18th Annual Western BCA 8-Ball Championships

March 11-17, 2013

Chinook Winds Casino Resort — Lincoln City, Oregon


By Robbin Iredale

Western BCA's Regional 8-Ball Championships continue to grow.  This year’s tournament drew 1364 players and  featured 17 Divisions with a total of 2215 total entries, a 10.5% increase over 2012's 8-Ball championships.  On March 10, 2013, Chinook Winds Casino Resort  welcomed us with open arms.  Bad Boys Billiards Production had the tables up and ready for play by noon on Sunday (Fun Night) and followed that up with superb tournament direction from start to finish and kept the brackets running pretty much on time.  Don “Cheese” Akerlow of 'On the Break News TV' provided live streaming with some help from Ray Cunningham (lighting), Steve Marker (scheduling) and Andrea Saenz-Maes (commentators).  Tables, lights, cameras, ACTION!

The room opened at noon on Sunday, by 3p most of the tables were in use and by 6p the room was full of pool players.  Handicapped 10-Ball Singles was scheduled for 7p and fielded a full slate of 32 players (3 MGM, 11 MM, 2 WM, 10 MA, 5 MB and 1 WO). When the dust finally settled Stan Tourangeau (LTD) and Stephen Cultee (LTD) split the 1st/2nd place money $330, Todd Gooch (NPL) and Dan Louie (LTD) each got $75 (3rd/4th) and Clark Smith (NPL), Mike Barroso (SWI), Nick Lopez (CWY) and Paul Marquez (NPL) each got $40 (5th-8th).  Ed Slade got Mini-Tournaments started and was kept busy with 14 (1 WO, 7 MB and 6 MA). 

The Handicapped 10-Ball Singles is growing in popularity.  So much so that there was a 2nd one on Sunday as the Team finals were winding down.  This time there were 28 players.  1st place ($200) - Miguel Morfin (NPL), 2nd place ($130) - Bret Baker (PCGP) and 3rd/4th place ($75 each) - Mike Harris (TC) and John Te (LTD).

As always, Mixed Scotch Doubles started on Day 1 of the championships.  54 Master and 139 Open teams took to the tables at 9a and the competition was fierce form the beginning. By the end of the day there were 4 Master Mixed Scotch Doubles teams left standing.  Luke Thomas/Shelby Locati (CC/NPL) and Eddie Mataya/Deby Welfringer (NPL) fell by the wayside the next morning finishing 4th and 3rd respectively.  That set up the final between Mike Stevens/Cindy Doty (NPL) who took the point the night before from Eddie/Deby and David Bersenadze/Kim Jones (LTD) who were sent to the back side by Mike/Cindy in round 4.  The final got underway at 1p and, after Mike/Cindy took the first game, was all David/Kim.  The duo took the next 5 games (including a break and run) to force the double dip.  The second match (race to 4 this time) was basically a repeat of the first one.  Mike/Cindy took the first game with Cindy arguably making the shot of the match when she was the victim of a well played safety by David and making a long kick on the 8-Ball into the far corner pocket.  That wasn't enough to get Mike/Cindy going however and David/Kim again took over with solid shot making and safety play and 4 games later the match was over.  Mike/Cindy took 2nd ($1530) and David/Kim captured the title and ($2200).

Open Mixed Scotch Doubles also got underway at 9a Monday morning. The eventual finalists (Matt Moreno/Sheila Clark [INL] and Gary/Kathy Hoffman [EV]) both worked their way undefeated through their half of the B preliminary bracket to get to the final bracket.  The two teams met in their 1st final bracket match and Matt/Sheila sent Gary/Kathy to the back side as they continued their march to the point.  Gary/Kathy had to win three matches to earn a spot in the final and did so sending Bill/Linda Fuller (NPL) home with a 4th place finish ($680) and Carlos Cedena/Michelle Jensen (CC) home in 3rd ($900).  The final was on and was a back and forth battle from start to finish, with each team alternating wins in the first 5 games (3-2 for Matt/Sheila).  Even though Sheila fouled on the 8-Ball, giving the table to the Hoffman's and a chance to even the match, poor shape on the 7-Ball forced Kathy to play a safety.  Matt got up, made the 8-ball and sealed the win.  Gary/Kathy, in 2nd place, took home $1200.  Matt/Sheila were all smiles as they collected the 1st place prize of $1600.

