21st Annual Western BCA 8-Ball Championships

March 13-20, 2016

Chinook Winds Casino Resort — Lincoln City, Oregon


  Master Scotch Doubles (48 entries) Men's GrandMaster Singles (16 entries) Women's GrandMaster Singles (16 entries) Men's/Mixed Master Teams (20 entries)
  Open Scotch Doubles (165 entries) Men's Master Singles (78 entries) Women's Master Singles (37 entries) Men's/Mixed Open Teams (71 entries)
    Men's A Singles (206 entries) Women's A Singles (87 entries) Men's/Mixed B Teams (72 entries)
    Men's B Singles (308 entries) Women's B Singles (98 entries) Women's Master Teams (16 entries)
    Men's Senior Singles (53 entries)   Women's Open Teams (39 entries)

Master Mixed Scotch Doubles return to list

Place Prize Players   Place Prize Players
1st $2300 Chris Byers and Carissa Biggs   9-12th $300 Daniel S Sternberg and Cindy Rosenthal
2nd $1650 Eddie Mataya and Regene Lane   9-12th $300 Jason Fick and Coryn Walker
3rd $1160 Adam Stromberg and Phyllis Fernandez   9-12th $300 Gord Gervais and Brenda Willis
4th $830 Richard Henderson and Mary Coffman   9-12th $300 David Bersenadze and Kim Jones
5/6th $590 Paul Marquez and Sheila Clark   13-16th $210 Dan Louie and Susan Preston
5/6th $590 Tommy Sliva and Cindy Sliva   13-16th $210 Darin Walding and Linda Carter
7/8th $420 Bobby Campbell and Kimberly Kirk   13-16th $210 Sid Krumpe and Melissa Rushton


Dave Thompson and Barb Thompson   13-16th $210 Rod Bair and Cristy Barsky

Open Mixed Scotch Doubles return to list

Place Prize Players Place Prize Players
1st $2100 Jose Velazquez and Suzanne Mackey 33-48th $120 Richard West and Sandra Frazier
2nd $1600 Edwin Ambo and Sue Carroll 33-48th $120 Dane Moller and Danielle Wright
3rd $1200 Ian Sharp and Tina Wolf 33-48th $120 Izzy Lemus and Shannon Norton
4th $900 John Aranda and Nikki Crane 33-48th $120 Donald Sheldon and Jenny Sheldon
5/6th $680 Terry Thurlow and Christy Morgan 33-48th $120 Ralph Jones and Patty Hayes
5/6th $680 Matthew Moreno and Madalina Moreno 33-48th $120 Virgil Hunt and Darlene Williamson
7/8th $510 Scott Perry and Adrianne Beach 33-48th $120 Adam Kolowinski and Sherri Denke
7/8th $510 Steve Pulido and Linda Fuller 33-48th $120 Jeff Mee and Ame' Farrell
9-12th $390 Doug Ellenberger and Bonnie Andrews 33-48th $120 Steve Ransom and Anita Whitehouse
9-12th $390 Andy Dalbey and Kirsten Fery 33-48th $120 Bruce Thompson and Sonya Kelley
9-12th $390 Delmar Rowden and Mary Rowden 33-48th $120 Todd Smith and Tracey Cunningham
9-12th $390 James Brinson and Margaret Goodman 33-48th $120 Paul Schweigart and Melinda Hoffman
13-16th $290 Stan Beard and Tammy Williams 33-48th $120 Bill Kruger and Stacy Medina
13-16th $290 Steve Sessums and Ashley Shafer 33-48th $120 Geary Jones and Laura Anthony
13-16th $290 Blade Longmire and Stella Speedis 33-48th $120 Alex Lugo and Cindy Nieznalski
13-16th $290 Chris Sykes and Lisa Anderson 33-48th $120 Bill Nelson and Linda Thompson
17-24th $210 Dale Havens and Coleen Brower 49-64th $90 Toshi Moriguchi and Gloria Villa
17-24th $210 Rico Trevino and Kim Miller 49-64th $90 William White and Trish White
17-24th $210 Jose Chavez and Schon Hartung 49-64th $90 Scott Bush and Brooke Williamson
17-24th $210 Nick Dizard and Fran Johnson 49-64th $90 Dean Long and Jodi Elkins
17-24th $210 Bernard Borran and Kathi Giles 49-64th $90 Steve Waitt and Tammy Waitt
17-24th $210 Ace Ogletree and Kimber Sexton 49-64th $90 Garrett Smith and Laura Smith
17-24th $210 Mike Jarvis and Tanya Moser 49-64th $90 DC Craig and Ginny Bronson
17-24th $210 Mike Norris and Smitty Smith 49-64th $90 Doc Troupe and Candy Knutson
25-32nd $160 Thomas Mott and LeAnn Russell 49-64th $90 Myron Hannigan and Ginger Wright
25-32nd $160 Jay Coomes and Lana Cotton 49-64th $90 Mike Harris and Sabina Harris
25-32nd $160 Shawn Self and Donna Kingsbury 49-64th $90 Brett Ekstrom and Barb Ekstrom
25-32nd $160 Mike Flanigan and Lorrie Richards 49-64th $90 Pat West and Trudy McCaffery
25-32nd $160 Kris Derby and Tricia Heintz 49-64th $90 Jason Cutler and Cheyenne Cutler
25-32nd $160 Mike Dubendorf and Amanda Smith 49-64th $90 Jeffrey A Jones and Sam Bezates
25-32nd $160 Jeramy Daniels and Erica Daniels 49-64th $90 Cody Wilson and Charis Lamberte
25-32nd $160 Alfred Hawk and Yvonne Colfax 49-64th $90 Curtis Roth and Vi Brons

