22nd Annual Western BCA 8-Ball Championships

March 12-19, 2017

Chinook Winds Casino Resort — Lincoln City, Oregon


  Master Scotch Doubles (53 entries) Men's GM/Master Singles (75 entries) Women's GM/Master Singles (48 entries) Men's/Mixed Master Teams (22 entries)
  Open Scotch Doubles (178 entries) Men's A Singles (222 entries) Women's A Singles (76 entries) Men's/Mixed Open Teams (76 entries)
    Men's B Singles (315 entries) Women's B Singles (101 entries) Men's/Mixed B Teams (72 entries)
    Men's Senior Singles (40 entries) Women's Senior Singles (8 entries) Women's Master Teams (13 entries)
        Women's Open Teams (42 entries)

Master Mixed Scotch Doubles return to list

Place Prize Players   Place Prize Players
1st $2650 Mike Stevens and Cindy Doty   9-12th $330 Bob Olson and Andrea Saenz-Maes
2nd $1860 Regene Lane and Eddie Mataya   9-12th $330 Roger Goodman and Juliana Goodman
3rd $1320 Tommy Sliva and Cindy Sliva   9-12th $330 Michael Ottoboni and Larenda Davis
4th $930 Jackson McDonald and Josie Balius   9-12th $330 Jody DeRoest and Lisa Hanna
5/6th $660 Chad Bisconer and Barb Thompson   13-16th $230 Gord Gervais and Brenda Willis
5/6th $660 Chris Byers and Stephanie Hefner   13-16th $230 Kevin Fong and Melissa Rushton
7/8th $460 Clayton Foran and Misty Saldana   13-16th $230 Steve Tune and Carissa Biggs


Paul Marquez and Kirsten Fery   13-16th $230 Coryn Walker and Jason Fick

Open Mixed Scotch Doubles return to list

Place Prize Players Place Prize Players
1st $2050 Paul Ward and Christy Morgan 33-48th $140 Dave Thompson and Robin Adams
2nd $1570 Chris Rodriguez and Madalina Moreno 33-48th $140 Phil Squires and Elaine Eberly
3rd $1210 Anthony Wahpat and Dyamelle Castilleja 33-48th $140 Richard Ornelas and Sherry Scott
4th $920 Nikki Crane and Michael Atkisson 33-48th $140 Ashley Naglich and Jose Aquino
5/6th $710 Jake Dosch and Sharon Dosch 33-48th $140 Toshi Moriguchi and Gloria Villa
5/6th $710 Chuck Skeen and Tristen Tartaglia 33-48th $140 LaRae Rabe and Adam Veliz
7/8th $540 Kristin Cambas and Jeremy Gradwohl 33-48th $140 Wayne Greenhalgh and Bunny Williams
7/8th $540 Stanley Burklund and Angie VerHoeven 33-48th $140 John Sanders and Jenise Sanders
9-12th $420 Tyrel Datwyler and Jordan Oakes 33-48th $140 Jim Stiffler and Kate Morrell
9-12th $420 Ty Rich and Sue Eklund 33-48th $140 Dane Moler and Danielle Wright
9-12th $420 Tony Sandoval and Wanda Knigge 33-48th $140 Derek Brennan and Tanya Moser
9-12th $420 Donna Kingsbury and Shawn Self 33-48th $140 Jose Silva and Tammy Warford
13-16th $320 Jora Sandhu and Talya Makus 33-48th $140 Brian Kvasnicka and Alicia Kvasnicka
13-16th $320 Curtis Roth and Vi Brons 33-48th $140 Craig Oschmann and Sandra Oschmann
13-16th $320 Paul Allers and Dani Hinshaw 33-48th $140 Brian Tully and Gayla Tully
13-16th $320 Linn Petty and Judy Reaves 33-48th $140 Will Briscoe III and Kim Michaelson
17-24th $240 Jim Knappenberger and Alfreda Amyotte 49-64th $110 Scott Evans and Linda Evans
17-24th $240 Dave Chavez and Coleen Brower 49-64th $110 Nate Dunford and Cathy Dunford
17-24th $240 Sandra Frazier and Richard West 49-64th $110 Mario Peralta and Tina Peralta
17-24th $240 Rick Plummer and Kari Stevens 49-64th $110 Rick Kobayashi and Trish White
17-24th $240 Jeramy Daniels and Erica Daniels 49-64th $110 Ian Sharp and Lora Sharp
17-24th $240 Richard Sanford and Kellie Olson 49-64th $110 Todd Smith and Tracey Cunningham
17-24th $240 Tara Miller and Steve Ransom 49-64th $110 Larry Burnside and Donna Palmer
17-24th $240 Wesley Bledsoe and Sharon Bledsoe 49-64th $110 Deacon Pike and Linda Cassella
25-32nd $180 William Bagley and Windy Manuelito 49-64th $110 Tom Gudmundsen and Anjie Carnivale
25-32nd $180 Bob Anderson and Valerie Anderson 49-64th $110 Joe Shaffer and Amanda Smith
25-32nd $180 DC Craig and Ginny Bronson 49-64th $110 Mark Woods and Tracy Brachtenbach
25-32nd $180 Frankie Lam and Gail Hogan 49-64th $110 Ame' Farrell and Jeff Mee
25-32nd $180 Randy White and Lisa Anderson 49-64th $110 Fabian Jimenez and Debbie Simpson
25-32nd $180 Patrick Aarhaus and Jessica Aarhaus 49-64th $110 Kyle Tully and Jill Wilson
25-32nd $180 Claire Lewis and Eric Gibson 49-64th $110 Tyler Hanson and Linda Smith
25-32nd $180 Scott Carroll and Rimma Gounares 49-64th $110 Myron Hannigan and Patty Hayes

