2012 Western BCA 9-Ball Regional Championships
By: Robbin Iredale (with help from Sassy Campbell and Rebecca Easley)

On October 9-14, 2012 the 14th Annual Western BCA Regional 9-Ball Championships were once again held at Chinook Winds Casino Resort in Lincoln City, Oregon. 793 players from Washington, Oregon and Idaho traveled to the Oregon coast to compete for their share of over $69,800 in prize money. While Western BCA volunteers organized the event, Bad Boys Productions set up the 80 Diamond Pool Tables and tracked all results both on the paper brackets that lined the halls and the online brackets available at www.westernbca.org. The stage was set for the best competition in the Northwest.

The room started filling early Monday afternoon for Fun Night activities later in the evening. By 6pm a good crowd was on hand to take advantage of the opportunity to get some time on the tournament tables. Handicapped 10-Ball singles and Mini-tournaments were on the agenda. 32 players, representing all divisions, signed up for the $20 entry, single elimination affair. Winning were Jeff Coates (MM-NPL) and Shelby Locati (WM-NPL) who chose to split the pot, each receiving $200 followed by Deby Welfringer (WM-NPL) and Linn Petty (MA-EV) in 3rd/4th ($60 each) and Stan Tourangeau (MGM-LTD), Clara Silvas (WM-NPL), Clayton Foran (MM-CWY) and Alicia Kvansnicka (WO-INL) in 5th-8th ($30 each). At the other end of the room, Ed Slade was busy with Mini-tournaments. A record 25 minis (9 A and 15 B) played out before the doors were closed for the night.

As always, the Championships got under way with Mixed Scotch Doubles. 43 Master teams and 78 Open teams were on the tables Tuesday Morning eager for a chance to get to the finals and claim the title of Champion.

In the Master division, Matt Horner (MID) and Mary Hopkin (NPL) were up to the task and went through to the point and a spot in the final. Luke Thomas (CC) and Shelby Locati (NPL) lost their 2nd match and had to work their way through the back side to get a spot in the final. The match started with Mary breaking but ending their run by missing the 2-Ball. Luke/Shelby started their run out but rattled and hung the 8-Ball giving Matt/Mary a 2 ball out and game 1. In game 2 Luke/Shelby were plagued by a couple of fouls early on and gave Matt/Mary the opportunity to run out and take the game (2-0). Mary dry broke in game 3. Luke missed a tough 1-Ball but Matt had to play a safety that resulted in a foul and it looked like Matt/Mary were on their way out but it was their turn to rattle a ball so Luke/Shelby got back to the table. But they stumbled and gave Matt/Mary the table and a 4 ball out (3-0). Luke broke game 4 and once again they couldn't get out (4-0). With the finish line in sight, Matt/Mary broke and ran to leave Luke/Shelby in 2nd place ($1300) as they claimed the title and $1900.

With $1520 for 1st and $1070 for 2nd on the line, getting to the Open Scotch Doubles final was the goal of every one of the 78 teams entered. Ernie Bristow and Robin Adams (NPL) and Brent Langley and Marian Poole (LTD) both made it undefeated through their preliminary bracket. On the final bracket they met in the first round, where Ernie/Robin sent Brent/Marian to the back side. Three matches and some very tough teams later Brent and Marian were back where they wanted to be - in the final with another shot at Ernie and Robin. Brent and Marian didn't waste any time getting going. They took the final, part 1 by a score of 4-0 and the double dip was on. They clearly didn't want to give Ernie/Robin a chance to get warmed up. Game 1 went back and forth until finally Ernie left Robin hooked on the 8-ball. Her kick missed and Brent/Marian had an easy 2 ball out. The 2nd game was a quickie, with Brent making a 1-9 combo. Ernie/Robin came out hard in the next 2 games, taking advantage of some errors by Brent/Marian to level the match at 2-2. Game 5 looked like it would go to Ernie/Robin, but Ernie scratched while making the 9-ball, putting Brent/Marian on the hill. Brent combo’d the 8-9 in game 6 to close out the match and claim their hard-fought title of Champions.