Men's GrandMaster Singles return to list

      Place Prize Player   Place Prize Player   Place Prize Player
      1st $1000 Steve Lingelbach   3rd $400 Michael Deitchman   5/6th $160 Mike Stevens
      2nd $600 Paul Marque   4th $280 Jim Conway   5/6th $160 Pat Schumacher

Men's Master Singles return to list

      Place Prize Player Place Prize Player Place Prize Player
      1st $1850 Michael Deitchmn 9-12th $175 Roger Goodman 17-24th $80 Scott Nelson
      2nd $1250 David Bersenadze 9-12th $175 Mike Stevens 17-24th $80 Adam Stromberg
      3rd $850 Jason Young 9-12th $175 Brad Hornshaw 17-24th $80 Rod Bair
      4th $580 Pat Schumacher 9-12th $175 Gord Gervais 17-24th $80 Leo Violette
      5/6th $390 Chris Byers 13-16th $120 Jackson McDonald 17-24th $80 Brookman Holmes
      5/6th $390 Dennis Young 13-16th $120 Darrold Crain 17-24th $80 Ben Renteria
      7/8th $260 Peter Phillipe 13-16th $120 Clark Smith 17-24th $80 Eric Sawyer
      7/8th $260 Michael Ottoboni 13-16th $120 Marv Joe 17-24th $80 Steve Copher

Women's GrandMaster Singles return to list

      Place Prize Player   Place Prize Player   Place Prize Player
      1st $1000 Kimberly Kirk   3rd $400 Phyllis Fernandez   5/6th $160 Linda Carter
      2nd $600 Cindy Sliva   4th $250 Brenda Willis   5/6th $160 Melissa Rushton

Women's Master Singles return to list

          Place Prize Player Place Prize Player Place Prize Player
          1st $1,050 Natasha Hook 5/6th $180 Sheila Clark 9-12th $75 Cindy Rosenthal
          2nd $680 CarlaJean Beers 5/6th $180 Tricia Tipton 9-12th $75 Cassie Francois
          3rd $440 Eileen Stephens 7/8th $115 Cristy Barsky 9-12th $75 Diane Krause
          4th $280 Susan Preston 7/8th $115 Brenda Willis 9-12th $75 Jennifer Acker

