21st Annual Western BCA 9-Ball Championships

March 13-20, 2016

Chinook Winds Casino Resort — Lincoln City, Oregon

Even with High Winds and Rain, It Is Always ‘Better at the Beach’

By Robbin Iredale

What is there left to say about Lincoln City, Oregon and Chinook Winds Casino Resort that hasn’t already been said?  Not much really.  It is still and will always be a beautiful place for a pool tournament.  There was much to do both inside the casino and out and about the Lincoln City area.  This March 13-20 was hampered by strong winds and rain much of the time, including several days where the beach was just not a safe place to be.  In spite of the weather, all 1400+ players managed to keep pretty busy inside.  Chinook Winds again rolled out the red carpet for us.  BadBoys Billiards Productions again set up 80 7-foot Diamond tables and lights and provided excellent tournament direction.  Head Referee Darryl Farley again assembled a fine staff of nationally certified referees to oversee the play on the tables.  Western BCA’s incredible staff of volunteers was again on hand and eager to help the players in any way with Tournament Officials led by Steve Marker, Podium Staff overseen by Pam Carraway and Payouts Staff under the supervision of Cathy Dunford to name but a few.  Lenny Marshall of OntheRailTV again live streamed many hours of match play.  As always, it was a group effort and we hope all the players had a great tournament experience.

By the time ‘Fun Night’ rolled around (the evening of Saturday, March 12), there was already much going on in the tournament rooms.  The Chinook Winds Open and its attendant activities (a WarmUp Tournament and Calcutta) had been underway since Thursday, March 10, and there were many Western BCA players already present either playing in the ‘Open’, watching some of the greats of our game do their magic on the tables or taking advantage of the tables for some last minute practice.  There was, of course, the Handicapped 10-Ball singles for Western BCA players and an open $100 buy in 10-Ball ring game.

The Handicapped 10-Ball Singles attracted 57 players, open Women through Master Men. There were no GrandMasters in the lineup (they opted for the 10-Ball Ring Game), so everyone started out with a chance regardless of their rating.  Cashing were 4 open Women, 2 Men’sB, 5 Men’sA, 1 Master Woman and 4 Master Men with the money paid out as follows:  9th-16th ($25) – Ginger Wright, Junior Sardoncillo, Russell Cearley, Jerry Queja, Justin Rutledge, Tommy Thompson, Tommy Sliva and DJ Carlson; 5th-8th ($55) – Charis Lamberte, Ashley Shafer, Jeff Jerome and Julie Goodman; 3rd/4th ($120) – Melyssa Chasteen and Bill Henderson; 2nd ($280) – Daniel Sardoncillo and 1st place ($485) – Chris Byers.

A 10-Ball Ring Game, run by Robert Niemeyer, was open to anyone and appealed to mostly Masters, GrandMasters and even some of the Pros who were not still in the ‘Open’.  Ten started (Jeffrey Ignacio, Marc Vidal, Robert Niemeyer, Ken Dodd, Randy Baker, Chris McDaniel, Chad Shoulder, Jason Klatt, Oscar Dominguez and Pat Schumacher) and by the end of the night, the two left standing were Oscar Dominguez in 1st place/$650 and Pat Schumacher in 2nd/$350.  Future events may feature more of this type of higher entry/higher payout opportunity if there is enough interest to have them.  Let us know what you think.

