19th Annual Western BCA 9-Ball Championships

March 9-16, 2014

Chinook Winds Casino Resort — Lincoln City, Oregon

March + Oregon Coast = 19th Western BCA 8-Ball Championships

By Robbin Iredale, with a little help from Darcy Williams

Lincoln City, Oregon and Chinook Winds Casino Resort® welcomed 1,422 players (an increase of 4%) to the 19th Annual Western BCA Regional 8-Ball Championships, held March 9-16, 2014.  The weather outside fluctuated between sunny and nice (a little) or gray, wet and windy (most of the time).  The weather inside was all a pool player could ask for.  BadBoys Billiard Productions®, Jeramy Daniels (WBCA Tournament Stager), and the Chinook Winds staff joined to put together the tournament rooms and, when it was time to open the doors at 3pm on Saturday, all was in place for a week of competition, rivalry and new champions.  This event was live streamed by Lenny Marshall, OnTheRailTV®, who streamed all day every day, including as many of the finals that could be scheduled on the "TV" tables.

There were a couple of firsts this time.  The 1st Annual Chinook Winds Open 8-Ball Championships were held Monday and Tuesday, with 48 in the Men's division and 13 in the Women's and, for the first time ever, two Open Women's divisions, A and B debuted.  There was one repeat Singles Champion, but all the others were first timers. 

Once again, we were fortunate to have a very special cue donated to Western BCA to be raffled.  This time it was a beautiful Roger Pettit cue donated by Ernie Omori (EYO Cues®).  Sales were brisk and, when all the tickets were totaled, $1,675 was raised to help fund future WBCA events.  NPL's Clara Silvas was the happy winner and we wish her many years of good shooting with this wonderful cue.  Many thanks to all the players who purchased tickets and to Shari Ross, Ernie and the Podium staff who sold  tickets.  Good Job everyone.

Fun Night was Saturday, another first.  Sign-ups for the Handicapped 10-Ball Singles were brisk and the 48 Bracket was full by start time. After the first 3 rounds there were 8 left.  Finishing 5th-8th ($60):  Daniel Sardoncillo (NPL), Linn Petty (EV), Carlos Cadena (CC) and Nick Kruger (WWA/LTD).  3rd/4th:  Kenny Dodd (NPL) and Eddie Mataya (NPL).  Finalists Stan Tourangeau (LTD) and Mike Stevens (NPL) chose to split the combined 1st and 2nd place money and each took home $260.    While the 10-Ball was going on, Ed Slade and his crew got the Mini-Tournaments going.   There were 23 in all (7 MA's,14 MB's, 1 MM and 1 WO).  Needless to say, there were no empty tables as everyone took advantage of the opportunity to get some practice in prior to the start of Scotch Doubles the following day.  All in all, fun seemed to be had by all.

Mixed Scotch Doubles kicked the Championships off at 10am Sunday morning.  Master Mixed Scotch Doubles began with 46 pairs, all with their eyes on the 1st place prize of $1800.   Clayton Foran and Jessica Orth (CWY) worked their way to the hot seat after getting by a couple of very tough opponents in Eddie Mataya & Deby Welfringer (NPL) and Paul Marquez (NPL/CPL) & Andrea Saenz-Maes (LTD).  Former Champs Steve Lingelbach & Carissa Biggs (NPL) played 10 matches and were hoping for a spot in the finals but their run ended with them in 3rd Place ($860) after coming up short against Paul/Andrea, who went on to the finals.  The two pairs traded games until they were hill/hill.  The deciding game started with Clayton breaking dry.  It looked all but over as Paul/Andrea ran down to the 8-Ball.  Andrea was left with a tough carom on the 8-Ball that didn't go in.  Jessica made the 5-Ball but Clayton, left with no shot, tried to block the 8-ball but failed, leaving Paul with an easy 8 in the corner and a possible double dip was on.

