7th Annual Western BCA 8-Ball Championships

February 27-March 3, 2002

Chinook Winds Casino Resort — Lincoln City, Oregon

WriteUp - Results - Photos

Article by Jean Bartholomew

Having just returned from Chinook Winds Casino at Lincoln City on the beautiful Oregon Coast, I must say it was the most successful of all the tournaments thus far. This Western BCA Association has grown immensely in a short 10 years of existence. This Association limits their membership to the three states of Oregon, Washington and Idaho. Having started with just a few hundred members, it has now over 1800 in it's membership and with more than 900 members participated in this, the 7th Annual Regional 8-Ball Championships.

The caliber of play was superb. The tournament was very lucky in having the most able Gary Benson, of The National BCA, come to lend his personal experience and computer expertise to our tournament. The timing was excellent and the matches stayed pretty close to the posted times throughout. This was helped, by having the matches start at 8AM each day and allowing a full day for the Scotch Doubles to be played in it's entirety. Except for the Teams, the matches were shortened by one game from last years Regional 8-Ball. This made a huge difference and things went smoothly. Due to space limitations, and the large amount of entries in this popular 8-Ball tournament, it has become a real challenge to play and complete all matches in the 5 days needed. I heard many compliments for a great tournament. We wish to thank all of the volunteers who gave of their time refereeing, posting scores and doing all of the little things it takes to make things run smoothly.

Congratulations to everyone for great play and sportsmanship, ensuring the continued success of this and future tournaments.

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Master Mixed Scotch Doubles return to list

  Place Prize Players Place Prize Players  
1st $1000 Brad Gowan Julie Valdez 7/8th $100 Ivan Doty Pat Crimmel  
2nd $700 Ted Woodward Jo Woodward 7/8th $100 Pon Kanlaya Kit Dennis  
3rd $400 Frank Martin Cindy Doty 9-12th $80 Tim Robertson Amanda James  
4th $220 Pat Mowdy Becky Mowdy 9-12th $80 Ray Lunde Mary Olson  
5/6th $150 Andrew Monstis Sara Schwefel 9-12th $80 Glenn Atwell Shelby Eikenberry  
5/6th $150 Will Totten Donna Totten 9-12th $80 Jay Siongo Michelle Barkdoll  

Open Mixed Scotch Doubles return to list

  Place Prize Players Place Prize Players  
1st $1000 Peter Adams Shawn Kilian 13-16th $120 Ken Gardner Jennifer Olson  
2nd $800 David Jones Shari Ross 13-16th $120 Seth Stacey Becky Heckel  
3rd $600 Mark Avlon Margie Avlon 13-16th $120 Cal McDowell Anna Dibben  
4th $400 Mike Dubendorf Joy Holliday 13-16th $120 Keith Johnson Cathy Young  
5/6th $300 Chuck Jung Sherry Griffin 17-24th $80 Tyler Luce Tiffany Taylor  
5/6th $300 Ford Natalie Wiita 17-24th $80 Don Brenneman Liz Brenneman  
  7/8th $210 Bill Henderson Robbin Iredale 17-24th $80 Jason Marcoulier Kendra Marcoulier  
  7/8th $210 Marvin Seal Any Hettrick 17-24th $80 Ron Alves Kathy Price  
  9-12th $160 Sam Rabito Kristin Gault 17-24th $80 Doug McMullin Lynda Fanning  
  9-12th $160 Robert Palmer Donna Palmer 17-24th $80 Jeff Dolleman Tami Parlette  
  9-12th $160 Bill Harrison Georgia Cassle 17-24th $80 Mike Krasko Susan Statler  
  9-12th $160 Harry Peterson Deb McDonald 17-24th $80 Darrel Schulden Catherine Tran  

Men's Master Singles return to list

  Place Prize Player   Place Prize Player   Place Prize Player
1st $1700 Glenn Atwell   9-12th $125 Brad Gowin   17-24th $50 Ivan Doty
2nd $1200 Rick Hodge   9-12th $125 Tim Robertson   17-24th $50 Pon Kanlaya
3rd $800 Tommy Rossi   9-12th $125 Paul Marquez   17-24th $50 Will Totten
4th $500 Steve Lingelbach   9-12th $125 Dave Randall   17-24th $50 Matt Bryan
5/6th $350 Kenny Dodd   13-16th $75 Kin Ada   17-24th $50 Troy Van Winkle
5/6th $350 Mike Stevens   13-16th $75 Jay Siongo   17-24th $50 Roy Watkins
  7/8th $200 Tony Balzer   13-16th $75 Clark Smith   17-24th $50 Justin Lilje
  7/8th $200 Rick Smart   13-16th $75 Rick Copeland   17-24th $50 Dave Reavis

