22nd Annual Western BCA 9-Ball Championships

March 12-19, 2017

Chinook Winds Casino Resort — Lincoln City, Oregon

Chinook Winds Welcomes Record Number of Players to 8-Ball Championships

By Robbin Iredale

Even the somewhat inhospitable Oregon coast March weather couldn’t stop a record breaking number of players from coming to the 22nd Annual Western BCA 8-Ball Championships March 12-19, 2017.  Chinook Winds Casino Resort again rolled out the red carpet for 1447 players who came to play in the 15 divisions offered.  Whether it was Mixed Scotch Doubles, Singles or Teams, the players came to get their portion of the almost $137,000 up for grabs. 

The 8-Ball Championships were again preceded by the 4th Annual Chinook Winds Open 8-Ball Championships, beginning on Thursday, March 11, 2017.  Hopefully, you were able to come and see some of the greats of our game play as well as some of our own players turn in some pretty good performances.  If not, recorded videos are available and the full article is posted separately on the Western BCA website. 

Fun Night was Saturday, March 11.  Besides the usual Mini-Tournaments, handicapped 10-Ball and lots of tables for practice, the finals of the CWO were also going on.  Needless to say, the room was packed.  The handicapped 10-Ball drew 46 players from all divisions wanting that first taste of competition.  In the end, GrandMaster Stan Tourangeau (LTD) played Open A player Jerald Davenport (CC) for the $250 first place prize.  Stan didn’t let a little thing like giving his opponent a couple of games slow him down as he won 1st place and $250.  Jerald, in 2nd place got $150.  Others cashing were:  3/4th ($80) David Bersenadze (LTD) and Dave Chavez (NPL), 5-8th ($40) Ben Merton (NPL), Clifford Maxson (NPL), John Carnes (LTD) and Ed Slade (LTD) and 9-12th ($25) Jason Hecock (LTD), Randy White (NPL), Jared Santoyo, Linn Petty (EV), Kirsten Fery (NPL), Tina Krause (NPL), Scott Chandler (LTD), Pat Gamble (MTV).

Mixed Scotch Doubles lead off the Championships on Sunday Morning at 9am.  An astounding 178 couples came together to play for the title of Open Mixed Scotch Doubles Champion, up from 166 in 2016.  At the end of the day, the field was whittled down to 30 pairs.  The front side played out, with the hot seat match between Paul Ward/Christy Morgan (INL) and Chris Rodriguez/Madalina Moreno (INL) going to Paul/Christy 4-3.  With their spot in the final secure, they waited to see who would come through the back side and Chris/Madalina waited to see who they’d have to overcome to get another shot at Paul/Christy.  Anthony Wahpat/Dyamelle Castilleja (YAK) got to the back side point match and no further, as Chris/Madalina wasted no time sending them home in 3rd place/$1210 with a 3-0 win.  The final was a repeat of the hot seat match with the same result.  The two pairs alternated wins to get to hill-hill.  Chris/Madalina had the break but broke dry. That was all Paul/Christy needed, as they ran out and claimed the title and the $2050 prize.  Chris/Madalina got 2nd place and $1570.