Paul/Andrea started out the deciding match (this time a race to 4) with a couple of wins before stalling in game 3 and letting Clayton/Jessica back in the match (2-1).  They traded the next two games (3-2) before Paul/Andrea closed the door, taking the final game, the match, the title and the $1800 check.  Clayton/Jessica had a great event and finished in 2nd Place ($1240).
Open Mixed Scotch Doubles, also started Sunday morning and featured 135 couples on a 2 day quest for the title and $1600.  Mike Norris & Linda (Smitty) Smith (CPL) made it to the finals undefeated, sending Steve Tamura & Cassie Francois (LTD) to the back side in the point match with revenge on their minds.  Only Scott Walton & Fran Johnson (LTD) stood in their way.  Steve/Cassie proved to be too strong and Scott/Fran left in 3rd place ($910).  After the first 4 games of the final, the score was  2-2.  Then Steve/Cassie took control and closed out the match.  Another possible double dip.  Mike/Smitty just couldn't get anything going in the final final and Steve/Cassie were playing well.  In three games it was over.  Mike/Smitty got $1200 for their 2nd place showing and Steve/Cassie left with the title and the $1600 1st place check.

Next up were Singles, with 8 divisions including the newly split Women's Open, now the Women'sA and Women's B.  The Men's B Singles got started Monday evening at 6p with 290 entries and would end on Thursday evening with 2 left standing and the 1st place prize of $1100 on the line.  Ramon Farias (TC) worked hard and got to the finals undefeated.  Ramon took on Alex Blair (NPL) in the point match and sent him to the back side where he was denied a trip to the final and ended his journey in 3rd place ($615).   Ramon first met Andy Dalbey (CPL) on the winner's side and sent him down to try for another shot at him in the final.  After Andy dispatched Alex, a seat in the final was his.  After 6 games they were even.  The hill game went to Andy who was looking for the double dip.  The second time around was a repeat of the first, hill/hill.  In the match game, Andy got off to a good start by running 6 balls before missing the 3-Ball.  Ramon patiently worked through his balls as Andy just couldn't get the 3-Ball off the table.  Ramon finally pocketed the 8-Ball and claimed the title and $1100.  Andy left with 2nd Place ($800).  

The Men's A Singles got underway on Tuesday morning.  193 started play, eager and hopeful.  Carlos Cadena (CC) was a man on a mission, losing only 9 games in six matches on his way to the final.  Rod Bair (CC) had the same idea but by the time he got to Carlos, in the point match, Carlos was more than ready for him and sent him to the back side.  Rod had a tough opponent in Sonny Redthunder (INL) but he really wanted another go at his league-mate so Sonny's quest for a spot in the final ended and he went home in 3rd place ($740).  Rod took the first game of the final.  Carlos, mission in mind, answered by taking the next 4 games, and he was on the hill.  Rod rallied and took the next game but that was as far as he would go.  Rod happily accepted the 2nd place check for $1000.  Carlos, mission accomplished, collected the $1375 1st place check and the title.

By Wednesday, all the remaining divisions were on the tables.  Men's Senior Singles fielded 59 wily veterans, all no strangers to competition and all looking forward to the challenge.  Ray Galli (CPL) showed his stuff by getting to the final undefeated.  Ernie Omori, who played Ray for the point, could not get past two time runner up, Sonny Boggs (PCGP) and finished in 3rd place ($305).  Sonny was in the final for the third straight time but hoping for a different result this time.  The final started out with the men trading the first 4 games (2-2).  Ray controlled the match from that point on, taking the next 3 games, the crown and the 1st  place check for $600.  Sonny, a bridesmaid once again, collected $425 and will no doubt spend the next few months wondering just what he has to do to get over that final hurdle. 

The Women's Senior Singles, with a bracket of only 8, may have lacked in numbers but not the desire to win.  Sandra Frazier (LTD) and Aileen Bristow (NPL) played to the point match.  Sandra won and waited to see if Aileen would come to the final from the back side for a rematch.  Only Patty Hayes (CWY) stood in her way but Patty couldn't stop Aileen.  Patty finished in 3rd place ($50).  The final was a hard fought, hill/hill match.  Sandra came out the winner and collected $200 for her efforts.  Aileen, in 2nd place, took home $100.  