Singles got underway Tuesday Morning at 9a  when a record number (311) of Men'sB players got on the tables.  Joining them later in the day were 164 Men'sA players. 10 Men GMs, 64 Men Masters and 60 Senior Men would get their chance come Wednesday.  11 Women GMs, 41 Women Masters, 157 Open Women, 8 Senior Women and 13 Novice Women would also take to the tables on Wednesday.  The tables were jammed from open to close both days and would finally begin to thin down on Friday,  just in time for Teams to come in. 

The Men's Grandmaster Singles was once again the marquis event of the Championships. 8 Grand Masters and 2 Masters would do battle for the title. Master Marvin Holmes (LTD) finished in 4th place ($450) and Eddie Carrido (WWA) in 3rd ($700). There were some great match-ups along the way but none better than the final between Dan Louie (LTD) and Stan Tourangeau (LTD). These two are always a pure pleasure to watch. Dan played, literally, a perfect match. His only miss-step was one dry break in game 5. That was it. Stan was pretty perfect himself early on, even taking the lead at 3-2 but a couple of his own dry breaks in games 8 and 10 and one, just one, missed shot in game 6, spelled his doom. Did I say Dan was perfect? Here's how the match went. Games 1-4, breaks and runs (2-2). Game 5, Dan dry broke, Stan ran out (3-2). Game 6, Stan broke, pocketing the 8-Ball. He chose to spot the 8 and keep shooting but missed the 6-Ball on his first shot. Dan ran out (3-3). Game 7, Dan broke and ran (4-3). Game 8, Stan dry broke, Dan ran out (5-3). Games 9 and 10 were repeats of games 7 and 8 (7-3). And that was it. Stan walked away with $900 for 2nd place. Dan pocketed $1250 and collected another crown. If you didn't see this match yet, click the link above, you won't be sorry.

Next up was the Women's Grandmaster Singles. There were eleven, including two Masters. Kim Jones (LTD) drew Jana Montour (NonWBCA) in the first round, little knowing they would meet again in the final. Jana took the direct route to the point, Kim had to navigate a longer road to get there. Along her way, she got by 4th place finisher Cindy Doty (NPL) and, in 3rd place, previous Women's Grandmaster Champion, Linda Carter (PCGP). The Jones/Montour final began with Jana running the table after Kim's dry break. Jana followed that with her own dry break but Kim's run stalled after a couple of balls and Jana proceeded to run the table for a 2-0 lead. The ladies split the next two games getting Kim on the board but giving Jana a 3-1 lead. Kim broke game 5, pocketed 3 balls but had to play a safety. Jana answered with a good safety of her own. Kim fouled and, with ball in hand, Jana ran out (4-1). Games 6 and 7 were again split (5-2), putting Jana on the hill. Kim wasn't ready to give up, running the next two tables to get to 5-4. Jana broke game 10, fouling on the break, Kim made a ball then had to play a safety that would end her come back and leave her in 2nd place ($825) as Jana took over and ran out to claim the title and the 1st place prize of $1125. 

With a field of 64, the Men's Master Singles division would eventually see last 8-Ball's runner up Luke Thomas (CC) taking on Bobby Campbell (NPL), a newcomer to the finals, for the title.  Luke got to the point undefeated.  Bobby took the long way by losing his first match and taking out Randy Baker (CC-4th-$410) and Kevin Ross (NPL-3rd-$620) to get to the final.  Bobby won the lag and broke and ran the table.  Luke answered back with his own break and run.  Bobby dry broke in game 3 but Luke couldn't complete his run stalling after pocketing 4 balls.  Bobby did run out, taking a 2-1 lead.  Luke took game 4 to even the match at 2-2 but that was as far as he would go.  Bobby got lucky in game 5 after a couple of lapses and Luke's failure to capitalize.  He then knuckled down, took the next 3 games and the match (5-2) and the double dip was on. 