The Master Mixed Scotch Doubles Division featured 53 pairs, including some past champions and finalists.  This time around, former champions Mike Stevens/Cindy Doty (NPL) would square off against Tommy Sliva/Cindy Sliva (NPL) for the hot seat.  Mike/Cindy were a little too much for the Sliva siblings and they secured their spot in the final 5-2.  Eddie Mataya/Regene McConnell (NPL/LTD), runner ups at last March’s 8-Ball Championships, met Tommy/Cindy in the back side point match, with a seat in the final on the line.  Eddie/Regene got their shot at redemption, winning 4-2 and leaving Tommy/Cindy in 3rd place/$1320 and moving on to the final.  But Mike/Cindy, after going several tournaments without even getting into the finals, much less winning, were hungry for a championship finish.  Eddie/Regene took game 1.  Then Mike/Cindy reeled off 3 wins to lead the match 3-1.  Game 5 was a grueling safety game, finally going to Eddie/Regene.  Eddie/Regene made a nice runout in game 6 and the match was even at 3-3.  Mike/Cindy answered with a runout of their own in game 7 and had the lead 4-3.  For a minute.  Cindy broke dry in game 8 and Eddie/Regene ran out to get to hill-hill.  The decider had a little bit of everything, a dry break by Regene, uncharacteristic misses on both sides and a brilliant set up shot by Mike to get Cindy on the 8 pointing her at the only pocket the 8-Ball had.  Cindy drilled it in and the crown was theirs.
Eddie/Regene, runner ups again, collected $1860 for 2nd place and the Champs accepted their well earned check for $2650. 

On to Singles.  The Men’s B Singles got underway on Monday at 3pm with 313 (same as last year) on the hunt for the title.  It would take awhile.  By the end of play on Tuesday, there were just 24 remaining with hopes intact.  On the front side, Ricky Ford (LTD) and Joel Rice (EV) met in the hot seat match with Ricky clinching a seat in the final 4-1.  Ramon Gutierrez (YAK) made it to the back side semi against Joel but couldn’t overtake him so left in 3rd place ($820).  Joel and Ricky again went at it.  Joel got off to a good start this time, taking the first set and hoping for a double dip.  Ricky had a different outcome in mind and took the second set 4-2.  Congratulations to Joel Rice for his 2nd place finish ($1075) and Ricky Ford for his first place win ($1450).

Tuesday, 9am saw the beginning of the Men’s Senior Singles.  With just 40 entries, somewhat down from previous years, these experienced and cunning gentlemen still put on a good show.  David Pasciyo (LINC) and Dave Thompson (NPL) played through the front side to the hot seat match.  David took the match 5-3.  Dave went to the back side, hoping for a rematch but Mike (Doc) Troupe had other plans for the final which didn’t include Dave Thompson (3rd/$325).  This final was yet another two set final with the back side survivor (Mike/2nd place/$450) taking the first set 5-3 and the hot seat winner (David Pasciyo/1st/$650), in a tight decider match, going the distance for the win 5-4.
Great shooting, gentlemen. 

Next to hit the tables at 3pm on Tuesday, was the Men’s A Singles with 222 men (a new high).  By Wednesday noon, the front side had played down to the hot seat match between Shaun Kougioulis (TIO) and Steve Rijon (INL).  Shaun took that match 5-3 to advance to the final.  Again the final would be a redo of the hot seat match.  Steve took care of Tony Dunlap (3rd place/$1025) 5-2 to get another shot at Shaun.  Again, a double dip became a possibility, as Steve took the first set 5-3.  Again, it wasn’t meant to be, as Shaun settled down and closed out the hard fought second set that went to a hill-hill decider. The final score was 5-4, Steve finished in 2nd place ($1375) and Shaun secured the title ($1850).

The Women’s B Singles fielded 101 women, finally pushing this division over 100 entries.  They got going at 9am on Wednesday.  Julie Fraser (NPL) played her way into the final undefeated, sending Tina Wiegardt (LCP) to the back side after a 4-3 hot seat match win.  Tina and Kristi Skinner (LTD) met in the back side semi but Tina couldn’t quite hold Kristi off, losing a tight match 3-4 and settling for 3rd place ($375).  Julie, with friends and family watching, took control of the match and closed it out 4-1 with a great shot on the last 8-Ball.  Kristi left in 2nd place ($510) and a very happy Julie accepted the title and $700.

9am on Wednesday also saw the start of the Women’s Senior Singles.  This is traditionally a small bracket, 8 this time, but these ladies fight just as hard as anyone.  When all was said and done, Pam Carraway (MTV) was 3rd ($50), Sandra Frazier was 2nd ($100) and Dani Hinshaw was the new Champion, collecting the $225 first place prize.