The new Women'sA and Women'sB divisions were created so the Open Women could be grouped with and compete against women of similar skill level and so all would have a chance to do well and get in the money.   The first Women's A Singles drew 78 women vying for the title and $750.  Rebecca Slyter (CPL) and Lisa St. Claire (NPL) played to the point match with Rebecca going on to the final undefeated as Lisa went to the back side.  Julie Stallings (EV) played to the final bracket before her first loss.  She played four matches on the back side before coming up against Lisa for a possible trip to the final.  Lisa, however, was determined to get her rematch with Rebecca and Julie finished in 3rd place ($375).  Lisa and Rebecca both brought their A-games to the final, splitting the first two games (1-1).  Lisa won the next two games, one with a table run (3-1) before Rebecca answered back with a table run of her own.  (3-2)  Lisa shut the door on the match with a win (4-2) and forced a deciding match.  Rebecca got off to a good start, taking the first two games before Lisa dropped the hammer on her and won the next four games and the match.  Rebecca, in 2nd place, earned $525 and Lisa, the first ever Women'sA Champion, left with $750. 

The Women's B Singles division was slightly larger than the A, with 84 entering.  Newcomer Jessica Aarhaus (LTD) and long time player Windy Manuelito (COB) were undefeated until they met in the point match.  Jessica won and was the first to get a spot in the final.  Windy played Lisa Olson (CPL) to see who would represent the back side in the final.  Lisa earned the spot and Windy settled for 3rd place ($275).  Jessica was just too much for Lisa (2nd Place/$385) in the final, winning the match by a score of 4-1 and became the first Women'sB Champ and happily accepted the $550 first place check.

The 67 entrants in the Men's Master Singles division all came to play.  No one more so than the 2013 9-Ball Men's Master Singles Champion, Miguel Morfin (LTD).  Winning his first six matches, Miguel wasted no time getting to the final.   Mike Stevens (NPL) and Adam Stromberg (LTD), played for the opportunity to get into the final with Miguel.  Adam ended up in 3rd place ($625) and Mike had a chance to redeem himself after losing the point match to Miguel earlier.  Miguel won the lag which would turn out to be crucial.  The first three games were breaks and runs (2-1 for Miguel).  Game 4 was a safety game (15 safeties) going to Mike (2-2).  Miguel answered back, winning the next two games, including a table run, after Mike's dry break in game 6 (4-2).  Mike won the next two games to even the match at 4-4 before the two split games 9 and 10 to get the match to hill/hill.  Remember the lag?  Miguel had the break in game 11 and he took full advantage of it by breaking and running out to win the match and collect his second title and the winner's check for $1475.  Mike could only watch. (2nd place and $960)

There were 45 women entered in the Women's Master Singles division.  By Thursday night, only two were left to battle for the title.  LTD's Natalie Seal and CC's Trisha Tipton played for the point with Natalie coming out on top 5-3.  Tricia went to the back side and took on 1st time master INL's Sheila Clark and held on for a rematch in the final.  Sheila played well and proved she is a true master by taking 3rd place ($410).  The final was almost a replay of the point match as Natalie beat Tricia (2nd place/$625) by a score of 5-2 and became the Women's Master Champion ($950).

The 1st Annual Chinook Winds Open 8-Ball Championships were born after much discussion and experimentation as to how to best showcase our premier players, the GrandMasters.  What began as the GrandMaster Challenges and evolved into a GrandMaster Singles Division has now, with support from Chinook Winds, become an event open to not only our own GrandMasters but to any players from anywhere with the hope that it would eventually attract professional pool players.  Was this a good first step for this format?  If the number of spectators enjoying  these matches were any indication, we are hopeful.  Only time will tell.

