WriteUp & Results

5th Annual Western BCA Regional 9-Ball Championships
October 23-27, 2002

Craig Arnold's Scotch Doubles Masters presentation:
I usually just present the trophies and get out of the way but this time I'd like to say something before I present this . . . I've known Ted and Jo Woodward since before they were Ted and Jo, and since then they have become the scourge of scotch doubles events everywhere. You won't find finer ambassadors for the game of pool, nor will you find more gracious competitors. It's about time ... the 2002 Scotch Doubles Masters Champions, Ted and Jo Woodward.

Jean Bartholomew writes:  I have just returned from the Lincoln City area where the 5th Annual Western BCA 9-Ball tournament was held. It was probably the most exciting tournament with the highest caliber of pool to date. Most of the matches were highly competitive by each person playing. Some of the best pool was played, of any tournament, anywhere.

Probably the best of the rest was the match between Glenn Atwell and Tony Balzas. Both are top Northwest players. Tony handled Glenn with some of the most flawless play ever. Actually, Glenn never had much opportunity to get to the table offensively. Tony bested Glenn to put him on the losers side. Glenn worked his way back with an emphatic win over Russell Cearcy and the 2nd chance at Tony in the finals. It was instant replay of the first time around for Glenn and a second place finish. Tony won the Master's Singles title and definitely played the solidest of a very tough field. This young man has a tremendous future in competitive billiards. Congratulations Tony!

On the Women's side, Josie Leroy is a tough, up-coming Lady poolplayer from Newberg, Oregon, who gave Barbara Thompson of Vancouver, WA a tough time for the Ladies Masters title. Barbara is a very solid player, with a smooth stroke, known to be very hard to beat in local tournaments, and she is a gracious competitor, always. You've earned it Barb...Great going!

The weather was superb the whole week and everyone enjoyed themselves with the tournament operations being handled by Gary Benson and all ran smoothly. It was nice to welcome Charlotte Hagen back, after her recent medical problems. We missed Harry Peterson, who is gravely ill, and wish him a full recovery very soon. We look forward to the 8th Annual 8-Ball to be held at Chinook Winds in February. It should be another winner. We look forward to seeing everyone there.

Master Mixed Scotch Doubles (33 entries) Open Mixed Scotch Doubles (6 entries) Men's/Mixed Teams (85 entries)
Men's Master Singles (49 entries) Women's Master Singles (24 entries) Women's Teams (34 entries)
Men's Open Singles (196 entries) Women's Open Singles (75 entries)  
Pictured from top left: Master Scotch Doubles Champions Ted & Jo Woordard, Men's Master Champion Tony Balzer, Women's Master Champion Barb Thompson, Women's Open Champion Anna Dibben, Men's Open Champion Jon Viebrock, Men's/Mixed Team Champions Anger Management: Jesse Allred, Darrold Crain & John Cassidy and Women's Team Champions Got Cheese?: Ann Brandt, Catherine Tran & Carissa Biggs.

Master Mixed Scotch Doubles return to list

    Place Prize Players Place Prize Players
Total Entries 33 1st $900 Ted Woodward Jo Woodward 7th/8th $125 Glenn Atwell Julie Burney
Entry Fee $80 2nd $600 Russell Cearley Kris Robbins 7th/8th $125 Mike Jensen Rosie Jensen
Entry Fees $2640 3rd $450 Dennis Blackwell Jackie Fitchner 9th-12th $75 Dave Thompson Barb Thompson
Added Money $560 4th $300 Mike Stevens Cindy Doty 9th-12th $75 Larson Larson
Total Payout $3200 5th/6th $200 Steve Lingelbach Carissa Biggs 9th-12th $75 Gray Andrea Saenz-Maes
    5th/6th $200 Tony Balzer Annie Gay 9th-12th $75 Deal Thomas

Open Mixed Scotch Doubles return to list

    Place Prize Players Place Prize Players
Total Entries 61 1st $750 Phillipe Young 9th-12th $125 Johnson Harrison
Entry Fee $60 2nd $550 Burdick Burdick 9th-12th $125 Bisconner Fox
Entry Fees $3660 3rd $400 Brandt Wiita 9th-12th $125 Kirkland Elder
Added Money $0 4th $300 Medlin Valdez 9th-12th $125 Dahlberg Garza
Total Payout $3660 5th/6th $215 Gelow Aust 13th-16th $100 Harrison Cassle
    5th/6th $215 Barnard Cook 13th-16th $100 Smart Moonen
    7th/8th $165 Morin Patrick-Fleming 13th-16th $100 Adams Kilian
    7th/8th $165 Rubina Price 13th-16th $100 Moore McGuire