A third division also got going on Wednesday at 9am.  The Men’s GrandMaster/Master Singles featured 75 (down slightly from last year’s event) of the best male shooters in our association.  Two men marched through the front side undefeated to get to the hot seat match.  It’s no surprise that both have been there before, veteran superstar Stan Tourangeau (LTD) and young rising star Chris Byers (RCB).  It was a tight match, going hill-hill.  Stan won the decider and would wait to see who would meet him in the final.  Eddie Mataya (NPL), who Chris had sent to the back side earlier, had to win four matches to get to the back side semi and face off against Chris again.  This time, Eddie was not to be denied as he took the match 6-4, leaving Chris in 3rd place/$825. 

As the match began, it was quite obvious that both men had come to play and they did not disappoint.  Both started with a break and run (1-1).  In game 3, Stan ran out after Eddie just missed a kick shot that Stan set up for him following a good safety (2-1).  Stan again ran out after Eddie missed his shape on the 4-Ball and had to jump, missing (3-1).  Eddie got the next two back and forth games, being patient and waiting for his chance to get himself back “on serve” (3-3).  The two again exchanged break and runs (4-4).  Game 7 was Eddie’s opportunity to get on the hill after Stan’s run ended when he fouled.  It wasn’t an easy out but Eddie worked it out to take the game (5-5).  The final game of the match was all Eddie, as he again broke and ran (6-5) and a possible double dip was on.

The second set started just as the first had, with both players exchanging break and runs (1-1).  Stan again took the next two games, capitalizing on errors in both games that got Stan to the table and able to close out the games (3-1).  A rare miss by Stan and Eddie’s good safety gave Eddie the chance he needed in game 5 (3-2).  Eddie got the next two games with a break and run in game 6 and a run out following Stan’s dry break in game 7 and he took the lead 4-3.  Eddie’s heart broke a little as he broke dry in game 8 and could only watch as Stan ran out (4-4).  Stan broke and ran in game 9 (5-4).  Eddie broke well in game 10 and looked to be on his way out but missed the 15-Ball.  Stan’s good safety resulted in a errant 13-Ball going in the wrong pocket and Stan was back at the table and that was it for Eddie (2nd/$1225) and Stan ran out and was Champion again ($1800).  It was a great match with only a very few mistakes being the difference.      

The Women’s A Singles took to the tables later on Wednesday with 77 entries, down 10 from 2016.
Kirsten Fery (NPL) and Talya Makus (LTD) went undefeated through the front side before meeting in the hot seat match.  Kirsten, playing very well, took that match handily 4-1 to await whoever would emerge from the back side.  Talya, also improving every tournament, wanted another go a Kirsten and had only to get by Robin Adams (NPL) to get her chance at Kirsten.  Talya did just that, sending Robin home in 3rd place ($450) in a close 4-3 win.  Talya took the first set of the final 4-2 to set up a possible double dip.  Kirsten, warmed up and ready to do battle, reversed the score to take the second set by the same 4-2 score.  Talya finished her singles in 2nd place ($635) and a happy Kirsten
accepted the title and first place check for $900.  

The Women’s GrandMaster/Master Singles, with 48 entries, got underway at 7pm Wednesday.
Cassie Francois (LTD), relatively new to the big pond, proved to be the surprise of the Singles events.
Cassie had to get past some strong masters and two grandmasters, Phyllis Fernandez (5-3) and Kim Jones (5-3), to find herself sitting on the hot seat, waiting for an opponent in the final.  Phyllis came halfway back before being stopped by Cindy Sliva (5-3).  Cindy was on her own quest, as she continued on to the back side semi with Kim.  Cindy won that match 5-3 leaving Kim in 3rd place/$530.  The final between Cassie and Cindy was a little David and Goliath-like with Goliath (Cindy) putting on the pressure from the git.  Cindy took the first set 5-3 and was very focused on securing the double dip.