Luke broke and ran in game one (1-0).  Bobby apparently didn't enjoy sitting and watching and ran out the next three games (3-1).  Game 5 was a back and forth affair with Bobby getting to the 8-Ball first and taking the game (4-1).   Bobby didn't give Luke a chance at the table in game 6 by breaking and running (5-1) and he was on the hill.  Luke had some chances in Game 7 but didn't put it all together.  Bobby did, taking the game and the match (6-1).  Luke would go home with 2nd place ($950).  Bobby's long trek netted him the crown and $1400.

The Women's Master Singles was a little less dramatic.  Both finalists got to the point match undefeated.  Phyllis Fernandez (INL) sent Natasha Hook (CPL) to the back side and would wait and see who she would meet in the final.  Tasha got past Shelby Locati (NPL-3rd-$405) to earn the rematch.  The ladies split the first 4 games (2-2).  In game 5, Phyllis persevered (3-2).  Game 6 was a 14 safety marathon.  Tasha got to the 8-Ball first but couldn't put it down.  Phyllis ran her 5 balls and pocketed the 8-Ball (4-2) and was on the hill.   Tasha dry broke.  Phyllis ran off 4 balls before having to play a safety.  Tasha was on her way out but stalled, giving the table back to Phyllis for the final time as she ran out for the title (5-2) and $1000.  Tasha took home $640. 

The Men's A Singles, with 164 entries and $1200 on the line, began play Tuesday at 4:30p.  Daniel Sternberg (PCGP-5th/6th-$360), and Paul Deluna (NPL-5th/6th-$360)  made it undefeated through their preliminary bracket to the final bracket as did eventual finalists Jason Fick LTD) and Aric Twohy (LDT).  Jason and Aric would meet in the point match with Aric winning and Jason going to the back side.  David Scarth (CPL-4th-$480) fell to Tim Desmarais (CWY-3rd-$655).  Jason, determined to get another shot at Aric, dispatched Tim and the rematch was on.

Jason was ready for Aric and said, no way, not this time, and took the first go round 5-0 (including a great jump shot on the 8-Ball in game 5) to give himself a chance at the title. Aric was warmed up, though, and wasn't going to allow a repeat of their first match.  Jason got off to a quick start (2-0), however, taking game 1 and running the table in game 2 after his own dry break and Aric's foul on the 9-Ball.  Aric wasn't ready to give in though, taking the next two games, including his own table run after Jason's foul on the break in game 4 (2-2).  Jason again took advantage of an early miss by Aric in game 5 and running out (3-2).  Game 6 was a cat and mouse game with some good strategy by both men but Jason outlasted Aric and took the game (4-2).  Game 7 started with Aric breaking and running down to the 8-Ball.  In spite of poor shape on the 8, he almost made it, but his run ended there.  Jason make a couple of balls but had to play a safety.  Aric had to play a safety on the 8 giving the table back to Jason who ran off most of his balls but, again, had to play a safety but failed to get to a rail.  Aric took the game (4-3).  In game 8, Aric has opportunities but poor shape and fouling while kicking at the 8-Ball sealed his fate and a 2nd place finish ($890).  Jason ran his balls off, pocketed the 8-Ball and the crown and $1200 was his. 

The Women's Open Singles  division would follow a similar path as the Men'sA but with a different outcome.  Yes, there would be a double dip but, this time, the winner of the point would take the title. Trihn Lu (LTD) and Marla Mortensen (TC) would get to the final bracket undefeated and would meet in the point match.  Marla would win that match and the point.  Trihn would go to the back side and play Larenda Davis (CWY-3rd-$450) to get her second try at Marla.  Trihn would take game 1 with a nice table run (1-0).  Marla took the next two games to take a brief 2-1 lead.  Trihn then took control of the match, taking the next three games to force a double dip. Apparently, Marla, had a different outcome in mind for the dip, taking the first two games (2-0) before Trihn took advantage of Marla's hanging miss on the 8-Ball (2-1).  But that would be it for Trihn as Marla took the next two games, the match, the title and the winner's check for $800).  Trihn, a first timer to our championships, took 2nd place and $600. 