While the Chinook Winds Opens were winding down on Sunday, the Scotch Doubles divisions were getting underway.  Master Scotch Doubles featured 48 pairs, down 2 from 2015.  $2300 was the prize all were after.  The final would be a repeat of the hot seat match between Carissa Biggs(NPL)/Chris Byers(NPL) and Eddie Mataya(NPL)/Regene Lane(LTD).  First, however, Eddie/Regene had to beat Adam Stromberg(LTD)/Phyllis Fernandez(INL), who they left in 3rd place ($1160) and the rematch final was on.  Chris/Carissa broke and ran to take game 1.  Regene dry broke in game 2 and Chris/Carissa took full advantage by running out (2-0).  In game 3, Chris missed a pretty easy 13-Ball and it looked like Eddie/Regene would get on the board until Eddie, after making a nice 4-1 combo, left Regene hooked on the 4-Ball.  Unfortunately for them, Regene’s crutch/kick resulted in a foul and Chris/Carissa ran out (3-0).  Eddie/Regene broke and ran to take game 4 and Chris/Carissa answered back with their own break and run in game 5 (4-1).  Game 6 looked like it would go to Eddie/Regene but the pool gods were against them again.  They were 6 balls into their break and run when Regene called a safety, making her opponent’s 14-Ball and never thinking her 1-Ball would follow it in.  That proved to be a fatal error, leaving Eddie/Regene in 2nd place ($1650) as they watched Chris/Carissa run out to take the match and the $2300 prize.

Open Scotch Doubles was a record breaker with 165 pairs, 24 more than 2015’s 141.  The final would feature 4 new faces: Jose Velazquez/Suzanne Mackey(SWI) and Edwin Ambo/Sue Carroll(LTD).  Jose/Suzanne won the hot seat match, beating EV’s Ian Sharp/Tina Wolf 4-2 and sending them to the back side for one more try at the final.  Ed/Sue had another plan, knocking Ian/Tina into 3rd place ($1200) and moving on to the final themselves.  Jose/Suzanne wasted no time getting out to a 2-0 lead before Ed/Sue got on the board in game 3 (2-1).  Jose/Suzanne took game 4 (3-1).  Ed/Sue made a move, taking games 5 and 6, tying the match at 3-3.  Ed/Sue had two shots at the 8-Ball but just couldn’t put the match away (2nd place/$1600).  Jose/Suzanne ran off their last 5 balls to capture the title and a check for $2100 along with it. 

Singles started as Scotch Doubles was wrapping up on Monday.  First on the tables was the Men’s B division with 308 entrants all after the $1400 1st place prize.  Both finalists went through their preliminary brackets undefeated.  John Gunn (EV) took the direct route to the final taking the hot seat match 4-2 from Blade Longmire (CWY).  Tony Sandoval (UMP), on the other hand, took the long way to the final, losing his first bracket match until he, too met up with Blade in the back side semi.  Blade lost that match by the same 2-4 score and went home in 3rd place ($800).  Tony ran over John 4-0 in the first set, hoping for a double dip.  It wasn’t meant to be, however, as John took the second set 4-2.  Tony took home $1050 for his efforts and Champion John happily accepted the check for $1400.  Both men showed that they are ready for the Men’sA division.

The second largest division, the Men’s A, began their quest for the championship Tuesday morning with 206 eying the 1st place check for $1700.  This division, like the Men’sB, saw both eventual finalists going unbeaten through their preliminary bracket.  This time, however, both finalists went on to the winner’s side point match.  Richard Henderson (LTD) and Carl Tibbetts (INL) played a very tight semi with Richard just edging out Carl to gain the hot seat.  Meanwhile, Somerfield Habener (EV), after winning his preliminary bracket, lost his first match on the final bracket and had to win 5 matches to get to the final.  Somerfield was to be denied as Carl took their back side semi handily (5-2), leaving Somerfield with a pretty good payday (3rd place/$945). 

The final was a good one with both men pretty evenly matched and hungry for the title.  Carl got on the board first with a table run after Richard’s dry break.  Richard evened the score with a table run of his own after Carl fouled on the break.  Whoever says the break isn’t important just isn’t paying attention.  Carl got the next two games, capitalizing on a couple of errors on Richard’s part to take the lead 3-1.  Richard took the next game after Carl missed the 8-Ball and left him with an open table.  Carl answered back with a break and run to get on the hill 4-2.  Richard took the next two back and forth games to even the match 4-4.  The deciding game started out a little shaky until Carl took control and ran out to force a second set.

