Western BCA's League Operator Manual

Western BCA is a nonprofit corporation affiliated with CSI/BCA Pool Leagues (BCAPL) and dedicated to running regional pool tournaments for its member leagues in the Pacific Northwest. Western BCA is staffed completely by volunteers and hosts the largest regional 8-ball pool tournament and largest 9-ball pool tournament in the United States offering a variety of events for players belonging to member leagues. Eligible players can participate in singles, scotch doubles and team events with divisions based on gender, skill level and age. When not involved in tournament events, there are mini-tournaments, special events (ring games, 10-ball singles), practice tables, vendor booths and local activities.

Information Resources

Email – Western BCA uses email to communicate with all League Operators. You will be asked to provide an email address. If you do not have one yourself, you must appoint someone in your league to receive communications on your behalf. It is a timesaver for us and you will receive information as it is generated. It is your responsibility to then disperse Western BCA information to your players.

Western BCA Website – Check out Western BCA's public website at www.westernbca.org. You and your players will find:

  • Resources
  • Tournament Rules and Eligibility
  • Team Formats
  • Dress code
  • Future tournament dates
  • Current Grandmaster, Master, Men'sA and Women'sA level player lists
  • Current leagues and contact information
  • Western BCA Bylaws
  • Photo SlideShows, results and articles of past tournaments


To obtain and maintain membership as a Western BCA sanctioned league, a league must annually:

  • Have a minimum of six teams and thirty players. Exceptions can be made by applying to BCAPL.
  • Contact both BCAPL and Western BCA about existing leagues in your proposed area to ensure your location(s) and night(s) will not infringe on any existing Western BCA league operations.
  • Sanction with BCAPL and provide a copy of BCAPL Sanctioning Certificate. BCAPL Sanctioning Documents are available for download on the BCAPL website. You may also download BCAPL’s League Operator Manual which also has all the sanctioning forms as well as their requirements and guidelines for league startup and management.
  • Complete, sign and submit Western BCA’s League Sanctioning Agreement at the beginning of the league year (June 1) and no later than July 15. This must be done online, need not coincide with the beginning of your first league session and is not to be accompanied by a league roster or payment of any fees.

Dual Sanctioning

Any league sanctioned with another recognized national league system (except the Pacific American Cue Sports [PACS] league) may sanction with Western BCA, as long as its intention, as determined by Western BCA, is not to undermine Western BCA or a Western BCA league within its area of administration. An applicant qualified for multiple sanctioning may be required to offer a separate Western BCA sanctioned league or division. No BCAPL league sanctioned by Western BCA may require its Western BCA players to pay and play in any other league.

Sanctioning Fees

Each BCAPL league approved to join Western BCA pays $15 in annual dues for each of its league members. The calendar year for both Western BCA and BCAPL is June 1st through May 31. Submit initial sanctioning fees by check or money order to the Western BCA Treasurer before the 5th week of commencing your first session after June 1st. Send fees for players who join later in the year every 4 weeks or no later than any tournament entry deadline. March 1st is the last day to sanction a league.

Western BCA sanctioning fees are used to promote and advertise Western BCA, cover administrative costs and operate Western BCA tournaments. All Western BCA tournament entry fees (regional 8-Ball and 9-Ball tournaments) are returned to the tournaments as prize money.

League Roster

If you use BCAPL's LeagueSys:
BCAPL has a free automated record-keeping program called LeagueSys. You can use it to submit your roster to them and we encourage you to use it. You can get information about LeagueSys from BCAPL. Using LeagueSys allows the Western BCA League Administrator to obtain your roster and you do not have to do anything further except keep it updated.

If you do not use BCAPL's LeagueSys:
Western BCA requires you to submit your roster by email, using an Excel file, to the Western BCA League Administrator. Send roster information on players who join later in the year every 4 weeks or no later than any tournament entry deadline. If you need help creating an Excel roster file contact the League Administrator for help. We DO NOT accept handwritten or hand typed rosters.

Excel is a common computer program. If you do not have Excel, you can download a free spreadsheet program from openoffice. If you do not know how to use Excel, please find someone in your league to help you.