Cassie took the first game of the second set but that was all she would get, as Cindy reeled off the next five games, including a nice table run in game 6 that started with her dry break.  Cassie got to the table but ran out of gas, leaving herself a difficult shot and missing and giving Cindy the opportunity to close out the match.  Cassie (2nd place/$775) had a great tournament and will no doubt be back with a vengeance.  Cindy Sliva’s 1st place/$1135, come from behind finish proved, once again, what a great champion she is.  Congratulations to both ladies for a fine tournament and a great final.

So ends the Singles, bring on the teams.  Two of the divisions increased while three decreased in number of entries.  Overall, there were three fewer teams than at last years 8-Ball but, inexplicably, the room seemed considerable fuller.  Well, here’s how the team competitions went, starting with the Men’s/Mixed B Teams.  NPL’s FARGO IN OCTOBER (Greg Garcia, Frank Blazon, Vic Albertson, Dave Chavez, Dan) sailed through the front side to get to the point match against KFB’s SIC EM ON A CHICKEN (Jonathan Berlt, Dale Eklund, Bryan Powless, Anthony Pruitt, Keith Thompson).  It was a hard fought match (11-10), with FARGO IN OCTOBER advancing to the final and SIC EM ON A CHICKEN going to the back side.  LTD’s BREAKING BAD HABITS (Mike Curran, Alex Haugen, Collin Jensen, Doug Lowe, Jeff Snyder) met a similar fate with their first meeting with FARGO IN OCTOBER, losing by the same 11-10 score and going to the back side where they had a slightly longer road to get to the back side semi.  BREAKING BAD HABITS was too much for SIC EM ON A CHICKEN (3rd place/$1325), as they went on to the final.  FARGO IN OCTOBER dominated the final match and won handily 11-6 over BREAKING BAD HABITS (2nd place/$1700) to claim 1st place and $2225.  Frank Blazon with 4 wins and Greg Garcia, with 3 wins, led their team to the victory.  [The Men’s B final was scheduled first up on the streaming tables at 11am on Sunday, but, for whatever reason, their bracket fell behind Saturday night and by the time they caught up, their window had closed as other brackets were ready to go and go they went.  Western BCA certainly apologized but on the last day of the tournament, it has to be first up and ready to go, goes.  Every effort is made to get all the finals on the streaming tables but sometimes it just doesn’t work out.]

By 1pm, there was a logjam of finals scheduled and it turned out that the Men’s/Mixed Master Teams were first to be ready to play on the streaming table.  There were 22 teams entered.  The road to the finals for one of them was direct, the other team took the scenic route.  LAST MINUTE (Randy Baker, Mike Stevens, Jackson McDonald, Jeff Coates, Chad Bisconer) arrived at the hot seat unbeaten.  FRENCHY’S GANG (Steve Lingelbach, Todd Speakman, Gary French, LeRoy Dorsey, Jeff Jerome) took the long way to the final, losing their first match and grinding through the back side.  Their last obstacle was SOUNDVIEW BAR & GRILL (Cody Clark, Jim Conway, Jeff Jimenez, Greg Odal, Ben Renteria, Ed Slade), who put of a good fight but fell short, losing 13-9 (3rd place/$1500).
The final was even at 8-8 after the first 16 games.  LAST MINUTE settled down and reeled off the next four games to get to the hill (12-8).  It looked all but over but FRENCHY’S GANG (2nd place/$2300) wasn’t ready to roll over as they won the next three games to draw to within one game (11-12).  Jackson McDonald clinched the championship for LAST MINUTE (1st place/$3600) with a great shot on the 8-Ball in the next game and it was over (13-11).  Standouts were Steve Lingelbach and Randy Baker with 4 game wins each. 