Next on the agenda was Singles with 8 divisions. The Men's B Singles, with 177 entries, was the largest division and got going at 9am Wednesday morning. By Friday morning there were 8 left. Among them were John Scudder (NPL) and Tim Guimares (NPL) who would eventually meet in the final. Tim, whose first loss was to John, worked his way to the final by beating Jose Velazquez (4th/$330) and Steve Soelberg (3rd/$440) and then faced off against the undefeated John in the final. The first go round was a back and forth battle with Tim coming out on top 6-5 and forcing a second race to 6. The two men again traded games until it was hill-hill. In the final game John broke and scratched giving Tim the table and an opportunity and it looked like he was going to put the match away but the 7-ball proved to be his undoing. He made the ball but the cue ball rolled long and he was hooked on the 8-ball. John took advantage, put the match away leaving Tim in 2nd place ($580) and walked off with the title and $775.

With 103 entrants, the Men's A Singles division got underway at noon on Wednesday. Jeremy Harvey (LTD) made it to the final undefeated. Dennis Young (PCGP) took the long way to the final by losing his first match. 11 matches later, he was in the final on Friday morning, and an exciting final it was. Dennis won the break and took game 1. After Jeremy’s dry break in the second game, Dennis made a difficult 1-9 combo to take the game and an early 2-0 lead. Game 3 was one of those full of safeties, jumps, hooks, fouls and all-around trouble, but Dennis prevailed. Jeremy finally got on the board, taking game 4 (3-1). Dennis all but had the next two games but ended up presenting Jeremy with hung 9-ball (3-3). They split the next 4 games (5-5). Game 11 got off to a slow start, but Dennis was able to take control, get the game and was first on the hill (6-5). Jeremy excelled in game 12 and joined Dennis on the hill (6-6). Dennis met with misfortune in the final all-or-nothing game when he scratched on the break. Jeremy wasn't interested in giving Dennis any further time at the table and took the opportunity to make the 1-9 combo and end the match. Dennis went home with 2nd place and $720. Jeremy happily accepted the Men’s A Champion title, $1000 in prize money and FREE entry to the 2013 BCAPL National 9-Ball Championships in Las Vegas, courtesy of Cue Sports International (CSI).

There were 64 Master Men in the hunt for the coveted title of Men's Master Champion and the top prize of $1170 . Matt Horner (MID) won the point by sending Bob Olson (NPL) to the back side with hopes of a rematch in the final. Robert Niemeyer (NPL), however, had other plans and Bob finished his quest in 3rd place ($550). Robert had a much longer road to get to the final but found himself pretty much a spectator in the final as Matt "just didn't miss" as he dominated the match 8-1 and left no question as to who was the Champ this time around.

With a record 106 Entries in the Women’s Open Singles taking to the tables on Wednesday, Kathy Pridgen (CWY) and Melyssa Chasteen (CPL) had their work cut out for them to make it to the finals and they did not disappoint. Both women played very well throughout Wednesday and Thursday, remaining undefeated until they met each other in the point match. Kathy defeated many worthy opponents with scores like 5-1, 5-2, 5-0; she went hill/hill with Laurie Hardie, who finished 4th. Melyssa faced equally skilled players in her quest to the point match. When Kathy and Melyssa met the first time, it was a tight fought battle that went hill/hill. Kathy came out on top, sending Melyssa to the B-side. Almost a full day later, Melyssa played Adele Evans for a chance at Kathy again and was fiercely determined, beating Adele 5-0. Friday evening at 5pm, the two ladies met again to decide who would be crowned. Kathy was on a roll and it didn’t stop; she took the final match, only allowing Melyssa 3 games. Kathy remained undefeated, winning $800, the title Women’s Open Champion, and FREE entry to the 2013 BCAPL National 9-Ball Championships in Las Vegas, courtesy of CSI. Western BCA wishes to express their thanks to CSI and BCAPL for their continued support of Northwest players.