Roster information for each league player (all required):

  • League name and number (as assigned by BCAPL).
  • Team name (and division if applicable).
  • Full name (first, legal first and last name).
  • Street Address, City, State and Zip Code.
  • Telephone number(s).
  • Email address.
  • Gender.
  • Date of Birth. (why: Junior/Senior or to distinguish between two players with the same name)

Roster Submission Deadline

  • For the first session of the year: by the fifth week of session play.
  • For proof of eligibility for Western BCA's 9-Ball Championships in October: by the entry deadline - usually five weeks prior to the event.
  • For proof of eligibility for Western BCA's 8-Ball Championships in March: by December 31st. (Anyone joining after December 31st will not have time to play 8 weeks before the entry deadline for this event.)
  • Remainder of year: as occurs.

Weekly League Standings

Weekly standings must be sent to Western BCA's League Administrator before each session's fifth week of play. Updates to your list of league members (roster) and subsequent weekly standings must be sent at least every four weeks thereafter.

If you use BCAPL's LeagueSys:
Submit your weekly stats to LeagueSys. Western BCA's League Administrator can then access your stats. You only need to keep them current.

If you do not use BCAPL's LeagueSys:
Western BCA requires you to submit your stats to the League Administrator at least every four weeks by email using the Combined League Transmittal. Contact the League Administrator to get the Transmittal form and instructions on how to use it. We DO NOT accept handwritten or hand typed standings

If a player's 8th week is close to one of our tournament deadlines, make sure your standings are submitted in time to qualify your player.

Weekly standings information should include:

  • Date of standings
  • Name of league and league operator
  • Team names
  • Full name of each player
  • Number of weeks played by each player
  • Number of wins and losses for each player

League Session Formats

Session formats are up to you as long as you comply with all BCAPL/WBCA requirements and that you keep in mind that one of the main goals of a league session is to give ample time for players to meet eligibility requirements for entry into regionally and nationally sanctioned tournaments. You may offer as many league sessions (the schedule of weeks for your league or divisions) during the league year as your players desire and will support. If you have a large league, you can split it into divisions (group of teams playing together in a schedule for a single session). The BCAPL website has a variety of 8-ball and 9-ball score sheets you can download. Other Western BCA League Operators are also good sources of assistance.

Player Ratings

Your players will be rated. We have separate divisions to provide a fair competition venue for all players. Players are rated by known ability and past performance. It is the league operator's responsibility to place players in the correct division. The Competition Committee has developed some guidelines for rating your players and these can be accessed on the Western BCA website/Players Page. If you need further assistance, contact our Competition Committee. You may be asked to provide player league performance as well as any player history you may have. If you have players who are new to your league but have played in other BCA leagues in the region or nationally, the Competition Committee may be able help you determine their ratings.

Players may request that their rating be reviewed/changed if they feel they are in the wrong division. You, as the player's League Operator must agree that the player has a valid request for re-rating and, after gathering all the pertinent information asked for, you, the League Operator, must submit the Ratings Change Request form to the Competition Committee for consideration. The form can be found on the Players page as well as on the Downloads page. All requests will be considered, ruled upon and all parties will be notified of the decision reached. Requests directly from players will not be considered.

Player Eligibility

In addition to being a sanctioned league player, each player must meet the following requirements in order to enter a Western BCA event:

  • League players must have played a minimum of 8 calendar weeks in a regularly scheduled league session in one division in one league between June 1 and the entry deadline (five weeks prior to the event).
  • For the 9-Ball event only: returning league players may also be eligible by having played at least 8 calendar weeks in a regularly scheduled league session in one division in one league in the previous year and be a member in the current year by the entry deadline (five weeks prior to the event).
  • Other WBCA sanctioned events (held as can be arranged with area venues): Players must be Western BCA league members and meet any other eligibility requirements as set forth by tournament officials. Requirements may vary from event to event.

For more detailed information on tournament eligibility, go to the Eligibility and Tournament Formats page or the Player Information Page associated with each event on the Western BCA website.

Note: A further explanation titled "9-Ball Eligibility Q & A" is at the end of this manual.

Your players must be members in good standing in your league and with the sanctioning bodies. League Operators must notify Western BCA in writing should any player be disqualified from league play during the year. Western BCA reserves the right to disqualify any player not in good standing from playing in Western BCA sanctioned tournaments.

Western BCA Tournaments

Western BCA regional tournaments offer a variety of events.