Men's GM/Master Singles return to list

Place Prize Player   Place Prize Player   Place Prize Player
1st $1800 Stan Tourangeau   9-12th $175 Steve Copher   17-24th $80 Matt Horner
2nd $1225 Eddie Mataya   9-12th $175 Paul Marquez   17-24th $80 Clayton Foran
3rd $825 Chris Byers   9-12th $175 David Bersenadze   17-24th $80 Bill Fuller
4th $560 Jason Young   9-12th $175 Jason Fick   17-24th $80 Michael Jensen
5/6th $380 Carl Tibbetts   13-16th $120 Mike Stevens   17-24th $80 Jack Ramsay
5/6th $380 Randy Baker   13-16th $120 John Lewis   17-24th $80 Rudy Friesen
7/8th $255 Bob Kolash   13-16th $120 Brookman Holmes   17-24th $80 Greg Brown
7/8th $255 Leo Violette   13-16th $120 Chad Bisconer   17-24th $80 Steven Weakly

Women's GM/Master Singles return to list

Place Prize Player   Place Prize Player   Place Prize Player
1st $1135 Cindy Sliva   7/8th $170 Stephanie Hefner   13-16th $75 CarlaJean Beers
2nd $775 Cassie Francois   7/8th $170 Phyllis Fernandez   13-16th $75 Liz Cole
3rd $530 Kim Jones   9-12th $115 Susan Preston   13-16th $75 Jennifer Acker
4th $365 Regene Lane   9-12th $115 Karla Bagley   13-16th $75 Cathy Gamble
5/6th $250 Cindy Doty   9-12th $115 Tricia Tipton        
5/6th $250 Lisa Hanna   9-12th $115 Cristy Barsky        