The Men's CWO Open kicked off with 48 men (7 GrandMasters, 41 Masters or below), many familiar faces, many not.  After two days of ferocious play, Stan Tourangeau (LTD) went unbeaten to the final.  After losing his second match, Mike Stevens (NPL) worked his way all the way through the back side, one match away from the final.  Tommy Rossi (CC) had other plans.  He played Stan in the point match, lost that one and wanted a rematch with Stan. Mike's CWO ended with a 3rd place finish and $1000.  The first six games of the final went Tommy, Stan (Break/Run), Tommy, Stan, Tommy (Break/Run) and Stan (Break/Run with a jump to pocket the 8-Ball) and the score was 3-3.  Game 7 started out with Tommy breaking, running 5 balls and fouling on the 9-Ball.  Stan took over and ran out.  (4-3)  Stan broke in game 8, making 4 balls and, in spite of some problems along the way, completed the run out and was on the hill.  (5-3)  In game 9, Tommy broke, making a ball and ran off 4 balls before fouling on the 4-Ball when he went for a break out.  Stan wasted no time completing his run and the match was over.  Tommy fought the good fight and left in 2nd place ($1700).  Stan, Men's CWO Champion, pocketed $3000.

The Women's CWO had 13 entries, 7 GrandMasters and 6 Masters or below.  Two GrandMasters met in the final.  Mary Coffman (NPL) got there first.  Former 2011 GrandMaster Challenge Champ, Linda Carter (PCGP) lost her first match and came all the way through the back side, hoping for another final and another title.  Another former Champion, Cindy Sliva (NPL), fresh off a great showing at the Reno Bar Box the previous week, had the same plan and ended Linda's quest in 3rd Place ($350).  There would be a new Champion, however, as Mary refused to let Cindy get going and took the final by a score of 5-2 and collected the 1st place prize of $875.

So ended Singles play and the Teams filled the room starting with the Men's/Mixed Open Team division at 9am on Friday with 77 teams.  WWA' s Funky Bunch (Chris Alderman, Bruch Gojetia, Mark Goodwin, David Overbo, James Schweiger) played through some tough matches to reach the finals unbeaten.  CC's Team Road House (Bill Armstrong, Phil Bremer, Carlos Cadena, Jason Grijalva, Eric Soumokil) handled every team they played except LTD's Soundview Bar & Grill II (Cody Clark, Keith Johnson, Mitch Kimball, Ed Slade, Ken Wilson) who sent them to the back side in round 5 and later ended their tournament in 3rd Place ($1775).  Soundview B&G went on to the final against Funky Bunch but this time with the opposite result.  Funky Bunch won their first meeting in the point match 13-8 and repeated that win in the final by the same score to take the title and $2900.

The Men's/Mixed B Teams also started Friday morning with 68 Teams.  CPL's The Replacements (Josh Eschright, Mark Griffin, Corey Patterson, James Smith, AJ Summer) survived a hill/hill match with Regulators NPL (RJ (Ryan) Covey, Jon Dollor, Dwayne Larsen, Gary Rothgeb, Daniel Sardoncillo) to secure their spot in the final.  The Regulators NPL had to play NPL's Crazy 8's (Manuel Arceo, Isaac Dally, Jesse Garner, Steve Sandberg, Jim Savidge) and win to get their rematch.  The Crazy 8's couldn't quite hold them down and left in 3rd place ($1275).  The final was almost a double dip but The Replacements came back from a first final round loss (9-11) to turn the tables on The Regulators NPL (2nd place/$1600) and take the title by the same 11-9 score and collect $2100.

With 44 teams, the Women's Open Team division, got underway Saturday morning.  LTD's Sea Gals (Jessica Aarhaus, Rimma Gounares, Stacy Moore-Moses, Le Ann Russell) were undefeated and waited for an opponent in the final.  NPL's NPL Gals (Robin Adams, Dara Koch, Jordan Oakes, Brandy Phillips) took on CPL's No Balls All Game (Kim Allen, Kirsten Fery, Linda Smith, Jennifer Windell) but lost 3-9 and finished in 3rd place ($880).  No Balls All Game would have another crack at the Sea Gals (having lost to them in the point match).  The Sea Gals held off a tough No Balls All Game (2nd/$1200) squad by the score of 11-9 to capture the title and $1600.

