2003 Western BCA 9-Ball Championships

October 22-26, 2003

Sunny Skies Greet Western BCA 2003 9-Ball Championships

Article by Jean Bartholomew
Photos courtesy of Darin Walding

This had to be one of the best weeks at the beach for this tournament. The weather was just gorgeous all week. This is unheard of in Oregon in late October. It was definitely shorts and t-shirt weather. The only thing wrong was that the tournament was indoors at Chinook Winds Casino Resort.

This tournament was a huge success and I believe everyone who came had a wonderful time. There were many new to this tourney, both players and teams. Good players, all. Welcome. This event features some of the top players in the Northwest and the caliber of play was super.

There was not any surprise to the Men’s Master Singles winner, namely Glenn Atwell. Rich Geiler, from the Seattle area, came in second. Ivan Doty, Longview, had a respectable 3rd place finish with Bill Rosenberry from down south in Eugene finishing fourth. Justin Lilje and Dave Thompson were 5/6th and Russell Cearley and Dave Randall were 7/8th. All of these men played topnotch pool and, but for a roll or two, it could have been different. Congratulations to you all.

In the Women’s Master Singles, Martha Hartsell bested the rest. She is playing at the top of her game and we wish her well in the coming pro event. Cindy Doty came in second, with Kris Robbins at third. Barb Thompson finished a very nice fourth. Phyllis Fernandez and Jackie Fitchner were 5/6th. Nice going, Ladies.

The Master Mixed Scotch Doubles was won by Glenn Atwell and Andrea Saenz-Maes in the toughest ever field of 40. Elce and Kitchner were second, Marcoulier and Marcoulier were third and Jensen and Jensen were fourth.

Open Mixed Scotch Doubles went to Anderson and Elder by beating Welch and Mahaffey. Third was Smith and Dierks and fourth went to Seal and Valdez.

The Men’s Open Singles division featured Brett Seylor in the winner’s position. Dan Hart was second, Jeff Jerome was third and Tom Lyons was 4th. There was a field of 339 players, so just getting in the money was quite a feat.

Shari Ross came out on top in the Women’s Open Singles division with some excellent play. Marian Henderson got second place. Karla Bagley was third and Liz Cole, at her first BCA tournament came charging from the backside to get fourth.

In the 3 person Men’s Teams, Jim Davenport, Dan Hart and Dana Aldridge pooled their talents to win first place in the 101 team bracket. They represented Riverside Billiards and Blues. The Islanders were second, O.C. (Oregon City) were third and Deadly Strokes were fourth. Bounty Hunters and Woodys II were 5/6th, The Mad Dogs and On the Wire Gang were 7/8th. In 9-12th were The Silver Bullets, Wanna B’s, WooWaha and No Respect. 13-16th were M’Out, 2 P & C, Loss Loco Lobos and Shelske, Rabito and Amazon. Rounding out the team were Sexton, Cully and Vego, Hippie Stories, Team Fury Puyallup Elks, Medical Necessity, Rackrunners, NE140 and B.B.M.

Harvey’s Not Real (Shari Griffin, Janie Rickard and Margi Avlon) came through the Women’s Team division to claim the title. They were followed by Treacherous Wenches in second, Jackies Jezebels in third and team WAM in fourth. Rounding out the women’s finishers were Make It Simple – 5th, The She Hawks and Ol’Tima – 7/8th, and Harvey’s Not Really A Team, Don’t Go There, Noti Heartbreakers and Black Horse – 9-12th.

Congratulations to everyone and we hope to see you in March at the 8-Ball Championships.

1st Glenn Atwell/Andrea Saenz-Maes 1st Anderson/Melanie Elder
2nd Elce/Kitchner 2nd Ken Welch/Bonnie Mahaffey
3rd Jason Marcoulier/Kendra Marcoulier 3rd Smith/Dierks
4th Mike Jensen/Rosie Jensen 4th Marvin Seal/Julie Valdez
1st Glenn Atwell 1st Martha Hartsell
2nd Rich Geiler 2nd Cindy Doty
3rd Bill Rosenberry 3rd Kris Robbins
4th Ivan Doty 4th Barb Thompson
5/6th Justin Lilje, Dave Thompson 5/6th Phyllis Fernandez, Jackie Fitchner
7/8th Russell Cearley, Dave Randall    
1st Brett Seylor 1st Shari Ross
2nd Dan Hart 2nd Marian Henderson
3rd Jeff Jerome 3rd Karla Bagley
4th Tom Lyons 4th Liz Cole
1st Riverside Billiards & Blues/Jim Davenport, Dan Hart, Dana Aldridge 1st Harvey's Not Real/Sherry Griffin, Janie Rickard, Margie Avlon
2nd The Islanders 2nd Treacherous Wenches
3rd O.C. (Oregon City) 3rd Jackies Jezebels
4th Deadly Strokes 4th WAM
5/6th Bounty Hunters, Woody's II 5/6th Make it Simple
7/8th The Mad Dogs, On the Wire Gang 7/8th The She Hawks, Ol'Tima
9-12th The Silver Bullets, Wanna B's, WooWaha and No Respect 9-12th Harvey's Not Really a Team, Don't Go There,
13-16th M'Out/2, P&C, Loss Loco Lobos and Schelske,Rabito and Amazon   Noti HeartBreakers, Black Horse
17-24th Hippie Stories, Team Fury, Puyallup Elks, Medical Necessity,    
  NE 140, B.B.M. and Sexton, Cully & Vego