Men's A Singles return to list

      Place Prize Player Place Prize Player Place Prize Player
      1st $1700 Richard Henderson 17-24th $160 Rich Droste 33-48th $90 Pat West
      2nd $1260 Carl Tibbetts 17-24th $160 Brian Tully 33-48th $90 Jay Coomes
      3rd $945 Sommerfield Habener 25-32nd $120 Tuy Singharaj 33-48th $90 Brent Baron
      4th $705 Peter Smith 25-32nd $120 Paul Ward 33-48th $90 DC Craig
      5/6th $520 John Scudder 25-32nd $120 Tyler Hanson 49-64th $65 Vernon Joe
      5/6th $520 Mike Siplivy 25-32nd $120 Jenaro Sanchez 49-64th $65 Matt Haitt
      7/8th $380 Shea Lanter 25-32nd $120 James Brinson 49-64th $65 Rodney Ward
      7/8th $380 Jack Kiske 25-32nd $120 Randy Eagleclaw 49-64th $65 Shane Martin
      9-12th $280 Doug Ellenberger 25-32nd $120 Mike Eklund 49-64th $65 Bill Wright
      9-12th $280 Akio Nakashima 25-32nd $120 Delmar Rowden 49-64th $65 Jason Bennett
      9-12th $280 Harry Howard 33-48th $90 Raymond Lingenfelter 49-64th $65 Anthony Wahpat
      9-12th $280 Charlie Burnett 33-48th $90 Travis Graves 49-64th $65 Bret Baker
      13-16th $210 Doug McMullin 33-48th $90 Ramon Farias 49-64th $65 Travis DeJong
      13-16th $210 Chuck Lyle 33-48th $90 Eric Jensen 49-64th $65 Ttom Myers
      13-16th $210 Nathan Carlson 33-48th $90 Matthew Moreno 49-64th $65 Garrett Smith
      13-16th $210 Bernard Borran 33-48th $90 Dave Gest 49-64th $65 Greg McClellen
      17-24th $160 CN Naddeo 33-48th $90 Albert Miller 49-64th $65 John Fleck
      17-24th $160 Stephen Cultee 33-48th $90 Robert Cummings 49-64th $65 Jim Roe
      17-24th $160 Jose Velazquez 33-48th $90 Peni Misa 49-64th $65 Dale Havens
      17-24th $160 Ray Galli 33-48th $90 Roy Chevalier 49-64th $65 Eric Scribner
      17-24th $160 Chris Sykes 33-48th $90 Thomas Trent        
      17-24th $160 Scott Perry 33-48th $90 Chris Aldrich        