Men's A Singles return to list

Place Prize Player   Place Prize Player   Place Prize Player
1st $1850 Shaun Kougioulis   17-24th $175 Jeffrey Hurley   33-48th $95 Steve Mendoza
2nd $1375 Steve Rijon   17-24th $175 Jora Sandhu   33-48th $95 Greg McClellan
3rd $1025 Tony Dunlap   25-32nd $130 Tony Tipton   33-48th $95 Gavin Roderick
4th $765 Jeremy Gradwohl   25-32nd $130 Bill Anglin   33-48th $95 Ian Sharp
5/6th $570 Paul Ward   25-32nd $130 Tyler Hanson   49-64th $65 Albert Denego
5/6th $570 Jeramy Daniels   25-32nd $130 Dave Gest   49-64th $65 Doug McMullin
7/8th $425 Nick Buffin   25-32nd $130 Alex Lugo   49-64th $65 Jason Grijalva
7/8th $425 Anthony Abisado   25-32nd $130 Stan Combs Jr   49-64th $65 Clifford Maxson
9-12th $315 Chuck Skeen   25-32nd $130 Sivanhxay Singharaj   49-64th $65 Carlos Rodriguez
9-12th $315 Jose Aquino   25-32nd $130 DC Craig   49-64th $65 Sid Krumpe
9-12th $315 Slava Min   33-48th $95 Christopher White   49-64th $65 Adalberto Hernandez
9-12th $315 Jake Dosch   33-48th $95 Bill Nelson   49-64th $65 Rich Irving
13-16th $235 Lonnie Land   33-48th $95 Brian Carsten   49-64th $65 Dewey Walls
13-16th $235 Jeff Wells   33-48th $95 Mike Barroso   49-64th $65 Steve Waitt
13-16th $235 Mike Jensen   33-48th $95 Steve Pulido   49-64th $65 Steve Sessums
13-16th $235 Brandon Crum   33-48th $95 Chris Aldrich   49-64th $65 Anthony Wahpat
17-24th $175 Bob Prouty   33-48th $95 Chris Rodriguez   49-64th $65 Curtis Roth
17-24th $175 Jeff Snyder   33-48th $95 William S Nelson   49-64th $65 Andy Dalbey
17-24th $175 Wayne Greenhalgh   33-48th $95 Jeffrey Moore   49-64th $65 Tom Myers
17-24th $175 George Weiss   33-48th $95 Martin Peters   49-64th $65 Michael Kirby
17-24th $175 Ron Plaja   33-48th $95 Jason Coomes        
17-24th $175 Jody DeRoest   33-48th $95 Nathan Maines        