Men's Master Singles return to list

Total Entries 49 Place Prize Player Place Prize Player Place Prize Player
Entry Fee $40 1st $900 Tony Balzer 5th/6th $200 Ricky Copeland 9th-12th $80 Jay Collins
Entry Fees $1960 2nd $600 Glenn Atwell 5th/6th $200 Mike Stevens 9th-12th $80 Kevin Fong
Added Money $1200 3rd $400 Russell Cearley 7th/8th $120 Jason Marcoulier 9th-12th $80 Andrew Monstis
Total Payout $3160 4th $300 John Cassidy 7th/8th $120 Tyler Luce 9th-12th $80 Curt Allen

Women's Master Singles return to list

Total Entries 24 Place Prize Player Place Prize Player
Entry Fee $40 1st $600 Barb Thompson 4th $150 Martha Hartsell
Entry Fees 4963 2nd $400 Josie LeRoy 5th/6th $80 Jo Woodward
Added Money $600 3rd $250 Andrea Saenz-Maes 5th/6th $80 Becky Mowdy
Total Payout $1560  

Men's Open Singles return to list

    Place Prize Player Place Prize Player Place Prize Player
Total Entries 196 1st $800 Jon Viebrock 7th/8th $200 Ken Klepp 13th-16th $120 David Butler
Entry Fee $30 2nd $600 George Colon 7th/8th $200 Allan Smart 13th-16th $120 John Strout
Entry Fees $5880 3rd $400 Mike Patterson 9th-12th $160 Joe Evinger 13th-16th $120 Jake Morin
Added Money $0 4th $300 William Harrison 9th-12th $160 Owen Grady 13th-16th $120 Todd Gooch
Total Payout $5880 5th/6th $250 Victor Noyola 9th-12th $160 Jim Raxter      
    5th/6th $250 Dennis Blackwell 9th-12th $160 Jack Rubino      

Women's Open Singles return to list

      Place Prize Player Place Prize Player Place Prize Player
  Total Entries 75 1st $500 Anna Dibben 7th/8th $85 Kim Sijer 13th-16th $45 Shawn Killian
  Entry Fee $30 2nd $300 Amanda James 7th/8th $85 Chelsea Davis 13th-16th $45 Natalie Wiita
  Entry Fees $2250 3rd $200 Georgia Cassell 9th-12th $65 Bonnie Mahaffey 13th-16th $45 Michele Garze
  Added Money $0 4th $160 Betty Broussard 9th-12th $65 Niki Phillip 13th-16th $45 Julie Valdez
  Total Payout $2250 5th/6th $120 Marian Harrison 9th-12th $65 Patti Lilenthal      
      5th/6th $120 Karla Bagley-Tias 9th-12th $65 Denise Vaughn      

Men's/Mixed Teams return to list

    Place Prize Team Name Place Prize Team Name Place Prize Team Name
Total Entries 85 1st $2100 Anger Management 9th-12th $210 JD's Sports Pub 17th-24th $90 Hodge Pough
Entry Fee $90 2nd $1500 D.B.S. 9th-12th $210 TripleThreat 17th-24th $90 Shawn's the Captain
Entry Fees $7650 3rd $1140 Shuld's Team 9th-12th $210 5 Minute Special 17th-24th $90 Triumverate
Added Money $1770 4th $840 Schindler's List 9th-12th $210 The Edge 17th-24th $90 High Desert Sharks
Total Payout $9420 5th/6th $540 The Force 13th-16th $135 Freedom Fighters 17th-24th $90 Who Whaas
    5th/6th $540 Heavyweights 13th-16th $135 Q Street 1 17th-24th $90 Q Street Six
    7th/8th $330 The Mod Squad 13th-16th $135 Mispent Youtn 17th-24th $90 Rainier Express
    7th/8th $330 Just Kidding 13th-16th $135 Peking Duck Sitting 17th-24th $90 Noti Tableraiders

Women's Teams return to list

Total Entries 34 Place Prize Team Name Place Prize Team Name Place Prize Team Name
Entry Fee $90 1st $1140 Got Cheese 5th/6th $210 Can't Remember 9th-12th $120 Chicks w/Sticks
Entry Fees $3060 2nd $780 H K & Assoc 5th/6th $210 Schmoe and Friends 9th-12th $120 3 to Go
Added $$ $930 3rd $540 Don't Go There 7th/8th $150 Strokin' Roses 9th-12th $120 Noti HeartBreakers
Total Payout $3990 4th $330 O Teed Off 7th/8th $150 Triple S Threat 9th-12th $120 Betty Boops