The road to the Men's B Singles final was a long one considering there were 311 players fighting it out for the title.  This time, both finalists took essentially the same route by playing through their preliminary bracket undefeated then meeting for the first time in the point match.  Chris Aldrich (TC) took that one, sending Raymond Lingenfelter (EV) to the back side.  Raymond had only one player, Jef Stuart (CC), in his way to get to the final and a rematch with Chris.  Jef left the tournament in 3rd place ($620).  Chris again was too much for Raymond and in the end Raymond took 2nd place ($820) and a happy Chris Aldrich was crowned champ and received the 1st place prize of $1075. 

The Men's Senior Singles continues to grow with 60 experienced and cunning entrants.  Sonny Boggs (PCGP) would make it to the point undefeated.  Along his route he would send former Senior Singles champ, Joe Chun (LTD) to the back side.  Dave Secord (MTV) lost his first match and had to play his way all the way back to get into the final.  It wasn't an easy road.  He had to get by 2012 Senior runner-up Bill Ermatinger (NPL-7th/8th/$100) and 2009 Senior Champ Vernon Joe (WWA-5th/6th-$150).  He also took out Randy Sterling (INL-4th-$200) and Cord Parsons (MID-3rd-$300) on his way to the final. 

Dave was primed and ready to go, taking the first 3 games (3-0).  Sonny had a chance in game 4 but made the 8-Ball prematurely and put Dave on the hill (4-0).  At that point, Sonny decided to get back into the match, taking the next 3 games, including a table run in game 7 (4-3).  Dave, however, was focused on the double dip and closed the match out with a win and getting his double dip. 

The dip started out with the two trading breaks and runs in the first two games (1-1).  Game 3 was a safety game with Sonny out foxing Dave and taking the game and the lead (1-2).  Dave took the next two games to get to 3-2.  Sonny didn't get out of his chair (except to dry break in game 6) for the rest of the match.  Dave ran that table out (4-2) and then broke and ran in game 7 to end the match (5-2).  Sonny, in 2nd place, accepted a check for $400.  All smiles, Dave took home $600.  

The Women's Senior Singles bracket was small (8) but these ladies came to play.  Sheila Aldrich (TC) would take the point sending, 2008 Women's Senior Champ, Pam Carraway (MTV) to the back side.  Pam beat Sandra Frazier (LTD-3rd-$50) a second time to get into the final.  Pam took the first match and had her chance at repeating as champion.  And repeat she did.  Sheila finished in 2nd place ($100) and Pam took home the first place prize of $200. 

There were 13 players in the Women's Novice Singles division getting a taste of regional tournament play.  Bonni Barcus (INL) and  Michelle Zentner (NPL) dominated the field, playing for the point and then coming back together in the final.  After two matches in the final, Bonni took the title with Michelle finishing in 2nd place.  Both ladies received a trophy and paid entry into one of the next two regional Women's Open Singles events. 

Come Friday, the tournament room filled to bursting as team play got underway.  Amid the chaos and confusion, 5 team divisions began their quest.  There were 14 Men's Master teams, 18 Women's Master Teams, 74 Men's/Mixed Open teams, 42 Women's Open teams and 64 Men'sB teams, all hoping for a spot in their respective final and ultimately the title of Champion.

The Men's Master Team division, though small, provided intense play.  A Little Loaded [Mike Stevens (NPL), Rick Copeland (MID), Darrold Crain (PCGP), Gary French (NPL), and Chad Bisconner (NPL)] and Malarkeys B Squad [Bobby Campbell (NPL), Ken Bower (WWA), Leroy Dorsey (WWA), Ed Hobbs (NPL) and Eddie Mataya (NPL)] played their way to the point match.  A Little Loaded went on to the point, Malarkeys B Squad went to the back side.  They would have to play The Devil's Advocate [Stan Tourangeau, Jim Benton, Ben Hassler, Joe Landi and Terry McDonnell (all LTD)] for a second time to get into the final.  Malarkeys B Squad was hungry for the rematch and left The Devil's Advocate in 3rd place ($1100) as they moved on to the final.