Men's B Singles return to list

      Place Prize Player Place Prize Player Place Prize Player
      1st $1400 John Gunn 33-48th $80 Jason Cutler 65-96th $45 Mark Little
      2nd $1050 Tony Sandoval 33-48th $80 Gordon Scott 65-96th $45 Dane Moller
      3rd $800 Blade Longmire 33-48th $80 Ralph Langevin 65-96th $45 Rob McConnell
      4th $600 Anthony Thornton 33-48th $80 David Harvil 65-96th $45 Mike Lambert
      5/6th $450 Tony Strzelczyk 33-48th $80 John Wallpe 65-96th $45 Brock Brisby
      5/6th $450 Steve Waitt 33-48th $80 Tony Mautino 65-96th $45 Sid Umtuch
      7/8th $335 Joe Barbosa 33-48th $80 Homero Flores 65-96th $45 Robert Cohee
      7/8th $335 Nathan Maines 33-48th $80 Dale Reeder 65-96th $45 Bill Kruger
      9-12th $250 Andy Jellison 33-48th $80 Ryan Linker 65-96th $45 Adam Overlin
      9-12th $250 Todd Phillips 33-48th $80 Brett Ekstrom 65-96th $45 Duane Crumley
      9-12th $250 Mark Evans 33-48th $80 Dewey Bear Wheaton 65-96th $45 Stan Warthen
      9-12th $250 Sam Houston 33-48th $80 Jason Freeman 65-96th $45 Mark Woods
      13-16th $190 Sterling George 33-48th $80 Richard Ornelas 65-96th $45 Will Briscoe III
      13-16th $190 Kevin Hubbard 33-48th $80 Brice Waters 65-96th $45 Jim Grassman
      13-16th $190 William Walls 33-48th $80 Robert Andrysek 65-96th $45 Kory Whitcomb
      13-16th $190 Brian Carsten 33-48th $80 Jose Villa Garza 65-96th $45 Ryan Heidke
      17-24th $140 Mike Webb 49-64th $60 Jason Molloy 65-96th $45 Izzy Lemus
      17-24th $140 Rich Irving 49-64th $60 Bernard Bartling 65-96th $45 Bruce Thompson
      17-24th $140 Chris White 49-64th $60 Kevin White 65-96th $45 James Stockett
      17-24th $140 Tracey Hampton 49-64th $60 Chuck Tate 65-96th $45 Mike Flanigan
      17-24th $140 Don Wilson 49-64th $60 Dan Friestman 65-96th $45 Josh Lawson
      17-24th $140 Justin Brown 49-64th $60 Roby Smith 65-96th $45 Brandt Ellingburg
      17-24th $140 Simeon Brown 49-64th $60 Dave Stauff 65-96th $45 Adam Kolowinski
      17-24th $140 Matthew McInnis 49-64th $60 Stacy Wilson 65-96th $45 Justin Rutledge
      25-32nd $105 Frankie Lam 49-64th $60 Bill Stroope 65-96th $45 Richard Hansen
      25-32nd $105 Matt VanWinkle 49-64th $60 Brian Safran 65-96th $45 Mike Kurz
      25-32nd $105 John Royston 49-64th $60 Eldon Slape 65-96th $45 Jeff Snyder
      25-32nd $105 Tony Miranda 49-64th $60 Rick George 65-96th $45 Terry Mason
      25-32nd $105 Cord Parsons 49-64th $60 Larry Burnside 65-96th $45 DJ Carlson
      25-32nd $105 Eric Petrowiak 49-64th $60 Tracey McGuire 65-96th $45 Kyle Tully
      25-32nd $105 Steve Ransom 49-64th $60 Joe Rumelhart 65-96th $45 Tim McLean
      25-32nd $105 Dan Cain 49-64th $60 Don Anton 65-96th $45 Dave Larson

Women's A Singles return to list

        Place Prize Player Place Prize Player Place Prize Player
        1st $900 Linda Thompson 13-16th $75 Raquel Walton 25-32nd $45 Bunny Williams
        2nd $630 Joyce Howard 13-16th $75 Robin Adams 25-32nd $45 Amy Horan
        3rd $445 Julie Goodman 13-16th $75 Candy Knutson 25-32nd $45 Suzanne Mackey
        4th $310 Ashley Smith 13-16th $75 Dara Koch 25-32nd $45 Jordan Oakes
        5/6th $220 Christy Morgan 17-24th $55 Leeja Rein 25-32nd $45 Janet Tucker
        5/6th $220 Trish White 17-24th $55 Nash Lesser 25-32nd $45 Liz Vosburg
        7/8th $155 Ginger Wright 17-24th $55 Angel Madoff 25-32nd $45 Teresa Shaw
        7/8th $155 Adrianne Beach 17-24th $55 Madalina Moreno 25-32nd $45 Stacy Medina
        9-12th $110 Mary Ellen Homenchuk 17-24th $55 Stella Speedis        
        9-12th $110 Schone Hartung 17-24th $55 Jessie Blayden        
        9-12th $110 Tricia Heintz 17-24th $55 Windy Manuelito        
        9-12th $110 Cheyenne Cutler 17-24th $55 Kathi Giles        