Richard took off in the second set, taking the first two games.  Carl answered back taking the next two games, including a break and run for good measure.  2-2. Richard broke and ran in game 5 to take the lead 3-2.  Game 6 was a messy one but after Richard missed his 8-Ball, Carl ran out to even the match 3-3.  Carl only got to the table one more time in the final two games and that resulted in a dry break. He could only watch as Richard took complete control with a break and run in game 7 and a table run in game 8.  Both Carl (2nd place/$1260) and Richard 1st place/$1700) will be joining the big boys in the Master division and more than proved they are ready to make the move in this final.

The Men’s Senior Singles final is always a good one.  The 53 men in this division may all be in the 60-70+ age range but they can still play pool and this final did not disappointment.  John Aranda (CPL) made his way into the final undefeated while Dave Secord (MTV) lost his 2nd match and took a longer route to get there, including a repeat match with Joe Chun (LTD) who had sent him to the back side early on.  Dave had only to get by Dave Thompson (NPL), who lost the hot seat match to Mr. Aranda.  Dave wasted no time in doing so, taking the back side semi 5-1, sending Dave Thompson home in 3rd place/$380.  In the final, Dave was pretty hot going in and took the first set handily 5-2.  By the second set, John was warmed up and slowed Dave (2nd place/$530) down somewhat, taking the decider 5-3 and collected the 1st place check for $700. Attention 60+ women.  Get onboard with building up the Women’s Senior Singles.  Even a 16 bracket would be good money and many less matches than in the open women’s divisions to get the same payout. 

Thursday, March 16 was a big day for finals, with five in total playing throughout the day.  Next up was The Men’s GrandMaster final between Steve Lingelbach (NPL) and Paul Marquez (CPL).  Steve went unbeaten through the winner’s side, including a very tight hill-hill match with Paul for the hot seat.  Paul had only to get by Mike Deitchman (CPL), who lost his first match to Mike Stevens (NPL) and was also on a mission to get to the final.  Paul denied Mike (3rd place/$400) as he took the back side semi 7-1.  Game 1 was one of those brain lapses that rarely happen at this level.  Paul, for whatever reason, let go, crashing into balls and eventually made the early 8-Ball.  Game 1 to Steve.  The next 9 games were 7 table runs following dry breaks (in itself pretty odd) and two break and runs, tying the match at 5-5.  Paul broke in game 11, ran 4 balls before missing the only shot in the match.  Steve ran out and was on the hill (6-5).  Paul never got back on the table (2nd place/$600).  Leaving nothing to chance in game 12, Steve broke and ran to close out the match and claim the title and a check for $1000.  Fine shooting, gentlemen.

The Women’s Master division final was a lopsided affair.  New Master CarlaJean Beers (SWI) lost her first match and had to play her way past some tough competitors to get to the back side semi against Eileen Stephens (EV), who would finish in 3rd place/$440) after a 5-2 match with CarlaJean.  Natasha Hook (CPL) traveled through the winner’s side of the bracket unbeaten and was more than ready for whoever came through to the final.  CarlaJean played well but Natasha wouldn’t let her get to the 8-Ball in all but game 2, which CarlaJean won after Natasha ran 5 balls then hooked herself and fouled on the subsequent shot allowing Carla Jean (2nd place/$680) to run out.  Natasha (1st place/$1050) closed out the match with a break and run and it was all over by a score of 5-1.

The GrandMaster Women were playing their final at the same time as the Master women.  Of the 16 women that started, Cindy Sliva (NPL) and Kimberly Kirk (LTD) were the last two standing.   Kimberly went through to the final undefeated, including a very tight point match against Phyllis Fernandez (INL).  Cindy, also a casualty of Kimberly’s on the front side, met Phyllis in the back side semi for a match to see would get one more shot at Kimberly for the title.  Cindy prevailed, sending Phyllis home with 3rd place and $400.  The final was a close one in spite of Cindy charging out to a 3-0 lead.  Kimberly took over at that point and won the next 4 games and was on the hill 4-3.  Cindy broke and ran in game 9 to get herself on the hill and it all came down to one game.  Kimberly broke dry, Cindy made the 4-Ball then missed an easy 2-Ball and Kimberly overcut a tight but very makeable 9-Ball.  Cindy (2nd place/$600) gave it her all, running down to the 8-Ball, but, with near impossible shape on it, fouled, leaving Kimberly with ball in had and a wide open table.  Needless to say, Kimberly ran out and claimed the title and $1000.