Malarkeys B Squad played hard and won the first match 13-10.  Leroy Dorsey led the way with 4 wins, followed by Ken Bower with 3, and Eddie, Ed and Bobby each had 2 wins.  Rick Copeland won 3 games to lead A Little LoadedA Little Loaded had another plan in mind for the double dip and held off Malarkeys B Squad, leaving them in 2nd place ($1700).  A Little Loaded earned the title of Champs and $2650.

In the Women's Master Team Division, The Vixens [Shelby Locati (NPL), Sheila Clark (INL), Liz Cole (NPL) and Michelle Hughes (HIH) played sHooters [Debbie Cicchitti (LTD), Kimberly Kirk (LTD), Regene Lane (LTD) and Tara Vreeland (ING)] for the point.  The Vixens moved on to the final and sHooters went to the back side to play Leave it to Beaver [Suzanne Smith, Stacy Eilts, Cindy Silva and Deby Welfringer (all NPL)].  sHooters had to settle for 3rd ($920).  The Vixens were too much for Leave it to Beaver, who would finish in 2nd place ($1360).  The Vixens collected $2000 and the title.

The largest team division, Men's/Mixed Open Teams,  got on the tables at 9a Friday Morning.  The two teams that would meet in the final on Sunday actually faced each other in their first match on the final bracket.  NPL's Short Yellow Bus (Darrell Schulden, Aaron Curti, Terry Erdman, Buzz Poleson and Steve Pulido) sent INL's Hole in One  (Clay Belvoir, Jason Fick, Scott Hendrickson, Brent Kirschenmann and Carl Tibbets) to the back side as they moved closer to the point.  Their next obstacle was LTD's Soundview EO Qs (Ed Slade, Tip Aufderheide, John Boldman, Cody Clark and Ernie Omori).  Again, they were too much for their opponent and Soundview went to the back side.  Hole in One and Soundview faced off for a trip to the final.  Hole in One went on, Soundview EO Qs collected the 3rd place check of $1700.

The final began as a repeat of a previous match but Hole in One had a different plan for the ending.  In their version, they won the match and stayed alive for the double dip.  And that's exactly what happened.  Hole in One took the match by a score of 13-9.  Brent, Scooter (Steve) and Carl won 3 games each, Clay and Jason won 2 each.  On the Short Yellow Bus, only Buzz was able to win 3 games. 

Short Yellow Bus pulled their act together and got busy.  This time around they were just a little too much for Hole in One, winning the match and $2700 by a score of 13-10.  Buzz led the way 4 wins, followed by Terry with 3.  Darrell, Aaron and Steve each got 3.  Hole in One gave them a run for the money but in the end, 2nd place ($2125) was theirs. Clay and Brent each won 4 games in the losing cause.      

There were 42 Women's Open Teams, all with their eyes on the prize.  ING's Victorious Secret (Carlie Watrous, Kim Anderson, Rebecca Douglass, Nichole Hurley, Cheyenne Stamp) took on CPL's Ballad Town Cuetees (Rebecca Slyter, Galeena Amyotte, Teri Klyzek, Helen Wragg)  in the point match.  The Cuetees went to the back side and would end up in 3rd place ($800).  After winning their first match, LTD's Hattori Hanzo (Trihn Lu, Alicia Foster, Talya Makus, Angie Verhoeven) went to the back side and made their way to the final one match at a time.  Hattori Hanzo, warmed up and ready to go, took advantage of Victorious Secret, taking the first final match handily.  Alicia Foster lead the way with 3 wins.  Victorious Secret, now warmed up, got off to a better start.  The match was tied 6-6 after 3 rounds.  Round 4, however, tipped the balance towards Hattori Hanzo, who took 3 of the next  4 games and the title  and $1600 was theirs.  Angie had 3 wins and Talya, Trinh and Lisa each had 2 to clinch the title.  Victorious Secret collected the 2nd place prize of $1140. 

Last but not least were the Men'sB Teams.  64 teams played long and hard for the title.  NPL's Billy's Bull Pen #1 (Ed Terry, Adam Kolowinski, Joe Perez Sr, Jim Savidge, Paul Schweigart) and LTD's Five B-Skilled Shooters (Gary Bennett, Matt Decker, Travis Gutcher, DiAngelo Harris, Al Miller) met in the point match and then again in the final. Billy's Bull Pen #1 had to get by EV's B&C Rattlers (Duane Crumley, Rocke Bell, Shane Buermann, Branch Hartsell, Todd Hollenbeck), leaving them in 3rd ($1250) before moving on to the final.  Billy's Bull Pen #1 played hard but, in the end, it was  Five B-Skilled Shooters taking 1st place ($2100).

