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2017 9-Ball Championship RESULTS including Links to finals are viewable here.


How to enter using CSI’s Online Registration.

  1. Click on this link - Online Registration.
  2. Log on to your account. If you don't have one, create one and log on.
  3. Select 2018 Western BCA 8 Ball Championships.
  4. From the list of divisions, select the event(s) you want to enter.
  5. Click "Sign-Up".
  6. Click "Check Eligibility" for all events you are entering.
  7. Once Eligibility is verified, click "Register". If not, contact your LO.
  8. Click "Make Payment". When accepted you will receive email confirmation.


  1. You cannot enter a TBA using online registration. You must use paper entries.
  2. Some players will show a Fargo rating of 0 even though you can see a # on FargoRate. This will be corrected by CSI.
  3. The CSI online registration may say you are eligible BUT you will still have to be checked for eligibility be Western BCA. You and your League Operator will be notified if there is a problem.
  4. If you are a junior player (not having reached the age of 21 prior to your event) you should notify your League Operator or Division Manager that you have entered the tournament via Online Registration.
  5. If you are a wheelchair player you should notify your League Operator or Division Manager that you have entered the tournament via Online Registration.
  6. If you have a Free Entry Certificate you will have to enter via paper entry and attach the Certificate to the entry form.

Click HERE to verify your entry has been processed.

Scotch Doubles Entry
Singles Entry
Team Entry
Player Information Sheet
Dress Code
Now until March 1, 2018
Scotch Doubles
March 1-9, 2018: you must submit a written request to your League Operator who will send it on for you
No refunds after March 9, 2018.
Refunds may not be processed until after the conclusion of the 8-Ball Championships.
Call Directly for Player Rates
Close to Casino, Great Rates and provider of Grand Prize Giveaway of 5 Night Stay.
25% off for WBCA Players.
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Lodging Discounts.

Next Western BCA Meeting: is the Annual Meeting on May 6, 2018. All voting members - League Operators, Registered Player Representatives and Members-at-Large - are urged to attend. Any Western BCA player can also attend and participate in discussion but cannot vote. The President, Vice President and Treasurer (one year) and four BOD members will be up for election at this meeting. The meeting Agenda will be available two weeks prior to the meeting date. This meeting will again be streamed on FaceBook. Check out the Meeting Agenda.

The Membership Meeting on January 14, 2018 was STREAMED and is archived on the WESTERN BCA FACEBOOK PAGE and you can view the ACTION REVIEW here soon.