Next up was the Women’s A final, with $900 waiting for the winner.  Linda Thompson (INL) went unbeaten to the winner’s side spot in the final.  Julie Goodman (EV), who lost the hot seat match to Linda 4-0 and was eager to have another go at her, but again fell short, losing to Joyce Howard (LTD) in the back side semi 4-0 and had to settle for 3rd place/$445.  The final followed the same pattern, as Linda shut out Joyce (2nd place/$630) 4-0 to take the title and the $900 1st place check.

To close out a day full of finals, the Women’s B Singles got underway.  Lisa Byrd (INL) reached the final undefeated.  Kirsten Fery (CPL) lost her first match and had to grind her way to the final.  Her last obstacle was Claire Binci (MID), who lost the front side semi with Lisa 4-1.  Kirsten wasted no time with Claire (3rd place/$370), winning that match 4-0.  Lisa and Kirsten played even through the first 4 games then Lisa took over to take the next two games and closed out the match 4-7.  Kirsten took home 2nd place and $505 and Lisa happily accepted the title and a check for $680.  Good shooting, Ladies.

Last but not least, was the Men’s Master Singles division, with 79 men vying for the title.  Mike Deitchman (CPL) continued his great tournament play undefeated through the front side of the bracket. He won the point match against Jason Young (PCGP) with relative ease (6-3).  Jason then had only to get by David Bersenadze (LTD) for a second time, having sent him to the back side earlier.  David said no way and dispatched Jason 6-3 to end his singles in 3rd place/$850.  The first three games of the final went back and forth with Mike taking a slim 2-1 lead.  The next five games were table runs or break and runs and the score was even at 4-4.  David got game 9 after Mike missed a bank shot on the 13 and running out.  In game 10, David badly missed a difficult but makeable 8-Ball and Mike ran out and it was hill-hill.  Mike broke and ran off all the solids and missed a tight 8-Ball, giving David a chance to take control of the game.  Unfortunately, the balls were not laying to his liking and he played a good safety.  Mike made a good two rail kick to tie up the 8-Ball and leave David with no choice but to play a safety.  Still smarting from his 8-Ball miss in the previous game, David (2nd place/$1250) compounded his frustration by fouling, leaving Mike with ball in hand on the 8-Ball.  Mike more than earned the title, the $1850 1st place check and his place in the GrandMaster division. 

That concluded the Singles competition and the teams moved in.  The Men’s/Mixed B Teams took to the tables first thing Friday morning at 9am with 71 teams fighting it out for the title.  LTD’s The Baby Wheels (JP Carnes, Dave Nelson, Collin Jensen, Tom Mautino and Jeff Snyder) and NPL’s Thunder Down Under (Vic Albertson, Freddy Baca, Greg Barquist, Dave Chavez and Dewayne Harvill) first met in the front side point match, with The Baby Wheels winning 11-8.  Thunder Down Under played for the back side point against LCP’s Doc’s (Bill Herman, Jim Mortensen, Woody Phillips, Don Sheldon and Ken Wiegardt.  Doc’s (3rd place/$1325) lost 8-11 and Thunder Down Under moved on to the final.   Thunder Down Under won the opening set 11-8 led by Dave and Vic with 3 games each.  In the second set the Thunder Down Under, this time led by Vic and Greg with 3 games each, held The Baby Wheels (2nd place/$1675) to only 5 games to take the title and the 1st place prize of $2200.