2nd Chance Tournaments, singles and teams, were worked in as the regular events wound down.  79 B Men, 62 A Men and Master Women, 23 Open Women, 8 Master Men, 20 Open Teams and 12 B Teams signed up for another chance to take home some money.  Here's how they played out:

  • Men'sA:  1st-Ed Slade (LTD) $350, 2nd-Phil Bremer (CPL) $210, 3rd/4th-Mike Kurz (NPL) and Derrick Bridges (LTD) $100 each.
  • Men'sB:  1st-Nick Harrison (LTD) $230, 2nd-Jason Cutler (ING) $120, 3rd/4th-Mungo Becker (INL) and Chuck Basney (UMP) $80 each.
  • Women's Open:  1st-Robin Adams (NPL) $180, 2nd-Carlie Watrous (ING) $100, 3rd/4th-Gina Schmidt (LTD) and Lisa St. Clair (NPL) $50 each.
  • Open Teams:  1st-Hi Tide Tsumanis (WWA-Rich Rottle, Joe Tamura, Mark Beardslee, Kim Raymond and Paul Valley) $700, 2nd-Fist Full of Quarters (LTD-Chuck Hassler Shane Martin, Travis DeJong, Mike Owings and Stephen Cultee $400, 3rd/4th-Highly Overrated (EV-Ryan Huntoon, Jeramy Daniels, Leland Shew, Wade Simmons and Garry Hoffman) and Just 4 Fun (NPL-Roy Chevalier, Tom DeJacimo, Hoe Noyak, Jay Coomes and Bill Dixon) $250 each.
  • B Teams:  1st-Troubleshooters (LTD-Terrence Takeuchi, Sid Ko, Jon Shimada, Cassie Francois and Tom Hoshikowa) $500, 2nd-3 Ball Betty (CPL-Joe McCraw, Pat Riley, Missy Cnossen, Jennifer Wondell and Justin Westin) $350, 3rd/4th-Snake Farm (CPL-Nick Jordan, Joel Goodman, Corey Patterson, James Smith and Josh Eschright) and Bob's Billiards (LTD-Bob Brown, Matt Denmark, Jake Denmark, Jason Boyd and Mark Vanderwal) $175 each.

Congratulations to all the 2013 8-Ball Champions!

Many thanks to those who made this tournament possible:

  • Western BCA Volunteers:  from planning to set up to tear down to post-tournament evaluation, an endless cycle of tireless effort.
  • Bad Boys:  Ric and Bonnie Jones and their staff who kept matches on time.
  • Tournament Officials:  Steve Marker, Andrew Monstis and Ray Cunningham kept the tournament running smoothly.
  • Referees:  Darryl Farley and his staff providing nationally certified officiating.
  • Don and Mary Akerlow (OTBnTV.com) for providing those who couldn't be there the opportunity to watch some great matches as they happened and for all of us to go back whenever we want to have another look.
  • Our Vendors:  Billiards 911, Billiards and Barstools, Ernie Omori Cues, BD Cues, and Dave Lauer's Cue Hotel. 
  • Chinook Winds Casino Resort:  a great location, a great staff and a great partner in making this the largest regional 8-Ball tournament in the country. 
  • Our many advertisers and sponsors: Horizon Rentals, Malarkey’s Pool N Brew, Soundview Bar and Grill, The Hangout Sports Bar and Grill, Motel 6, Ashley Inn, Maxwell’s at the Coast, Billiards 911, and all of the leagues throughout the Northwest.
  • Our Players:  without you there would be no Western BCA.   

So, another great event is over.  We have a new batch of Champions.  Hopefully, we all are taking home happy memories and are looking forward to the 2013 9-Ball Championships in October.  For many of us, the next event is more than just a date on the calendar but a work in progress that demands, even now, our attention in order for the next event to be better.