Men's B Singles return to list

Place Prize Player   Place Prize Player   Place Prize Player
1st $1450 Ricky Ford   33-48th $80 Vic Albertson   65-96th $45 Bryan Powless
2nd $1075 Joel Rice   33-48th $80 Lee Onasch   65-96th $45 Tony Parmar
3rd $820 Ramon Gutierrez   33-48th $80 Sam Alghabi   65-96th $45 Mike Dryden
4th $620 Bob Yutzie   33-48th $80 Tim Gragg   65-96th $45 Dominick Orejudos
5/6th $465 Jeff Kvasnicka   33-48th $80 Tom Mautino   65-96th $45 Schubert Moore
5/6th $465 Cleveland Harris   33-48th $80 Ruben Flores   65-96th $45 Mike Wagner
7/8th $345 Justin Rutledge   33-48th $80 Chuck Basney   65-96th $45 Bob Brown
7/8th $345 Jon Shimada   33-48th $80 Chuck Bannister   65-96th $45 Harvey Stanley
9-12th $260 Troy Clyde   33-48th $80 Keith Simonson   65-96th $45 Charlie Dotson
9-12th $260 Bob Ingram   33-48th $80 Jim Roberts   65-96th $45 Shawn Genengels
9-12th $260 Frank Blazon   33-48th $80 David Apodaca   65-96th $45 Ed Malgapo
9-12th $260 Bruce Thompson   33-48th $80 Jason Hecock   65-96th $45 Richard West
13-16th $200 Greg Garcia   33-48th $80 DJ Carlson   65-96th $45 Donald Sheldon
13-16th $200 Bill Norvell   33-48th $80 Rick Plummer   65-96th $45 Brock Brisby
13-16th $200 Hugh Remington   33-48th $80 Roger Colfax   65-96th $45 Mike Rinerson
13-16th $200 Cody White   33-48th $80 Bryan Gladstone   65-96th $45 Daniel Dudley
17-24th $150 Pat Kyle   49-64th $60 John Wallpe   65-96th $45 Mark Little
17-24th $150 Kurt Sheffler   49-64th $60 Ty Rich   65-96th $45 Eric Jorgenson
17-24th $150 Dale Eklund   49-64th $60 Stephen Tindall   65-96th $45 Scott Bush
17-24th $150 Paul Peek   49-64th $60 Rocky Fuller   65-96th $45 Paul Polendey
17-24th $150 Ernie Camacho   49-64th $60 Bruce Woollet   65-96th $45 Don Lewis
17-24th $150 Mike Flanigan   49-64th $60 Rick George   65-96th $45 Cody Wilson
17-24th $150 Jerry Beaver   49-64th $60 Rich Hanna   65-96th $45 Joe Perez Jr
17-24th $150 James Willis   49-64th $60 Doug Lowe   65-96th $45 Wesley Cumming
25-32nd $110 Patrick Guzman   49-64th $60 Anthony Derrick   65-96th $45 Lawrence Lucero
25-32nd $110 Tyler Jackson   49-64th $60 Chuck Fields   65-96th $45 Dave Brooks
25-32nd $110 Jim Price   49-64th $60 Bob Mathison   65-96th $45 Josh Morford
25-32nd $110 Jason Cutler   49-64th $60 Kyle Tully   65-96th $45 Mike Kurz
25-32nd $110 Robert Andrysek   49-64th $60 Robert Clark   65-96th $45 Corey Levin
25-32nd $110 Chris Nordling   49-64th $60 Terry Lesser   65-96th $45 Anthony Pruitt
25-32nd $110 Roby Smith   49-64th $60 David Majka   65-96th $45 Jack Tucci
25-32nd $110 Lee Barnett   49-64th $60 Ray Sibert   65-96th $45 Anthony Boise

Women's A Singles return to list

Place Prize Player   Place Prize Player   Place Prize Player
1st $900 Kirsten Marquez   9-12th $105 Suzanne Mackey   17-24th $50 Donna Kingsbury
2nd $635 Talya Makus   9-12th $105 Christy Morgan   17-24th $50 Jessica Aarhaus
3rd $450 Robin Adams   9-12th $105 Vi Brons   17-24th $50 Cindy Perry
4th $310 Becki Silva-Smith   9-12th $105 Adrianne Beach   17-24th $50 Coleen Brower
5/6th $215 Madalina Moreno   13-16th $70 Barb Sauls   17-24th $50 Melissa Reeves
5/6th $215 Gloria Villa   13-16th $70 Jenny Sheldon   17-24th $50 Annie Eagleclaw
7/8th $150 Christine Mounts   13-16th $70 Sharon Dosch   17-24th $50 Bunny Williams
7/8th $150 Helen Wragg   13-16th $70 Rachel Keller   17-24th $50 Lora Sharp

Women's B Singles return to list

Place Prize Player   Place Prize Player   Place Prize Player
1st $700 Julie Fraser   13-16th $85 Sheila Tyler   25-32nd $45 Ricci Poston
2nd $510 Kristi Skinner   13-16th $85 Harmony Kephart   25-32nd $45 Danielle Wright
3rd $375 Tina Wiegardt   13-16th $85 Tina Wolf   25-32nd $45 Kari Stevens
4th $275 Anita Whitehouse   13-16th $85 Tammy Warford   25-32nd $45 Pam Gabbard
5/6th $205 Tina Peralta   17-24th $60 Pearl VanPelt   25-32nd $45 Molly Loveland
5/6th $205 Dianna Trent   17-24th $60 Kate Morrell   25-32nd $45 Theresa Janke
7/8th $155 Mika Culy   17-24th $60 Ashley Naglich   25-32nd $45 Sandra Oschmann
7/8th $155 Teri Klyzek   17-24th $60 Tammy Woollet   25-32nd $45 Susan Prindiville
9-12th $115 Juli DeWalt   17-24th $60 Pam Haggard        
9-12th $115 Samantha Ransom   17-24th $60 Kellie Olson        
9-12th $115 Paige Sterner   17-24th $60 Linda Evans        
9-12th $115 Tanya Moser   17-24th $60 Valerie Anderson        