9-Ball Championships events include:

  • Women's Singles Divisions: GrandMaster, Master, Women'sA, Women'sB and Senior*
  • Men's Singles Divisions: GrandMaster, Master, Men'sA, Men'sB and Senior*
  • Mixed (male/female) Scotch Doubles Divisions: Open and Master (only 1 Grandmaster allowed per master team)
  • 3-Person Teams Divisions: Women's (1 Master/GM allowed per team), Men's/Mixed (1 Master/GM allowed per team) and Men's/Mixed B (Men'sB and Open Women only).

8-Ball Championships events include:

  • Women's Singles Divisions: GrandMaster, Master, Women'sA, Women'sB and Senior*
  • Men's Singles Division: GrandMaster, Master, Men'sA, Men'sB and Senior*
  • Mixed (male/female) Scotch Doubles Divisions: Open and Master (only 1 Grandmaster allowed per master team)
  • Team Division: Women's (4 person teams) Open and Master (1 GM/team), Men's/Mixed (5 person teams) Open and Master (1GM/team), Men's/Mixed B (Men'sB and Open Women only).

Juniors are permitted if allowed by the hosting venue. A junior is any player under 21 years of age and must be identified as such at all times.
*Seniors must be age 60 or older as of the first day of tournament play. Masters may not play in Senior divisions.

Tournament Information

All current tournament information is posted on the Western BCA website prior to each event. Past results are also posted, as well as Slide Shows and write-ups. We now are live streaming finals of as many divisions as possible and as well as other key matches.

Tournament Rules

Western BCA encourages you to follow BCAPL rules in your league play but does not require it. Western BCA does use BCAPL rules at its regional events; therefore, it is important that your players know these rules. Nationally certified referees preside at our tournaments to enforce the rules of the game and insure that the standards of sportsmanship are adhered to. The complete BCAPL Rule Book is available on the BCAPL website. Significant rule changes will be available on the website and in the player program at regional events.

Persons winning money at Western BCA tournaments will be required to fill out IRS-W9 forms and provide Payout personell with as Social Security Number of International ID number. This does not apply to mini or 2nd chance tournaments.

Tournament Entry Submissions

Regional tournament entry forms can be downloaded from the Western BCA website in advance of event entry deadlines.

Entries are to be postmarked or handed to the League Operator on or before the deadline date stated on the entry form. A late entry deadline is also stated, but comes with additional fees. As the League Operator, it is your responsibility to review your leagues completed entry forms and fees for accuracy and forward the entries, fees and transmittal to the Tournament Registrar by the deadlines given. When you sign each entry form, you are acknowledging that all entries are correctly filled out and the proper fees are included. The Tournament Registrar will send all League Operators instructions on completing the event entry transmittal.

It is mandatory you meet the entry deadlines when submitting your entries and that you use the Excel transmittal form provided by the Tournament Registrar prior to every regional tournament. If deadlines are going to be missed for any reason, a phone call or email must be sent prior to the deadline to the Tournament Registrar detailing the reason for the delay. The Tournament Registrar may apply penalties for non-compliance as set by the Association.

Western BCA Membership

Western BCA League Operators, registered Player Representatives and Members-At-Large comprise the membership and voting power of the association. As a member of Western BCA, you can attend and vote at membership meetings, run for and hold office, chair or be a member of association committees and/or volunteer for staff positions.

  • League Operators: As a League Operator you are a voting member of Western BCA. Your tenure as a member begins when you sanction your league. It ends when you resign, your league players are not 100% sanctioned with BCAPL and Western BCA, or your league disbands.
  • Registered Player Representatives: Your league may have one voting Player Representative registered for every thirty paid players on your current roster. It is recommended, but not required, that Player Representatives be elected by a majority of your league players. Each Player Representative may serve as a Western BCA Member for one year, beginning with the date of your leagues first session of the year. Player Representatives must be registered each year with the Western BCA Secretary. Player Representatives must be registered fifteen [15] days before a meeting in order to attend and have a vote at that meeting. We ask that you promptly inform the Western BCA Secretary of any Player Rep name, phone and/or address changes.
  • Members-at-Large: Up to five persons may be elected as one-year "Members at Large" at the annual Membership meeting.