Women's B Singles return to list

        Place Prize Player Place Prize Player Place Prize Player
        1st $6880 Lisa Byrd 13-16th $80 Mary Rowden 25-32nd $45 Erica Daniels
        2nd $505 Kirsten Fery 13-16th $80 Sherri Denke 25-32nd $45 Kathy Smith
        3rd $370 Claire Binci 13-16th $80 Anita Whitehouse 25-32nd $45 Charis Lamberte
        4th $275 Helen Wragg 13-16th $80 Molly Loveland 25-32nd $45 Robyn Willits
        5/6th $205 Berni Michel 17-24th $60 Lora Sharp 25-32nd $45 Theresa Janke
        5/6th $205 Laura Anthony 17-24th $60 Kelley McMinn 25-32nd $45 Anna Towksjhea
        7/8th $150 Sheila Aldrich 17-24th $60 Amanda Smith 25-32nd $45 Leisha Tillett
        7/8th $150 Valerie Anderson 17-24th $60 Debbi Owings 25-32nd $45 Tina Nelson
        9-12th $110 Tanya Moser 17-24th $60 Ricci Posten        
        9-12th $110 Mona Werle 17-24th $60 Gail Hogan        
        9-12th $110 Beverly Schantz 17-24th $60 Tammy Warford        
        9-12th $110 Teri Klyzek 17-24th $60 Sonja Benkis        

Men's Senior Singles return to list

        Place Prize Player Place Prize Player Place Prize Player
        1st $700 John Aranda 7/8th $135 Bill Henderson 13-16th $70 Jerry Blevens
        2nd $530 Dave Secord 7/8th $135 Joe Parkison 13-16th $70 Ron Renwick
        3rd $380 Dave Thompson 9-12th $100 Bob Nelson 13-16th $70 Virgle Ayers
        4th $270 Keith Wolhar 9-12th $100 John Bixby 13-16th $70 Jack Chace
        5/6th $190 Darryl Greenhalgh 9-12th $100 Ernie Omori        
        5/6th $190 Joe Chun 9-12th $100 Linn Petty        

Men's Master Teams return to list

    Place Prize Team Name Players
    1st $3325 Lingelbach's Team Chris Byers, Russell Cearley, Gary French, Steve Lingelbach, Darrold Crain
    2nd $2000 Malarkeys Mod Squad Bobby Campbell, Eddie Mataya, Tommy Sliva, Clark Smith, Scott Thurston
    3rd $1300 GoodShot Dummies Darin Walding, Pete Gates, Justin Lilje, Paul Marquez, Bob Olson
    4th $825 Grinders Chad Bisconer, James Brewer III, Bill Chillous, Jeff Jerome, Jackson McDonald
    5/6th $475 RoadHouse Masters Phil Bremer, Andy Dalbey, Roger Goodman, Isaac Norman, David Scarth
    5/6th $475 Soundview B&G Jim Conway, Jason Fick, Marvin Holmes, Greg Odal, Ed Slade

Women's Master Teams return to list

          Place Prize Team Name Players
          1st $2,020 That's How We Roll Melyssa Chasteen, Sheila Clark, Liz Cole, Suwanna Matarazzo
          2nd $1,140 The Four Noble Truths Cathy Duenas, Cassie Francois, Regene Lane, Cindy Sliva
          3rd $640 Derby Dames Jeanne Christiansen, Kim Jones, Talya Makus, Andy Ruth
          4th $340 Rack 'N Roll Jenny Blackstone, Andrena Browne, Julie Goodman, Diane Krause, Kris Robbins
          5/6th $240 Chalk Dirty Josie Balius, Phyllis Fernandez, Natasha Hook, Brenda Willis
          5/6th $240 Yakimaniacs Vi Brons, Nash Lesser, Mary Olney, Stella Speedis