There were 15 Women's Master Teams seeking the title and the $2000 1st place check. Pool Tourettes (Kim Jones, Jocelyn Liu, Susan Preston, Shari Ross) and Despicable Us (Carissa Biggs, Shirley Morgan, Barb Thompson, Ann Zack) played for the point, with Pool Tourettes winning that match by a score of 13-7.  Despicable Us went to the back side for one match against Gate Keepers (Karla Bagley-Tias, Josie Balius, Natasha Hook, Andrea Saenz-Maes), winning by a score of 13-9, sending the Gate Keepers home in 3rd place/$620 as they went on to the final and a rematch with Pool Tourettes.  This time around, Despicable Us (2nd place/$1100) was only able to win 6 games and Pool Tourettes captured the title and $2000.
The last of the team divisions was the Men's/Mixed Master Teams, with a field of 18 teams.  Continuing the trend, the point match would be a preview of the final.  Malarkeys 2 (Bobby Campbell, Eddie Mataya, Miguel Morfin, Junior Sardoncillo, JohnTe) and Good Shot Dummies (Mike Deitchman, Rich Geiler, Paul Marquez, Bob Olson, Cedric Sloan) played for the point, with Malarkeys 2 going on to the final.  Fabulous 5 (Chad Bisconer, Nick Kruger, Tim Lezard, Terry McDonnell, Stan Tourangeau) gave it their all but came up a little short and had to settle for 3rd place and $1200.  Good Shot Dummies  held off Malarkeys 2 13-5 and looked good for the double dip and almost got there.  However, Malarkeys 2 begged to differ, taking the hard fought final match of the Championships by a score of 13-10 and were the last Champions crowned ($2800). 

The 2nd Chance Tournaments were taking place as the singles and team play wound down and tables became available.  Many thanks to Ryan Huntoon and his crew for keeping these events organized.  Here are the results for the no fee (free) 2nd Chance:

  • Men's Master Singles:  Ken Bower (WWA)
  • Men'sA Singles:  Jose Velazquez (SWI)
  • Men'sB Singles:  Al Miller (LTD)
  • Men's Senior Singles:  Eddie Dinglason (MTV)
  • Women's Master Singles:  Julie Valdez (LTD)
  • Women'sA Singles:  Debi Hollander-Haney (UMP)
  • Women'sB Singles:  Tracey Cunningham (CPL)
  • Men's/Mixed Open Teams:  Rollin' - Brandon Crum, Donny Fowler, Gary Hoffman, Bob Red, and JR Willis  (EV)
  • Men's/Mixed B Teams:  Corner Pocket 4 - Stan Beard, Steve Dugan, Nate Dunford, Angela Gibson and Steve Gibson (NPL)
  • Women's Open Teams:  Black Star Hot Shots - Casey Bowers, Barbara Gates, Stacy Medina, Barbara Saul and Theresa Twedt (WWA)
Here are the results for the paid 2nd Chance:
  • Men's Master Singles:  Jim Masterman (LTD)
  • Men'sA Singles:  Cody Clark (LTD)
  • Men'sB Singles:  Mike Ritter (TC)
  • Women's OpenA/B:  Amy Horan (SLC/LINC)

Winners of the Chinook Wind's cash drawing of Winners Circle Card Numbers (entry forms):

  • $250 - Patrick Kyle (LTD)
  • $150 - Joe Parkinson (NPL)
  • $100 - Chad Spencer (UMP)

Congratulations to our Grand Prize winner of a 5 night stay at one of Horizon Rentals® fabulous vacation rentals - Susie Walker (SWI).   

Enough cannot be said about all the Western BCA dedicated volunteers that work literally all year round to make this event a success, especially our President, Darcy Williams, who keeps us all on point.  Many, many thanks to Chinook Winds for providing our wonderful venue, Steve Marker and his Tournament Officials,  Darryl Farley and his crew of Referees, Cathy Dunford and the Payout staff, Robbin Iredale and the best Podium Staff possible, Mike Jensen (CWO TD/Special Events), Dayle Stroup (Western BCA Store) and the list goes on.  Did you know that you don't have to be a pool player to volunteer?  We are lucky to have several who help out for no other reason than they enjoy the players and the atmosphere even though they don't play:  Cindy and Wayne Timmins,  Melissa Olsen and Keith and Deb Anderson (Payouts) and Jessica Davidson (Store).

And that about wraps up these championships.  New Champions, new friends, renewed rivalries and we'll do it all again in October at the 9-Ball Championships.