Other Western BCA Staff

  • Board of Directors: Our elected Board of Directors participate in all aspects of the Association's operation. They also handle matters between membership meetings that require timely action. Additionally, they review annual budgets and reports, set fees, act as the association's grievance committee, and oversee tournament production.
  • Committees: We have several committees to research issues, recommend direction, handle tasks and report to the membership. You or your Player Representatives may request a seat on any committee or contribute information to any committee.
  • Volunteers: League players who may not be able to commit as Player Representatives are invited to volunteer their services to Western BCA, helping with tournament logistics and association administration.

Western BCA Meetings

Western BCA Members meet at least quarterly which includes an annual meeting in May at which officer and board member elections take place.

All League Operators and Player Representatives should be involved in the management of Western BCA in order to ensure its continued success. Western BCA uses a relaxed Roberts Rules process at membership meetings. Basic Roberts Rules knowledge is highly encouraged. We want you to be both comfortable and effective at our meetings. You can find Robert's Rules of Order online. If there is an issue or concern that you would like to see put on a meeting’s agenda, use the Agenda Item Submission Guide on the website. Please submit your agenda items well ahead of the meeting.

Two weeks prior to membership meetings, the secretary will email the upcoming meeting's agenda to all voting members. Agenda items requested at a meeting will be placed at the end of New Business and will be addressed if time permits. When you receive your Meeting packet, please RSVP to the Secretary if you are going to attend that meeting.

Ethics Code

All Western BCA League Operators, as well as Elected Officers/Board Members and Appointed Staff/Committee Chairs are required to sign annually our Code of Ethics/Conflict of Interest form. Western BCA follows BCAPL policy with regards to league requirements. Moral and/or ethical violations of BCAPL's League Operator policies may affect the status of a Western BCA league. Moral or ethical violations of any nature pertaining to pool might result in a Western BCA league no longer being in good standing and, at the president's or board of directors' discretion, could result in any or all of the following or any other consequences deemed appropriate:

  1. Denial of player entries into regional tournaments;
  2. Denial of Western BCA membership;
  3. Exclusion from regular meetings and/or;
  4. Removal from committee participation.

Western BCA holds its players in the highest regard and expects member League Operators to do the same. If differences develop between a League Operator and any or all of his league members, Western BCA encourages open communication between the parties involved and recommends resolution by majority consensus.

Just as Western BCA League Operators are expected to uphold high ethical standards, so must they require the same of their league players and must, therefore, notify Western BCA in writing (email is acceptable) should any player be disqualified from league play by the league or by BCAPL during the year. Western BCA reserves the right to disqualify from playing in any Western BCA sanctioned tournament any player not in good standing in their league or with Western BCA or BCAPL. Notification of reinstatement in writing is also required.


If your sponsors would like to be included in the tournament program or if you know of anyone who might like to sponsor Western BCA, contact the Public Relations Department.

Anyone wishing to become a certified BCA referee may contact the Head Referee.

9-Ball Eligibility Q & A:

Q: If I played in League A last year and play in League B this year, can I play in the 9-Ball Tournament?
A: Yes, if you qualified in League A last year (8 weeks in any one session) and pay your dues in League B this year by no later than 5 weeks prior to the event.

Q: Can I play with any players in both leagues for scotch and team?
A: It depends. Which scenario below applies to you?

If you played and qualified in League A last year, and you register with League B and play fewer than 8 weeks this year by the entry/eligibility deadline, you can only play with qualified players on League A’s last year’s roster. You cannot play scotch or team with players from League B.

If you qualified in both League A last year and League B (with at least 8 weeks) this year, you can choose to play with qualified players from last year's League A roster. Or you can choose to play with players from this year's League B roster, as long as they also have at least 8 weeks played this year. You cannot play with League B’s last year’s players if they have not played at least 8 weeks this year. So you could play on a team with players from League A and play scotch with a player from League B!

In short, you can play with the players you qualified with.

Q: If my league was under a different League Operator last year, does it that make a difference as to who I can play with?
A: If the league is the same league, it makes no difference. If the league has folded or been replaced by a new league, then it becomes just like playing in a different league. In this case the scenarios in the previous FAQ hold true.

Revised LO Manual 2/18/2013 Robbin Iredale, Policies/Procedures

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