Men's Open Teams return to list

    Place Prize Team Name Players
    1st $2,800 Short Yellow Bus Ray Galli, Mike Jensen, Steve Pulido, Darrel Schulden, William White
    2nd $2175 Tremors Don Armstrong, Jason DeFilippes, Randy Ohrstrom, Mark Thompson, Carl Tibbetts
    3rd $1700 Two Drink Minimum Cody Clark, Bill Irons, Dave Lauer, Scott Perry, Ford Rice Jr III, Chris Rogers
    4th $1,325 These Guys Jerod Barth, Stephen Cultee, Travis DeJong, Matt Jorgenson, Glenn Strode
    5/6th $1,050 Feel the Force Randy Eagleclaw, Myron Hannigan, Lee Puyette, Anthony Wahpat, Rodney Ward
    5/6th $1,050 Malarkey's A Squad Robert Cleveland, Rich Droste, Jordan Erwin, Doug McMullin, Dennis Tomlinson
    7/8th $825 Players Bob Anderson, Tim Anderson, Nick Dizard, Gene Henry, Scott Walton
    7/8th $825 5 Shades of Gray Dan Beltran, Al Carver, Ken Cox, Danny Defenik, Linn Petty
    9-12th $650 Ballard Lock & Key Alex Ip, Allen Loun, Don Rachels, Robert Strohm
    9-12th $650 Team Cleveland Alex Blair, Aaron Curti, Tyrel Datwyler, Ed Locati, Clifford Maxson
    9-12th $650 The Stroke Tip Aufderheide IV, Jake Bennett, Paul Bennett, Phil Squires
    9-12th $650 Little League John Aranda, Michael Atkisson, Jenaro Sanchez, Tuy Singharaj, Min Yu
    13-16th $500 Highly Overrated Jeramy Daniels, Hank Duren, Ryan Huntoon, Sheldon Lebow, Wade Simmons
    13-16th $500 High Ballers Crow But, John Curtis, Augie Gonzales, Sam Maul, Nathan VanGorder
    13-16th $500 The Rail Blazers Charlie Burnett, Dave Connors, Bill Ermatinger, Mike Jarvis, Shea Lanter
    13-16th $500 All In Balls Out Bill Anglin, Wesley Bledsoe, Dave Gest, Rich Irving, Clay Skidmore, Christopher White
    17-24th $350 Blind Squirrels Dale Altenburg, Al Beckman Jr, John Brooks, Chuck Dearfield, Jason Kruger, Lisa Kruger, Tim Martindale
    17-24th $350 8 Balls and a Rack Madalina Moreno, Matthew Moreno, Bill Nelson, Terry Thurlow, Paul Ward
    17-24th $350 Bad Influence Jesse Arismendez, Doug Ellenberger, Audie Hall, Shawn Self, Bill Sexton, Scott Virgin
    17-24th $350 The Border Manuel Arceo, Jose Ferral, Jesse Garner, Jeremy Gradwohl, Jorge Lopez
    17-24th $350 Hannah's Jack Chace, Jeff Clark, Alex Lugo, Chuck Lyle, Ron Plaja
    17-24th $350 BCA Sensored Lloyd Aalvik, Chris Aho, Dave Black, Mike Crenshaw, Steve Grimes, Damian Johnson
    17-24th $350 Miss Q's Boys Mike Bell, Dale Havens, Harry Howard, Horacio Tafolla, Ed Terry
    17-24th $350 D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F Brandon Richey, Ian Sharp, Mike Shipley Sr, Garrett Smith, Noah Thornton