34 Master Women took to the tables Thursday morning. By Friday evening only two remained. Both Andrena Browne (EV) and Deby Welfringer (NPL) marched through the winner's side of the WMS's bracket undefeated until they met up with each other to play for the point. Andrena won that match and sent Deby to the back side where she played Diane Krause (EV) to see who would continue on to the finals. Diane had to settle for 3rd and $325. Deby and Andrena squared off once again with the championship on the line. Deby broke the first game and scratched and it looked like Andrena would run out but she faltered on the 9-ball, giving Deby another chance and the win. Andrena took game 2. Deby controlled her break in game 3 and ran out to take a 2-1 lead. The next 2 games were back and forth affairs with Deby coming out on top of both and extending her lead to 4-1. Andrena rallied back to get the next 2 games and get herself in the match (4-3). Game 8 was a quick one with Andrena scratching on the 2-Ball and setting up a 2-9 combo for Deby to put her on the hill (5-3). Deby took game 9 with some good safety play and a nice 7 ball run to close out the match and force a 2nd. This time Andrena broke in Game 1 and worked her way to a 6-9 combo to take the game. Game 2 was almost a replay of the first game of the match with Deby breaking and fouling but this time Andrena didn't falter and ran out for the win (2-0). Deby then took control of the match and won the next 4 games (2-4) but Andrena was far from finished and took the next 3 games to get to the hill (5-4). Deby, still fighting, took game 10 and it was a race to one. Unfortunately for Deby, who would finish in 2nd place ($500), Andrena had the break and proceeded to snap the 9-Ball in for the title and $850.

The Men's Senior Singles is always a pleasure to watch. These players have been around and know the game and more than a few tricks. This final did not disappoint. Greg Cantrall (NPL) went undefeated to await a challenger in the final. Vernon Joe (WWA) got a look at Mr. Cantrall on the winner side of the bracket, but was sent to the back side. It took 3 matches, but Vernon got into the final and another go at Greg early Friday afternoon. Game 1 ended with both men having a shot at banking the 9-ball and missing. Vernon closed out the game to take the early lead (1-0). It was all Greg the next three games and the lead was his for the moment (3-1). Vernon answered with a break and run in game 5 (3-2) and then evened the match with a win in game 6 (3-3). Greg showed some nice cue ball control to take game 7 and the hill (4-3). Greg took off in game 8 until he hooked himself on the 5-ball and scratched on his jump attempt. Vernon ran out and he, too, was on the hill. In what would be the last game of the match, Vernon made a ball on the break but missed the 1-ball. Greg had to play a safety, leaving Vernon a 1-5 combo. He made that but, again, could not pocket the 1-ball. Greg finally made it but hooked himself on the 3-ball and fouled kicking at it. Vernon had the game in hand until he got out of line on the 9-ball and scratched, forcing him to settle for 2nd place and $290. The 9-ball and the match would go to Greg along with a check for $430.

The Grand Masters had their own singles brackets this time - 9 in each. There were some great matches played between our best players and the finals in each were among the best. In the Women’s bracket, Cindy Doty (NPL) played Cindy Sliva (NPL) for the point. Cindy S. went to the final; Cindy D. went to the back side to face Kim Jones (LTD) for the other spot in the final. Kim prevailed and Cindy D. ended her singles in 3rd place ($175). Kim broke dry in game 1, Cindy Sliva had to play a couple of safeties before Kim fouled and she was able to set up a 2-9 combo to take the game (1-0). Cindy dry broke in game 2 and Kim got to work but fouled on the 3-ball, giving the table and game to Cindy (2-0). Kim took control of game 3, including a pair of killer safeties, and closed out the game (2-1). Another dry break gave the table to Kim, who ran out and evened the match (2-2). But that was it for Kim, as Cindy marched through the next 4 games to get on the hill with a big lead in the match (6-2). Game 8 started well for Kim, who pocketed 2 balls on the break and ran 3 more before she missed the 5-ball. Cindy took over and the game and match was all but over until her shot on the 9-ball, where nerves kicked in and she missed. But Kim missed, too, and Cindy made sure she finished it for the Championship trophy and $1000. Kim graciously accepted 2nd place and a $420 prize.