Senior Singles return to list

Men's Senior Singles
Women's Senior Singles
Place Prize Player   Place Prize Player   Place Prize Player
1st $650 David Pasciyo   7/8th $100 Joe Parkison   1st $225 Dani Hinshaw
2nd $450 Mike 'Doc' Troupe   7/8th $100 Owen Miller   2nd $100 Sandra Frazier
3rd $325 Dave Thompson   9-12th $75 Scott Dannen   3rd $50 Pam Carraway
4th $225 Gene Copher   9-12th $75 Jeff Karger        
5/6th $150 Bill Lewis   9-12th $75 Paul Allers        
5/6th $150 Joe Mendoza   9-12th $75 Jerry Blevens        

Men's Master Teams return to list

Place Prize   Team Name   Players
1st $3600   Last Minute   Chad Bisconer, Randy Baker, Jeff Coates, Jackson McDonald, Mike Stevens
2nd $2300   Frenchy's Gang   Leroy Dorsey, Gary French, Jeff Jerome, Steve Lingelbach, Todd Speakman
3rd $1500   Soundview B&G   Cody Clark, Jim Conway, Jeffrey Jimenez, Greg Odal, Ben Renteria, Ed Slade
4th $950   GoodShot Dummies   Kenny Dodd, Pete Gates, Justin Lilje, Paul Marquez, Bob Olson, Steve Tune
5/6th $500   Blues Brothers   Gary Burke, Gord Gervais, Jim Masterman, Terry McDonnell, Blair Wentzell
5/6th $500   Safety First   Dan Glynn, Chadd Olson II, Harold Prine, Carl Tibbetts, Steven Weakly

Women's Master Teams return to list

Place Prize Team Name   Players
1st $2000 Clam Jammers   Sheila Clark, Liz Cole, Nicole Donisi, Stephanie Hefner
2nd $1100 Oh No You Didn't   Sherry Griffin, Suwanna Kroll, Kim Jones, Staci Moses
3rd $600 Chalk Dirty to Me   Phyllis Fernandez, Cassie Francois, Tricia Tipton, Brenda Willis
4th $320 NPL Chix   Cindy Doty, Susan Preston, Melissa Rushton, Barb Thompson

