Western BCA League Sanctioning Agreement

Western BCA Pool Players Association (Western BCA) is a regional association of BCAPL Leagues. Western BCA follows BCAPL policies and additionally expects member leagues to comply with the following:

  1. Leagues wishing to renew their membership in Western BCA and new leagues* applying for membership in Western BCA for the first time must submit a completed Western BCA Sanctioning Agreement (link below) to Western BCA by July 15 each league year. Do not send any fees or league rosters with this form. Western BCA's league year is June 1 through May 31.
  2. Leagues must comply with Western BCA bylaws, policies and procedures. Failure to do so may result in penalties.
  3. Leagues, once sanctioned, must pay $15 player fee to Western BCA for all players in their WBCA/BCAPL league, both regular players and substitutes 100% sanctioning).
  4. Leagues must submit all initial rosters and player fees to Western BCA before their 5th week of play.
  5. League statistics must be submitted to Western BCA in electronic form (Excel) every four weeks if leagues do not use BCAPL's LeagueSys. All leagues must also submit the latest roster and the latest stats as of the entry deadline for any regional tournament. This information must be submitted electronically via email within 3 days of the early entry deadline.
  6. Any league sanctioned with another recognized national league system (except the Pacific American Cue Sports [PACS] league) may sanction with Western BCA, as long as its intention, as determined by Western BCA, is not to undermine Western BCA or a Western BCA league within its area of administration. An applicant qualified for multiple sanctioning may be required to offer a separate Western BCA sanctioned league or division. No BCAPL league sanctioned by Western BCA may require its Western BCA players to pay and play in any other league.
  7. League Operators must notify Western BCA in writing (email is acceptable) should any player be disqualified from league play by the league or by BCAPL during the year. Western BCA reserves the right to disqualify from playing in any Western BCA sanctioned tournament any player not in good standing in their league or with Western BCA or BCAPL. Notification of reinstatement is also required. League Operators are responsible for ensuring that any Division Managers are aware of all league requirements regarding individual players.
  8. Western BCA reserves the right to deny or revoke the sanctioning of any league it deems not to be in good standing in BCAPL or Western BCA. As a result, any player in a league not in good standing in BCAPL or Western BCA may be denied entry into any Western BCA sanctioned event.

By proceeding to the League Sanctioning Application you are acknowledging that you have read and understand the above requirements for sanctioning. By completing the form, entering your name on the signature line and submitting this form to Western BCA, you are indicating your acceptance of all statements in this agreement and agree to comply with all of Western BCA's policies and procedures. Approval of this application by Western BCA sanctions your league for the current league year, which is the date of approval to the following May 31st.

* After contacting both BCAPL and Western BCA about existing leagues in your proposed area to ensure your location(s) and night(s) will not infringe on any existing Western BCA league operations.