And last but by no means least, the Grand Master men got their chance at the tables. Many of the matches on the way to the final were superb but I think it is safe to say that the final between Stan Tourangeau (LTD) and Dan Louie (LTD) was one of the best matches ever played in Western BCA regional history. Dan won the lag but fouled on the break. Stan ran out (1-0). Stan broke in game 2 and had to kick at the 1-Ball. Dan made the 1-Ball but had to play a safety on the 2 resulting in Stan fouling. Dan ran out (1-1). Game 3 was a quick one, Dan broke and ran 3 balls before fouling giving Stan a 3-9 combo and game over (2-1). The next two games were break and runs (3-2). Stan made 2 balls on the break in game 6 but had to play safe on the 1-Ball. Dan kicked and missed. Stan ran out (4-2). Dan broke game 7, pocketing the 4-Ball but had to safety the 1-Ball and it wasn't, safe that is. Stan ran 3 balls and had a goofy shot on the 6-Ball that missed. Dan started with banking the 6-Ball to get shape on the 7 and ran out (4-3). Stan broke and had to roll out but Dan gave it back and he was only able to make a good hit on the 1-Ball. Dan ran out (4-4). Dan made 2 balls on the break in game 9 and ran to the 6 and had to play safe. Stan tried to play safe back but left Dan a shot. Dan ran out (5-4). Stan dry broke game 10. Dan pocketed the 2 -Ball on a jump but got out of line on the 3 and missed. Stan ran out (5-5). The next three games were all Dan Louie: break and run, run out after Stan's dry break and another break and run (8-5). Stan broke game 14 making 2 balls but no shape. Safeties were traded, Dan's was a little better. Stan could only make a good hit. Dan ran out (9-4). The double dip was on.

Dan started where he left off by taking the first 3 games of the final part II (3-0). Stan got game 4, taking advantage of a rare error by Dan (3-1). Dan answered with a break and run in game 5 (4-1). The next 3 games can be summed up in 3 words: Dan ran out (7-1). Stan kicked it up a gear and ran out in game 9 after playing a couple of safeties until Dan fouled (7-2). Stan broke and ran the next game (7-3) and was crawling back into the match. Dan broke in game 11 but had to play a safe on the 2-Ball. Stan was only able to make a good hit and Dan ran out and was on the hill (8-3). Do or die time for Stan. The next 2 games weren't particularly pretty but Stan got them both (8-5). Game 14 started with Stan breaking and rolling out. Dan played a safety. Stan kicked and missed but left Dan tough. Dan then kicked the 3-Ball into the corner pocket. 3 balls later, Dan missed a bank on the 5-Ball. Stan fouled on the 5-Ball and Dan, left with a messy table, found a way to run out. Match over (9-5). Stan took home $515. Dan, who was just too much for Stan today, accepted the 1st place trophy and a check for $1200. GREAT MATCH!

Friday evening can only mean one thing, Teams. There were three divisions this time, including the new Men's B/Mixed Teams. There were 51 teams in this division going all out for a 1st place prize of $1380. LTD's The Islanders (Ernie Johnson, Dexter Lewis and Ryan Skaggs) reached the finals undefeated. NPL's Malarkeys (Jose Aquino, Seth Cumby and Brad Laskowski) played The Islanders for the point and lost but went to the back side with hopes of a rematch in the final. And they got it after besting LTD's Troubleshooters (John Kiske, Terry Takeuchi and Steve Tamura) in the match for 3rd place ($660). The Islanders again proved to be a bit too much for Malarkeys, who finished in 2nd place ($945). The Islanders took home $1380.