Men's Open Teams return to list

Place Prize Team Name Players
1st $3125 Real Deal Chad Hartje, Andrew Martin, Ron O'Grady, Mike Randall, Joe Stiner
2nd $2375 Resting Game Face Alex Blair, Tyrel Datwyler, Clifford Maxson, Eddie Parenti, Evan Smelser
3rd $1850 5 Shades of Gray Dan Beltran, Al Carver, Ken Cox, Danny Defenik, Linn Petty, Luke Watts
4th $1425 Royal Flush Jason Bennett, Andy Dalbey, Jason Grijalva, AJ Sumner, Dewey Walls
5/6th $1125 Trophy Husbands Brian Brosnan, Adam Hodgin, Eric Jorgenson, Jack Tucci, Jeff Wells
5/6th $1125 BCA Censored Mike Derwey, Steve Grimes, Damian Johnson, Chris Aho, Dave Black, Mike Crenshaw
7/8th $900 The Stroke Walter 'Tip' Aufderheide IV, Jake Bennett, Jake Dosch, Phil Squires
7/8th $900 Hannah's Jack Chace, Jeff Clark, Alex Lugo, Chuck Lyle, Ron Plaja
9-12th $700 Highly Overrated Jeramy Daniels, Hank Duren, Ryan Huntoon, Sheldon Lebow, Wade Simmons
9-12th $700 ScoreBoard Bruce Bartlett, Tony Fregoso, Dave Gerkin, Dan Sternberg, Gary Yoder
9-12th $700 Idle Hour #2 Dan Alexenko II, Paul Bagshaw, Eric Baird, John Jamison, Chad Spencer
9-12th $700 5 Horsemen Mike Barroso, Anthony Derrick, Rob Frye, Tony Miranda, Steve Sessums, Cody White
13-16th $525 Right Spot Urban Cowboys Andrew James, Thomas Trent, Everett Whitright, David Williams, Reynold Phillip
13-16th $525 Players Bob Anderson, Nick Dizard, Ryan Linker, Scott Walton, Rod Weflen, Ken Wilson
13-16th $525 Twilight Zone Arturo Aisruro, Jerald Davenport, Kris Derby, Mitch McDonald, Tony Tipton
13-16th $525 Dirty Mike and the Boys Mike Flanigan, Mike Harris, Fabian Jimenez, Mike 'Doc' Troupe, Steven Walde
17-24th $350 The A Team Brent Baron, Dave Connors, John Hamilton, Brian Knapp, Jeffery Nason
17-24th $350 Clallam Cuemen Jim Barth, Eddie Dinglasan, Bill Henderson, Sid Krumpe, Sean Salazar
17-24th $350 The Miscues Chuck Basney, Bobby Chaney Jr, Tony Sandoval, Roby Smith, John Zimmerman
17-24th $350 Short Yellow Bus Jesse Garner, Jeremy Gradwohl, Mike Jensen, Darrel Schulden, Horacio Tafolla
17-24th $350 West Valley Boys & Brat Joe Barbosa, Buck Buchanan, Nash Lesser, Terry Lesser, Sid Umtuch
17-24th $350 Predators Rennie Amadeo Sr, Jeff Nelson, Pete Semoe, Lawrence Tulfo, Tim Whitworth
17-24th $350 Rite on Q Bob Bingham, Joe Parkison, Joe Rubens Jr, John Skiba, Dave Thompson
17-24th $350 Cue Men Leroy Crabb, Shayne Duncklee, Jake Holper, Bill Smutz, Ashley Waters, Bernard Borran

