, who would take home 2nd place and $765 and Tim was crowned champ and got $1050.

In the Women's Open Singles there were 101 ladies entered. Sara Atwood (EV) and Marian Poole (LTD) played to the point match. Marian won that match and a spot in the final. Sara had to wait and see who would make her way through the back side and so they could play for the remaining spot in the final. Jenny Blackstone (EV) made it through, but Sara was too much for her and she ended up in 3rd place ($415). Marian didn't need a warm up match to be ready to play, there would be no double dip. Marian left Sara in 2nd Place ($580) as she claimed the crown and $800.

The ever popular Men's Senior Singles started out with 36 entrants, cagey veterans all, eager for the title. Once again, the final matchup would be a repeat of the point match. This time former Senior Champion Mike Jensen (NPL) would take the point beating former finalist Sonny Boggs (PCGP). Sonny would go to the back side and need one win to get back to the finals. John Aranda (CPL) wasn't able to deny Sonny another go at Mike and left in 3rd place ($210). The final was a lopsided affair. Mike was red hot and never gave Sonny a chance to get going. Sonny, once again, would have to settle for 2nd place ($310). Mike collected his 2nd Crown and a check for $475.

The Master Singles got started on Thursday morning. Women's Master Singles started with 34 women. Cindy Rosenthal (EV) and Eve Stockstill (NPL) met in the point match, with Eve advancing to the point and Cindy going to the back side. Deby Welfringer (WWA), runner-up at the 2012 9-Ball Championships, lost her first match before making her way through the back side and the chance to play for a spot in the final. Cindy was the last obstacle. Deby wanted another chance at the title and was too much for Cindy, sending her home in 3rd place ($350). Round 1 of the final was close but Deby came out on top by a score of 6-4. In the double dip, Deby got off to a quick 2-0 lead before Eve got on the board (2-1). Deby answered with a break and run and a run out to lead 4-1 after 5 games. Eve took game 6 after Deby fouled on the 7-Ball, allowing her to run out. (4-2) In game 6 Eve broke, making 3 balls but stalled on the 2-Ball. Deby ran out and was on the hill. (5-2) Game 7 looked to be a break and run and match over but Deby hung the 9-Ball in the corner pocket, keeping Eve alive. (5-3) Game 8 would be the last game, Eve was on her way out but fouled on the 8-Ball, giving Deby the easy 9, the match, the title and the 1st place check ($855). Eve, in 2nd place, took home $550.

64 men entered the Men's Master Singles division. As so often is the case, the point match would be a preview of the final. Paul Marquez (NPL) and Miguel Morfin (NPL) arrived at the point match, only one would gain the point and that turned out to be Paul. Miguel went to the back side to find out who would try to derail his hopes of getting to the final. Bill Rosenberry (CPL) tried but failed and left in 3rd place ($590). The Marquez/Morfin final was on and a battle it would be. The match started with a gimme 9-ball for Miguel in game 1 and a Miguel scratch on the break and Paul running out in game 2. Game 3 was an unusual strategic battle with 15 safeties before Paul finally hooked himself on the 5-Ball, had to masse and fouled leaving Miguel the easy run out. (2-1) On the way to hill-hill, there were five early 9-Balls (4 combos/1 carom), one 9-Ball break, one break and run and four back and forth games. (7-7) A little of everything. Paul broke game 15, made the 4 ball, but hung the 1-Ball and was forced to watch Miguel run out. The double dip was on.

Round 2 of the final was basically a repeat of the first. A little of everything. Great shot making, great position play, well executed safeties, some bad luck and some good luck. Game 1 went to Paul after some safety play and a 3-9 combo. (1-0) Game 2 was a grinder going to Miguel. (1-1) Paul took the next 3 games with a 4-9 combo, Miguel running to 9-Ball and missing and a break and run. (4-1) Miguel answered back with 3 wins of his own including a break and run, a 4-9 combo and an easy run after a hung 6-Ball. (4-4) They traded the next two games. (5-5) In game 11, Paul dry broke and Miguel ran out. (5-6) In game 12 Miguel dry broke but Paul missed the 1-Ball setting up a 1-9 combo for Miguel and he was on the hill. (5-7) Paul worked hard for the next two games and it was hill-hill again. In the Championship game, Paul broke and ran 4 balls before missing the 6-Ball. The two then traded safeties before Miguel found himself with no shot on the 6-Ball but somehow it managed to find a pocket and he was able to run out for the title and $1200 while Paul could only watch as he finished in 2nd place ($840).

The end of Singles play means the beginning of Teams and Friday evening the room was full to bursting as the Men's/Mixed B Teams got underway with a field of 42. By Sunday morning there were three teams left standing. LTD's Soundview Bs (Cary Bennett, Gene Henry, Al Miller) and CWY's Ranches B Squad (Tony Claro, Frank Silva, Don Wilmoth) met in the point match with Soundview Bs winning the point. NPL's Inch Perfect (Alex Blair, Brookman Holmes, Clifford Maxson), after winning their first 4 matches, went to the back side where they had to win 2 matches to get to Ranches B Squad and a place in the final. Inch Perfect moved on and Ranches B Squad finished in 3rd place ($600). A determined Inch Perfect took the first round of the final by a score of 10-5, led by Cliff Maxson with 5 wins and supported by Alex and Brookman with 3 each. In round 2, Soundview Bs put up a stronger fight but, again, Inch Perfect prevailed, this time by a score of 11-9 and lead by Alex Blair with 5 wins, Cliff and Brookman with 3 each. 2nd place Soundview Bs earned $915 and the champions, Inch Perfect, took home $1400.