The Men’s/Mixed Open Teams also got started early Friday with 72 teams in the hunt for 1st place.  Again, the final would be a rematch between the front side point match teams.  NPL’s Short Yellow Bus (Ray Galli, Mike Jensen, Steve Pulido, Darrell Schulden and Randy White) took the point match 13-12 from INL’s Tremors (Don Armstrong, Jason Defilippis, Randy Ohrstrom, Mark Thompson, Brian Kvasnicka and Carl Tibbetts).  Tremors faced off against LTD’s Two Drink Minimum (Cody Clark, Bill Irons, David Lauer, Scott Perry, Ford Rice and Chris Rogers).  Two Drink Minimum (3rd place/$1700) lost 8-13.  Short Yellow Bus (1st place/$2800) wanted no part of a double dip so closed out the final set 13-8, led by Randy with 4 games and Darrell with 3.  Tremors, led by Carl with 3 wins, finished in 2nd place/$2175.

Women’s Master Teams fielded 16 teams to take the title.  The Four Noble Truths (Catherine Duenas, Cassie Francois, Regene Lane and Cindy Sliva) Went to the final undefeated.  That’s How We Roll (Melyssa Chasteen, Sheila Clark, Liz Cole and Suwanna Matarazzo) came through the back side.  That’s How We Roll (1st place/$2020) made it a true double dip, taking the first set from The Four Noble Truths (2nd place/$1140)11-9, led by Melyssa with 4 wins and Suwanna with 3, and the second 11-2 led by Sheila with 4 wins and Suwanna with 3.  

As with the Women’s Master Team division, the Women’s Open Teams ended in a true double dip.  NPL’s Dangerous Cues (Robin Adams, Lisa Anderson, Kristin Cambas and Kimberly Engh) would beat CPL’s Lady Luck (Tracey Cunningham, Kirsten Fery, Linda (Smitty) Smith and Raquel Walton) in the front side semi 9-6 but could not handle them when they came back around to get into the final.  In the first set, Lady Luck won 9-4 led by Kirsten with 4 wins.  In the second set, Dangerous Cues (2nd place/$1180), led by Robin Adams with 4 wins, did much better but couldn’t quite get there, losing to Lady Luck (1st place/$1620), led by Raquel Walton with 4 games, in their 9-8 win.

Men’s Master Teams closed out the tournament and the pattern continued.  Malarkeys Mod Squad (Bobby Campbell, Eddie Mataya, Tommy Sliva, Clark Smith and Scott Thurston) took the hot seat match from Lingelbach’s Team (Chris Byers, Russell Cearley, Darrold Crain, Gary French and Steve Lingelbach) 13-6 and waited for them to come back around to the final.  Lingelbach’s Team took the first set 13-6, led by Chris Byers with 4 games.  The second set almost went the distance, with Lingelbach’s Team (1st place/$3225), led by Steve with 4 games, winning – and double dipping – Malarkeys Mod Squad (2nd place/$2000) 13-11.  And that’s a wrap.

There were ten 2nd Chance Tournaments for those who didn’t cash the first time around.  Winners are as follow:
Open Scotch Doubles:  Terry & Nashina Lesser - $260
Master Scotch Doubles:  Mike Stephens & Roxanne Oliver - $100
Men’s Master Singles:  Sonny Redthunder - $120
Men’sA Singles:  Lloyd Aalvik - $260
Men’sB Singles:  Ray Sibert - $225
Men’s Senior Singles:  Owen Miller - $70
Women’sA Singles:  Kim Miller - $95
Women’sB Singles:  Dianna Trent - $90
Men’s Open Teams:  Allers Cues - $350
Men’s B Teams:  Say When… - $250

Throughout the tournament there were the usual raffles and drawings with many happy winners.  Competition was fierce and reinforced the notion that pool is a great and complicated game that many play at but few master.  With practice, skill, dedication and heart, who knows who the future champions will be.  We hope to see you all at the 9-Ball Championships in October and see.

We’d like to thank our sponsors, Chinook Winds Casino Resort and Anheuser Busch.  Many thanks to Ric and Bonny Jones, Lenny Marshall, all our vendors and the greatest group of volunteers in the world for making this the biggest and best regional 8-Ball tournament in the country.  See you all in October!