Women's Master Singles return to list

Place Prize Player   Place Prize Player   Place Prize Player
1st $1000 Martha Hartsell   4th $320 Cindy Doty   7/8th $100 Shelby Eikenberry
2nd $700 Becky Mowdy   5/6th $170 Pat Crimmel   7/8th $100 Carissa Biggs
3rd $500 Mary Olson   5/6th $170 Andrea Saenz-Maes        

Men's Open Singles return to list

  Place Prize Player Place Prize Player Place Prize Players
1st $1500 James Davee 33-48th $60 Kurt Hamm 65-96th $30 Ron Alves
2nd $1000 Ken Bower 33-48th $60 Randy Rothrock 65-96th $30 Dave Wheaton
3rd $750 Bill Conger 33-48th $60 Steve Gelow 65-96th $30 Don Baker
4th $500 Mike McEwen 33-48th $60 Seth Stacey 65-96th $30 Dave Stauff
5/6th $365 Bryan Skinner 33-48th $60 Doug Capps 65-96th $30 Van Haagenson
5/6th $365 Scott Nelson 33-48th $60 Ken Phillippi 65-96th $30 Dave Medllin
  7/8th $250 Tyler Luce 33-48th $60 Chris Kenwisher 65-96th $30 Lee Shew
  7/8th $250 Jason Marcoulier 33-48th $60 Gary Hoffman 65-96th $30 Jonathan McDonald
  9-12th $150 Chris Schreiber 33-48th $60 Jack Rubino 65-96th $30 Don Edgmon
  9-12th $150 Franklin Phillips 33-48th $60 Gary Nelson 65-96th $30 Tom Dierks
  9-12th $150 Dave Schelske 33-48th $60 Dave Gerkin 65-96th $30 Douglas Branley
  9-12th $150 David Jones 33-48th $60 Kevin Mcdonald 65-96th $30 Bill Wright
  13-16th $125 Jim Dray 33-48th $60 Mark Avlon 65-96th $30 Jeramy Daniels
  13-16th $125 Joe Evinger 33-48th $60 Tony Pena 65-96th $30 Todd Gooch
  13-16th $125 Mike Jensen 33-48th $60 Mike Stephens 65-96th $30 Carl Kingsbury
  13-16th $125 Doug Ellenberger 33-48th $60 Josh Thomashefsky 65-96th $30 Mike Kasper
  17-24th $100 Jay Snell 49-64th $40 Bill Henderson 65-96th $30 Gary Wing
  17-24th $100 Doug McMullin 49-64th $40 Mark Woodruff 65-96th $30 Chris Aho
  17-24th $100 Larry Tulfo 49-64th $40 Scott Snyder 65-96th $30 Matt Hiatt
  17-24th $100 Doug Enera 49-64th $40 Bernard Borran 65-96th $30 Bob White
  17-24th $100 Todd Brewer 49-64th $40 Ken Klepp 65-96th $30 Lee Wright
  17-24th $100 Robin Daems 49-64th $40 Tony Bloom 65-96th $30 Bob Schirmer
  17-24th $100 Sid Krumpe 49-64th $40 Steve Farley 65-96th $30 Robby Butts
  17-24th $100 Bill Nelson 49-64th $40 Mike Patterson 65-96th $30 Brian Johnson
  25-32nd $80 Mike Mills 49-64th $40 Sean Gray 65-96th $30 Joe Mortensen
  25-32nd $80 Larry Richardson 49-64th $40 Rich Green 65-96th $30 Cecil Pickett
  25-32nd $80 Willie Gin 49-64th $40 Preston Bordon 65-96th $30 Alan Gilds
  25-32nd $80 Stan Lewman 49-64th $40 Garrett Smith 65-96th $30 Rick Madden
  25-32nd $80 John Hamilton 49-64th $40 Ronn Butts 65-96th $30 Ed Locati
  25-32nd $80 John Strout 49-64th $40 Dennis Blackwell 65-96th $30 Marvin Seal
  25-32nd $80 John Cassidy 49-64th $40 Mike Dubendorf 65-96th $30 Mike Kohlhepp
  25-32nd $80 William Meyer 49-64th $40 Skip Alego 65-96th $30 Donnie Fowler