In the Women's Team division there were 52 teams. LTD's Keeping Up With the Jones (Lisa Foster, Kim Jones, Angie Jones-Verhoeven) and LTD's Pool Tourettes (Cassie Francois, Stacy Moore-Moses, Shari Ross) made it to the point match. Pool Tourettes won the point, sending Keeping Up With the Jones to the back side. Meanwhile, CWY's COR (Dyamella Castilleja, Jessica Orth, Leeja Rein) won their first 2 matches before going to the back side where they would win 5 more matches and meet Keeping Up With the Jones for a spot in the final. COR left Keeping Up With the Jones in 3rd place ($870) and went on. It would be double dip with COR taking the first round by a score of 9-4 and lead by Leeja Rein with 4 wins. Pool Tourettes came alive in round 2 to win the match by a score or 11-6, led by Shari Ross with 5 wins. 2nd Place COR received $1245 and Champions Pool Tourettes took home $1800.

The third and the largest team division was the Men's/Mixed Teams with 104 teams. The two teams who made it to the finals were LTD's Soundview Bar&Grill I (Cody Clark, Greg Odal, Ed Slade) and NPL's A Little Loaded (Mike C. Jensen, Frank Kincl, Mike Stevens). These two teams met earlier in the quarterfinals. Soundview B&G I won that match, sending A Little Loaded to the back side. Soundview B&G I went on the win the point, defeating CC's Bounty Hunters (Rod Bair, Matt Horner, Aaron Probst). On the back side, A Little Loaded was determined to get another shot at Soundview B&G I . All they had to do was win 3 matches and they were in the final. Bounty Hunters also wanted a trip to the finals but A Little Loaded ended their hopes and sent them home in 3rd Place ($1560) and they got their rematch with Soundview B&G I. The final was even after 4 rounds at 6-6 then Soundview B&G I got serious and only allowed A Little Loaded one more game before clinching the title with an 11-7 win and the $3000 first prize. Leading the way for Soundview were Cody Clark with 6 wins and Greg Odal with 4. A Little Loaded took home $2145.

There was still more pool to come with the first ever No Entry 2nd Chance Tournaments. This format is designed to give those who go out in 2 or 3 rounds a chance to play with their peers for a little money and have a fuller tournament experience than just playing a couple of matches and done. As with any new concept, there was some confusion and problems getting things going but go they finally did. This is how they went:

  • MMS: 1st - Randy Baker, 2nd - Jeff Jimenez, 3rd/4th - Tim Desmarais, Steve Copher
  • WMS: 1st - Cathy Duenas, 2nd - Diane Krause, 3rd/4th - Shirley Morgan, Kathy Pridgen
  • MBS: 1st - Al Williams Sr, 2nd - Todd Smith, 3rd/4th - Brian Goodrow, Rocky Berquist, 5th→8th - Robert Best, Adam Veliz, Paul Alexander, Thomas Patricino
  • MAS: 1st - Carlo Cadena, 2nd - Tim Fraser, 3rd/4th - Eric Tate, Rod Bair, 5th→8th - Jeremy Daniels, Jose Chavez, Jora Sandhu, Doug Ellenberger
  • WOS: 1st - Windy Manuelito, 2nd - Lisa Foster, 3rd/4th - Michelle Patterson, Lynette Perez, 5th→8th - Pam Haggard, Lynette Schmale, Carole Hartzell, Becki Silva-Smith
  • MSS: 1st - Wes Hough, 2nd - Joe Mendoza, 3rd/4th - David Nelson, Bill Ermatinger
  • MMT: 1st - Twilight Zone (Randy Baker, Peni Misa, Tony Tipton), 2nd - Cannon Balls (John Brown, Steve Del Rosso, Bill Lewis, Eric Novack), 3rd/4th - Bloody Knuckles (Dom Cardoso, Liz Cole, Jeremy Heisler), Zen Masters (Bill Chillous, Vernon Joe, Mike Siplivy), 5th→8th - Running Things (Akio Nakashima, Robert Niemeyer, Dave Thompson), Ironman 3 (Dave Bowlby, Gene Copher, Steve Copher), Malarkey's 2 (Seth Cumby, Ed Hobbs, Brad Laskoski), Slow Rollers (Michael Keife, Mike Owings, Glenn Strode, Jora Sandhu)
  • MBT: 1st - Monkey Bizz (Marcus Barroso, Michael Barroso, Jose Velazquez), 2nd - Washougal Eagles (Jerry Dinsmore, Omar Gravelle, Joe Parkison), 3rd/4th - Sam's Billiards (Aaron Coe, Tyrel Datwyler, Adam Jelinski), Lucky Bastards (Rodney Barney, Les Harvey, Ralph Jones)
  • WT: 1st - Chix with Stix (Melanie Elder, Debbi Owings, Lynnette Perez), 2nd - Smokin' (Gloria Villa, Olga Azarova, Barbara Rosa), 3rd/4th - Parking Whitey (Elaine Eberly, Fran Johnson, Carol Mellors, Kim Toops), 9-Ball Nanas (Coleen Brower, Sherri Denke, Donna Tretheway, Barbara Ekstrom)

Thus concluded the 2013 9-Ball Championships. As always Western BCA cannot thank our dedicated volunteers enough for making these championships a success. Without them there would be no Championships. What's next? You'll just have to come to the Beach March 10-16, 2014 to find out.