The Women's Team division was almost as big with 49 teams hoping to be the Champs and $1740 richer when all was said and done. CPL's Ballad Town Babes (Melyssa Chasteen, Tammy Holcomb and Rebecca Slyter), all Open players, declared their intent to do just that by reaching the point. As with the Men'sB, the point match would be repeated in the final. INL's Cotton Club (Sharon Bledsoe, Phyllis Fernandez and Alicia Kvasnicka) had to play one match on the back side to make that happen. The held on against LTD's Have a Little Faith (Debbie Cicchitti, Kimberly Kirk and Faith Morfin) who would finish in 3rd place ($825) and they were in the final. The Ballad Town Babes came to play and didn't waste any time putting their opponent away in spite of strong play by The Cotton Club's Master player Phyllis Fernandez, who won 3 games for her team. Lead by Melyssa Chasteen's 4 wins and support from Rebecca with 3 and Tammy with 2, the Babes took the crown and $1740 in well under an hour. The Cotton Club girls earned $1200 for 2nd place.

The Men's/Mixed Team division fielded 88 teams. Again the point match teams would meet again in the finals. LTD's Three Marvells (Jim Benton, Don Rachels and Stan Tourangeau) won the point match against LTD's DJ Cues (Sean Lewis, John Te and Carl Tibbetts). DJ's one match on the back side would be a rematch for them as well against The DeLuna Gang (Paul DeLuna, Greg Garcia and Chad Bisconer) who they sent home in 3rd place ($1320). The final was quite a match. Round 1 was back and forth all the way to the end with DJ's John Te facing off in the hill game against Marvell's Don Rachels. John made a nice back cut on the 3-ball but the 4-ball was blocked by the 9 so he tried a difficult combo and missed. Don ran off 3 balls but had a tough 7-ball and missed it. John took over and ran out for the match and the double dip.

The first 2 games of Round 2 were again back and forth. Come game 4, however, DJ Cues got serious and held the Marvells to just one game win in each of the next three rounds and the match was over 11-7. The Three Marvells received $1830 for their efforts. Stan and Jim each won 3 games and Jim had a 9-ball break and a break and run. DJs were lead by Carl with 5 wins including a 9-ball break, John and Sean, with 3 games each, sealed the deal and DJ Cues took 1st place and $2505.

Along the way there were raffles and drawings. Chinook Winds again offered cash prized to all entrants. The winners were Derek Jackson (NPL-$250), Tim Desmarais (CWY-$150) and Ricky Copeland (MID-$100). At the Chinook Winds Winners Circle Desk there were daily (Wed-Sat) drawings for Sand Dollars with 6 winners each day. Western BCA's giveaway list was posted and 40 winners collected assorted pool equipment and accessories and gift certificates for meals from some of the local restaurants (Mo's, Maxwell's and Gallucci's) who support our regional tournaments. The Grand Prize Winners (lodging stays) were Terry Erdman (CPL-Horizon Rentals), Hershel Blaylock (NPL-Motel 6) and Jerald Davenport (CC-Ashley Inn). Winning a week's stay at Chinook Winds Casino Resort for using their Winner's Circle Cards around the Casino were Top Slot Player Shawn Gibson (MID) and Top Table Player Toshi Moriguchi (LTD). Special thanks go out to Ernie Omori and McDermott for donating cues to be raffled, with the proceeds going directly to the benefit of the players. The McDermott cue was won by Kathy Sculley (MTV) and the Ernie Omori went home with Elaine Eberly (LTD). Both ladies were very pleased with their prizes. Congratulations to all.

This tournament was made possible by the efforts of countless Western BCA volunteers working before, during and after the event, our proud sponsors and vendors, and our fabulous host Chinook Winds Casino Resort. Darryl Farley's Referee Staff and the Bad Boys Crew kept things moving and our own Tournament Officials (Steve Marker, Andrew Monstis and Ray Cunningham) handled whatever came their way. The Western BCA store staff (Dayle Stroup and Tammy Williams) sold event shirts as well as other merchandise. There are too many others to name but without them, this regional tournament would not be what it is today - the biggest and best 9-ball tournament in the region if not the country. Western BCA is looking forward to invading Lincoln City again in March for the 8-Ball Championships. Hope to see you all there!

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