Men's Novice Singles return to list

Place Prize Player Place Prize Player Place Prize Player Place Prize Player
1st $300 Arne Swanson 5/6th $110 Eugene Armstrong 9-12th $60 John Evans 13-16th $40 Mike Norris (Lane County)
2nd $240 Joe Hartley 5/6th $110 David Knegel 9-12th $60 Darryl Farley 13-16th $40 Shawn Shaw
3rd $190 Mike Norris (CPL) 7/8th $80 Tom Butler 9-12th $60 Brian Olson 13-16th $40 Boyd Conger
4th $140 Bob Pryor 7/8th $80 Dave Danielson 9-12th $60 Eddie Dinglason 13-16th $40 Adam Carlson

Women's Open Singles return to list

  Place Prize Player   Place Prize Player   Place Prize Player
1st $600 Sherry Griffin   9-12th $65 Donna Tanner   17-24th $30 Sherri Erickson
2nd $400 Josie LeRoy   9-12th $65 Wanda Plummer   17-24th $30 Wendy Sedelacek
3rd $300 Tami Parlette   9-12th $65 Anna Harris   17-24th $30 Kathy Price
4th $200 Joy Holliday   9-12th $65 Shari Ross   17-24th $30 Carol Mellors
5/6th $150 Becky Colon   13-16th $45 Ann Brandt   17-24th $30 Betty Bagley
5/6th $150 Margie Avlon   13-16th $45 Penny Burdick   17-24th $30 Shirley Morgan
  7/8th $95 Catherine Tran   13-16th $45 Betty Broussard   17-24th $30 Becky Heckel
  7/8th $95 Cathy Young   13-16th $45 Kathy Hoffman   17-24th $30 Patti Lilje

Women's Novice Singles return to list

Place Prize Player   Place Prize Player   Place Prize Player
1st $300 Debi Hollander   5/6th $85 Nancy Wing   9-12th $30 Lavon Hart
2nd $240 Kat Harrison   5/6th $85 Althea Cheney   9-12th $30 Roberta Marsh
3rd $180 Terri Hanson   7/8th $50 Tonia Higley   9-12th $30 Cheri Watts
4th $120 Tanya Moser   7/8th $50 Pattie Carleton   9-12th $30 Bea Reisinger

Men's Master Teams return to list

Place Prize Team Players
1st $2500 Tommy's Team Bill Rosenberry, Tony Balzer, Tommy Rossi, Rick Copeland,Rick Smart, Mike Vego
2nd $2250 The Zone  
3rd $700 Getcha Some  

Women's Master Teams return to list

Place Prize* Team Players
1st $1200 SharpShooters Diane Krause, Sherry Shafer, Anna Harris, Jackie Fitchner, Phyllis Laderer
2nd $600 You Go Girl  
3rd $300 Noti HeartBreakers  
  *Round Robin Format, each team also got $100 for each round won

Men's Open Teams return to list

Place Prize Team Players
1st $2250 Anger Management Ray Nordlin, Skip Algeo, John Cassidy, Darrold Crain, Bill Conger
2nd $1800 Roadhouse Crusiers  
3rd $1450 Gator's Team  
  4th $1150 Misfits  
  5/6th $925 Shootist  
  5/6th $925 Whoo Whaa  
  7/8th $700 5 O'Men  
  7/8th $700 Freak Show Ugly  
  9-12th $500 PC's Pub  
  9-12th $500 Those Guyz  
  9-12th $500 Kobioshamaru  
  9-12th $500 Elks  
  13-16th $350 Silver Bullets  
  13-16th $350 JD's Sports Pub  
  13-16th $350 Rat Pack  
  13-16th $350 Trophy Hunters  
  17-24th $250 Roid Warriers  
  17-24th $250 D and D  
  17-24th $250 Woodsman Palitos  
  17-24th $250 R.A.M.I.M.  
  17-24th $250 Last Minute  
  17-24th $250 Headbands  
  17-24th $250 Doc's Oregonian  
  17-24th $250 Primetime Players  
  25-32nd $150 Baker  
  25-32nd $150 Q St on Cue  
  25-32nd $150 The Predators  
  25-32nd $150 Serious 7  
  25-32nd $150 Schooner  
  25-32nd $150 Eagles Nest  
  25-32nd $150 Broadway Billiards  
  25-32nd $150 City Lights Billiards  

Women's Open Teams return to list

      Place Prize Team Place Prize Team Place Prize Team Place Prize Team
      1st $1000 Turbo Chicks 3rd $650 Black Horse 5/6th $400 All Bust, No Balls 7/8th $300 Ball Busters
      2nd $800 unknown 4th $500 Brew & Cut Hotshots 5/6th $400 Fantastically Fun 7/8th $300 All Mixed Up