Men's B Teams return to list

Place Prize Team Name Players
1st $2225 Fargo in October Vic Albertson, Dan Friestman, Frank Blazon, Dave Chavez, Greg Garcia
2nd $1700 Breaking Bad Habits Mike Curran, Alex Haugen, Collin Jensen, Doug Lowe, Jeff Snyder
3rd $1325 Sic 'Em on a Chicken Jonathan Berlt, Dale Eklund, Bryan Powless, Anthony Pruitt, Keith Thompson
4th $1025 Six Man Team Scotty Dao, Josh Ethridge, Mark McElwain, Jose Rivera Jr, Eddie Robinson
5/6th $800 Refuse to B 2nd John Carnes, Ricky Ford, Jason Hecock, Tom Mautino, Cory Nelson
5/6th $800 Dirty Hookerzzzz Sam Alghabi, Ken Boyle, Brad Haydu, Dwayne Hrushka, Andy Meadows
7/8th $625 Merry Time Sam Alghabi, Ken Boyle, Brad Haydu, Dwayne Hrushka, Andy Meadows
7/8th $625 Chalk Norris Robert Andrysek, Jeff Beers, Daniel Dudley, Don Gifford, Dan Tibbitts
9-12th $500 One Twenty Seven Ryan Baderman, Shain Byrum, Jason Cutler, John Deal, Dave Mackey, Steve Ransom
9-12th $500 Idle Hour #1 John DeLapp, Bob Junkin Jr, Donald 'Woody' Lancaster, Bill Trotter, Earl Van Burger
9-12th $500 Mac's Cigar Brandt Ellingburg, Trudy McCaffrey, Bill Norvell, Lenny Rosander, Brett Swarthout
9-12th $500 The Ballers Jimmy Allen, Sky Figuracion, David Rhoades, Karin Moroz, Dante Sinnott
13-16th $400 Pool Tang Clan Pilo Cano, Gary Irwin, Jim Kunze, Rick Plummer, Aaron Tipton, Steve Wilson
13-16th $400 Border Coyotes Manuel Arceo, Tab Burke, Ron Caines, Jose Luis Sanchez, Juan Carlos
13-16th $400 Doc's Subs Bill Herman, Mike Lambert, Jeff Leach, Robert Reed, Donald Sheldon
13-16th $400 Meet'n Place Jerry Beaver, Kerry Doyle, Warren Hohlfelder, Jeff Melton, Audra Nichols
17-24th $300 Bob's Billiard Supply Bob Brown, Jake Denmark, Matt Denmark, Pat Kyle, Marc Vanderwal
17-24th $300 Diamond Cutters Jessica Aarhaus, Sue Carroll, Troy Clyde, Lawrence Lucero, Gloria Villa
17-24th $300 The Yak 5 Ruben Flores, Patrick Gutierrez, Micheal Koch, John Sanders, Mark Woods
17-24th $300 Club Littlerock Homero Flores, Rocky Fuller, Doug Gibb, Michael 'Pinky' Gillespie, Steve Nowlen
17-24th $300 Call Your Mama Tim Gragg, Dale Novotny, Terry Whiteside, Leon Wilson, Rick Wirkkala
17-24th $300 She Said 18 Scott Bean, Jack Daniels, Ean Fellner, Jeff Martini, Mike Pranz
17-24th $300 Baby Hands Steve Hestmark, Chris Hopkins, Joshua Martin, Pat Riley, Robbie Solomon
17-24th $300 10 Balls Deep Mike Hassenpflug, Nick Jordan, Chris Nieland, Corey Patterson, James Smith Jr

Women's Open Teams return to list

Place Prize Team Name Players
1st $1560 Hustlin' Again Talya Makus, Andy Ruth, Tina Tillett, Angie Verhoeven
2nd $1140 Ice Breakers Dionne Alston, Tammy Culbertson, Larae Rabe, Angel Veliz
3rd $840 SuperFreaks Tricia Heintz, Donna Kingsbury, Ricci Poston, Kimber Sexton, Gayla Tully
4th $620 Stak Attack Kim Allen, Alfreda Amyotte, Tracey Cunningham, Linda Smith
5/6th $460 Fatal 8 Traction Schon Hartung, Suzanne Mackey, Tara Miller, Samantha Ransom, Anita Whitehouse
5/6th $460 Billy's Bull Pen Irene Arsenault, Coleen Brower, Sherri Denke, Barb Ekstrom
7/8th $340 DiddleStix Galeena Amyotte, Lizzy Chamberlain, Teri Klyzek, Helen Wragg
7/8th $340 Payout Gals Cathy Dunford, Janet Langevin, Melissa Olson, Melissa Reeves
9-12th $260 Mac's Cigars Leah Baller, Janet Byrd, Patsy Elders, Brenda Grigsby, Kathy Underwood
9-12th $260 Ranch Ladies Tracy Brachtenbach, Ame' Farrell, Patty Hayes, Kim Miller
9-12th $260 Kwitcherbitchen Tracii Self, Kim Blanton, Val Bowlin, Michelle Jensen
9-12th $260 Victorious Secret Cheyenne Cutler, Rebecca Douglas, Nicki Hurley, Carlie Watrous
13-16th $200 Now You See Me Robin Adams, Ailene Bristow, Kim Engh, Jordan Oakes
13-16th $200 Shenani-gals Kim Cuellar, Kristine Moore, Dayle Stroup, Tina Wolf
13-16th $200 Native Ladies Patricia Allen, Stephanie Amerman, Lynn Davis, Lillian Galindo
13-16th $200 Chris's Cougars Sheila Aldrich, Tiff Murray, Lorrie Richards, Mary West