The women’s team finals were a different story, as both were potential double dip affairs.  The Women’s Open Team division, with 42 teams, got to their final next.  LTD’s HUSTLIN’ AGAIN (Talya Makus, Andy Ruth, Tina Tillett, Angie Verhoeven) went undefeated to the hot seat to await an opponent in the final.  Meanwhile, another LTD team, ICE BREAKERS (Dionne Alston, Larae Rabe, Angel Veliz, Tammy Culbertson) won two matches before going to the back side to make their way to the semi against the hot seat losers, CC’S SUPERFREAKS (Tricia Heintz, Donna Kingsbury, Ricci Poston, Kimber Sexton, Gayla Tully).  SUPERFREAKS (3rd place/$840) lost this semi 9-7 and ICE BREAKERS went on to the final.  ICE BREAKERS (2nd place/$1140) was hoping for a double dip, taking the first set 9-4.  HUSTLIN’ AGAIN (1st place/$1560), however, wasn’t having any of that, as they took the second set by the same 9-4 score and it was over. 

The Women’s Master Team division played out just as the Women’s Open Teams, only this time, the double dip was accomplished.  Here’s how it went.  OH NO YOU DIDN’T (Kim Jones, Sherry Griffin, Suwanna Kroll, Staci Moses) won the hot seat and waited.  CLAM JAMMERS (Stephanie Hefner, Nicole Donisi, Sheila Clark, Liz Cole) came through the back side, leaving CHALK DIRTY TO ME (Phyllis Fernandez, Cassie Francois, Patricia Tipton, Brenda Willis) in 3rd place/$600) and going on to the final.  In the first set, CLAM JAMMERS didn’t let OH NO YOU DIDN’T get going, winning 11-5.

In the second set, CLAM JAMMERS never let OH NO YOU DIDN’T get a lead as they went on to win the set and match 11-8.  Liz Cole and Sheila Clark led the team with 4 wins each.

Last but not least were the Men’s/Mixed Open Teams.  There were 76 teams in this division.  WWA’s REAL DEAL (Mike Randall, Andy Martin, Chad Hartje, Joe Stiner, Ron O’Grady) plowed through the front side undefeated to the hot seat.  NPL’s RESTING GAME FACE (Alex Blair, Tyrell Datwyler, Cliff Maxson, Eddie Parenti, Evan Smelser) took a longer route to the final, losing their first match, getting to the back side semi against EV’s 5 SHADES OF GRAY (Dan Beltran, Al Carver, Ken Cox, Danny DeFeniks, Linn Petty, Luke Watts), winning that match 13-8, sending 5 SHADES home in 3rd place/$1850) and going on to the final.  RESTING GAME FACE’s momentum held up through the first 18 games of the final.  At that point they were had a nice 11-7 lead and looked to be heading for a second set.  Not to be, however, as REAL DEAL came to life and reeled of the next 6 games and it was over with RESTING GAME FACE in 2nd place/$2375 and REAL DEAL the Champions/$3125. 
Andy Martin and Joe Stiner won 4 and 3 games respectively to lead the team. 

Throughout, there were Minis and 2nd Chance Tournaments.  There were raffles and drawings.  Of course, there was all the gambling, both on and off the tables, anyone could ask for.  There were a few nice days interspersed with the rain and wind, so many of us were able to take advantage of the beach.  What more could we ask for?  The next event, the 9-Ball Championships in October, should be interesting as FargoRate will have an impact on how our divisions are structured. 

As always, we would like to thank our sponsors:  Chinook Winds Casino Resort, Western BCA and Bud Light.  This event wouldn’t be possible without BadBoys Billiards Productions for providing the tables, bracketing and tournament direction, Darryl Farley’s national referee crew, and Lenny Marshall/OnTheRailTV who streamed and recorded countless matches throughout the event.  And last but not least, many thanks to the dedicated staff of Western BCA volunteers who give their time and expertise both prior to and at this event, to make this truly the biggest and best regional tournament in the country.

So, that’s a wrap.  See y’all in October!