Men's B Teams return to list

      Place Prize Team Name Players
      1st $2,200 Thunder Down Under Vic Albertson, Freddy Baca, Greg Barquist Jr, Dave Chavez, Dewayne Harvill
      2nd $1,675 The Baby Wheels JP Carnes, Collin Jensen, Tom Mautino, David Nelson, Jeff Snyder
      3rd $1,325 Doc's Bill Herman, Jim Mortensen, Woody Phillips, Donald Sheldon, Ken Wiegardt
      4th $1,025 Elma Lanes Chris Brogan, Floyd Lot, Mike Ritter, Clark Waitt, Steve Waitt
      5/6th $775 Felt Good Again Howard Allen, Ron Butts, Matt Lindsey, James Long, Bob Yutzie
      5/6th $775 Strokers and Pokers George Rocco, Bruce Thompson, Mike Trowbridge, Robert Vining, Brett Warner
      7/8th $600 The Wanna "B's" George Rocco, Bruce Thompson, Mike Trowbridge, Robert Vining, Brett Warner
      7/8th $600 Chalk is Cheap Luis Esparza, Eric Petrowiak, Jeff Tucker, Krista Tucker, Jose Villa Garza
      9-12th $475 Bad Boys Rocke Bell, Robert Cohee, Duane Crumley, Branch Hartsell, Nathan Russell
      9-12th $475 Rack Attackers Dan Friestman, Bill Johnson, James Mitchell, Izzy Perez, Eldon Slape
      9-12th $475 Mac's Brandt Ellingburg, John Flanigan, Rueben Lopez, Bill Norvell, Lenny Rosander
      9-12th $475 One Twenty Seven Ryan Baderman, Shain Byrum, Jason Cutler, John Deal, Steve Ransom
      13-16th $375 Chalk and Awe Will Briscoe III, Daniel Dudley, Jeffrey A Jones, Zach Meeker, Chuck Tate
      13-16th $375 Call Your Mama BJ Bjornstrom, Tim Gragg, Dale Novotny, Leon Wilson, Rick Wirkkala
      13-16th $375 Jill's Crew Rocky Bergquist, Cisco Cabello, Randy Halbeisen, Brice Waters, Jill Wilson
      13-16th $375 Underground B Boyz Jason Coates, Cody Garner, Brian Goodrow, John Hamilton, Tom Pogorelc
      17-24th $300 Ballz Deep Peter Bowen, Brian Roberge, Cid Saldana, Scott Smith, Josh Stewart
      17-24th $300 Awfully Suspect Sam Collins, Tyler Falconer, Roger Forrester, Adam Griggs, Nick Travis
      17-24th $300 Team 8's Jeff Ashley, Zachary Enriquez, Terry Mason, Lenny McKeever, Kate Morrell
      17-24th $300 Stickmen Dick Cassle, Dean Landrum, Wayne Masoner, Leif O'Neal, Isaac Sharp
      17-24th $300 Aces and 8's Brian Brosnan, Troy Clyde, Kenny Dain, Ronald Eckerman, Pat Suyama
      17-24th $300 Performance Crew Jessie Blayden, Michael Blayden, Tall'Joe Rumelhart, Ron Strong, Dewey Bear Wheaton
      17-24th $300 Idle Hour 1 John DeLapp, Bob Junkin Jr, Woody Lancaster, Bill Trotter, Earl Van Burger
      17-24th $300 Boomsticks Chris Brown, Rick Dusa, Stephen Kerner, Galen Krokum, Mike Siller

Women's Open Teams return to list

      Place Prize Team Name Players
      1st $1,620 Lady Luck Tracey Cunningham, Kirsten Fery, Smitty Smith, Raquel Walton
      2nd $1180 Dangerous Cues Robin Adams, Lisa Anderson, Kristin Cambas, Kim Engh
      3rd $860 Diamond Divas Kimberly Katzenberger, Lynette Schmale, Lora Sharp, Becki Silva-Smith
      4th $640 Pine Tree Characters Cathy Earley, Cindy Nieznalski, Cindy Perry, Traci Wahl
      5/6th $480 Chris's Cougars Sheila Aldrich, Candy Knutson, Tiff Murray, Lorrie Richards
      5/6th $480 Rack 'N Roll Joani Cory-Payne, Julie Fraser, Kathi Giles, Eunice Sleight
      7/8th $360 Billy's Bull Pen Tavern Irene Arsenault, Coleen Brower, Sherri Denke, Barb Ekstrom, Kimberly Scott
      7/8th $360 Fatal 8 Traction Schon Hartung, Suzanne Mackey, Samantha Ransom, Ashley Shafer, Anita Whitehouse
      9-12th $240 Treacherous Wenches Attack Team Shirley Hohlfelder, Amy Horan, Joan Purpura, Teresa Shaw
      9-12th $240 Rack On Ronda Clark, Sue Eklund, Windy Manuelito, CJ Wurm
      9-12th $240 Victorious Secret Cheyenne Cutler, Rebecca Douglas, Nicki Hurley, Carlie Watrous
      9-12th $240 GR8 Ball of Fire Valerie Anderson, Dani Hinshaw, Roseanna Iukes, Angie VerHoeven